April 23, 2018

ALA Annual Conference Day One Gallery: Opening, Exhibits, and Movers & Shakers | ALA 2013

All photos by Jean-Marc Giboux



  1. Thank you all for hosting such a fab luncheon for Movers & Shakers. I was wondering if it would be possible to see all the other photos you guys took? Is there a website or page? Many thanks again!

    Naomi House

    • Meredith Schwartz Meredith Schwartz says:

      It won’t be all of them, but look for more photos in the August issue’s conference report!

    • Thanks Meredith!

      Nice and thanks so much! I was hoping to get the one of Stephen Flynn, Raymond Pun and I …fingers crossed my green dress with the green background didn’t get me tossed into the visually unappealing pile, lol :)

      And once again thanks so much and so nice to meet you in person!