February 16, 2018

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ALA Annual Conference Day Two: Celebrating Reviewers, Paralibrarians, and Tumblarians | ALA 2013

Photo gallery of events from the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL

“Whose Table?”: On Libraries and Race | ALA 2013

Sunday morning’s “In Visibility: Race and Libraries” was a crash course in sociology and libraries, taught by Todd Homna, assistant professor of Asian American Studies at Pitzer College and a former ALA Spectrum Scholar. Sponsored by ALA’s Office for Diversity and the Spectrum Scholars Program, asked the question: “Where do we locate race in relation to librarianship?”

Readers’ Advisory Panels Look at Genre and Marketing | ALA 2013

Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)-sponsored panel, “Beyond Genre: Exploring the Perception, Uses, and Misuses of Genre by Readers, Writers, and Librarians” attracts a large crowd, eager for discussion.

Alice Walker Wore Purple | ALA 2013

Alice Walker wore purple.
It was not the last official day of the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference in Chicago, but the McCormick Center’s auditorium had a kind of concluding air about it. (Perhaps it was the number of librarians carting luggage up and down the halls.) Eva Poole, President of the Public Library Association (PLA), introduced Monday’s midmorning speaker. The audience settled into its seats.
When she arrived at the podium, she sighed. “I’m so glad to see you.”

Illusion and Empathy in Science Fiction | ALA 2013

“The mixing of factual and counterfactual is not singular to sci fi and fantasy,” Timothy Zahn (“Thrawn Trilogy”) began. Zahn and Brandon Sanderson (“Mistborn”), Cory Doctorow (Homeland), David Brin (“Uplift”), Elizabeth Bear (Shattered Pillars), and John Scalzi (“Old Man’s War”) were charged with talking about the probable and improbable in science fiction (and, to a certain extent, in fantasy too). Organized by the Library and Information Technology Association and with help from Tor, the Saturday, June 28 panel was packed.

CoFundEdu: A New Crowdfunding Service For Librarians

Need financial help getting to a library conference? Say hello to CoFundEdu. This founder and developer of Cofundedu Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit sent the following introduction along. CoFundEdu.com, a web site dedicated to help librarians participate in professional development proved successful and helped Michael Schor, a public Librarian from Arizona attend American Library Association (ALA) 2013. Michael […]

ALA Annual Conference Day One Gallery: Opening, Exhibits, and Movers & Shakers | ALA 2013

Photo gallery of events from the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL

LibraryBox 2.0 Project Moves Forward with Kickstarter | ALA 2013

Jason Griffey, head of library IT for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund expansions and upgrades for his open-source LibraryBox project. LibraryBoxen are self-contained, battery-powered, pocket-sized routers that enable wireless distribution of ebooks, images, and other digital content without an Internet connection.

International Crime Month Winds Down at ALA 2013

For lovers of international crime fiction, June has been busting out all over with a series of readings, panels, and discussions sponsored by  four indie publishers  and featuring such rising stars as Britain’s Mark Billingham, Austria’s Wolf Haas, Australia’s Zane Lovitt, and Nigeria’s .Bayo Ojikutu. Kicked off at the end of May with events at […]

Libraries Around the Country Under Budget Pressure

Six branches would be closed, 33 FTEs eliminated, and Sunday hours eliminated system-wide in a worst-case budget scenario approved by the Jacksonville Public Library, FL’s board of trustees, who now have no option except to wait and see whether a lengthy city budget process takes a favorable turn. The Jacksonville Public Library is by no means alone in its plight. Branch closures and staff cuts are on the table at library districts around the nation as the summer budget process unfolds. Omaha, NE; Flint, ME; Falls City, OR; and the huge Fulton County, GA, system all have funding issues to resolve.