February 17, 2018

This Week in Libraries: Dan Cohen, Director of the Digital Public Library of America

Creating an open environment for reading and research; analyzing copyright shades of grey; and linking libraries, archives, and museums together to better explore new ways of accessing digital collections. This and much more in this week’s episode of TWIL: your weekly dose of library innovation!

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Episode 98 with Dan Cohen, CEO of DPLA (Digital Public Library of America) is recorded once again in DOK, the famous library concept center in Delft the Netherlands. In the last episode, we had the pleasure of talking to Julie-Anne Cardella, Director of the Westmount Public Library and Michael Elbaz, an MLS student in Montreal, Canada. It is wonderful to have to opportunity to gather and tell stories of libraries and librarians around the world and we feel fortunate that our sponsors make it possible for us to do so. And now, thanks to Library Journal, we can present the upcoming episodes on an even bigger platform —we welcome all new viewers and invite them to join in and express their views.

During the show we talk with Cohen about the launch of DPLA and its work toward that milestone. We talk about copyright, free access, and business models as well as how to bring vast and still rapidly growing digital collection to end users. We likewise touched on the role of the physical buildings and the work of Europeana. Cohen is absolutely passionate about the work of DPLA and he indicates that we are at the edge of a change to the the entire world of information. Digitalization of collections and access to them via the world wide web will have enormous consequences. As he notes, we have to make sure that we can raise awareness of the possibilities and make the search for information personal and appealing—and that is just what we librarians and libraries love to do with all our hearts.

Enjoy and see you next episode of This Week in Libraries, your regular dose of library innovation.

Jaap and Erik

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