March 16, 2018

The Evolution of Usage Statistics

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EVENT DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, November 12th, 2013, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET

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The ability to prove library value enables institutions to maximize budget dollars, properly allocate their spend, and improve user satisfaction. We have come a long way in the types and quality of data as well as methods for collecting and analyzing that information. Join our webinar to discuss how metrics have evolved to their current state and what direction we can take with new and alternative metrics in the future. Our panelists will address their methods for measuring library value from the data they choose to evaluate, to the tools they utilize, and how they perform their analysis and utilize it in real practice.


Qinghua Xu – Information Scientist, AbbVie Library

Qinghua Xu is an Information Scientist at AbbVie. In this role, she administers the integrated library system and open-URL link resolver, and troubleshoots online resource access. She is also responsible for the development and regular reporting of metrics from various library systems. Previously, Xu was the Electronic Resources Coordinator for University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Xu holds a MLIS from Syracuse University and a second Master’s in History from Zhejiang University, China.

Charlie Sicignano – Head of Technical Services, University of West Georgia – Ingram Library 

Charles Sicignano began his tenure at the University of West Georgia in 2009 as the Electronic Resources Librarian and quickly advanced to his current role as the Head of Technical Services at UWG’s Ingram Library in 2010. Here, his responsibilities include supervising the technical services staff, coordinating library services and directing statistical analyses. Charles earned his BA at the University of Tennessee and an MA from Florida State University. He is currently working on a second MA in History from the University of West Georgia.

Chan Li – Library Data Analyst, California Digital Library

Chan Li received her MLIS in 2006 from University of California Los Angeles. She is senior data analyst at the California Digital Library (CDL), where she manages all aspects of electronic resource analysis activities. In the recent years, Chan has been a key player in the development of CDL’s weighted value algorithm to assess the significance of UC system wide electronic journals across disciplines. The algorithm moves away from more traditional methods of measuring value such as cost and usage, often comparing the results across all disciplines collectively. In this new model, multiple perspectives are all considered within each discipline separately. Chan serves on NISO SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) Standing Committee.


Michael Christopher Sales Engineer, Swets

In 2012, Michael Christopher accepted his current position of Electronic Products Manager for Swets in the US. Michael is currently responsible for overseeing Swets’ existing portfolio of electronic products and services, and he offers product training and technical support to the US Sales, Commercial, and Services teams. He also oversees implementation, training, and change requests for products purchased by Swets customers.

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