February 16, 2018

Westerns Thrive at Five Star | PubCrawl

Westerns may represent only a tiny piece of the larger genre pie, but the staying power of Five Star Publishing, a Gale/Cengage Learning company whose primary audience is libraries, indicates a small but dedicated audience still exists. This July, Five Star launched a new line, Frontier Fiction, which will publish 12 titles a year. “Frontier Fiction is helping to expand the Western subgenre and fulfilling the needs of readers who are drawn to the spirit of the West (transportative power of the Western tableau, personal challenges that capture the spirit of the Western hero) but also want nontraditional protagonists and storylines and use a blend of genres (mysteries, coming of age, romance, adventure) to tell the tale,” said Kara Kugelmeyer, product strategy manager.

Kugelmeyer says these genre-bending stories are already garnering positive reaction—and sales. Preorders for the first two titles, John D. Nesbit’s Dark Prairie (July) and Pamela Nowak’s Changes (August) were 1800 and 1700 respectively. And LJ called Dark Prairie, set in 1890s Wyoming, “a memorable coming-of-age mystery…[that] opens a  captivating window into…frontier justice” (LJ 5/1/13).

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