March 16, 2018

What’s Hot: The Latest in Library Products & Furnishings | Library by Design, Fall 2013

The latest in library products & furnishings


For rarities The Custom Four-Flap Enclosure is the ultimate for preserving rare books. Each book is wrapped with a four-flap system mounted in a folder that shelves nicely. Multiple scores to fit materials ¼”, ½”, ¾”, and 1″ thick. Safe, effective, protective, secure. List Price: $7–$12. Archival Products, a division of Library Binding Service, 800-526-5640,

Shelf ready Safely and effectively preserve rare posters, pamphlets, and documents with the Four-Flap Enclosure. Fully protects and securely holds materials without boxing and can be easily shelved. Fits materials up to 1/8″ thick. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Products, a division of Library Binding Service, 800-526-5640,

Preserve and play The Spine Wrap Music Binder is a complex treatment that meets archival quality performance standards. Designed for maximum flexibility, it lies flat on a music stand or piano deck for use during performance. It also protects bibliographic information on the first and last pages of the score. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Products, a division of Library Binding Service, 800-526-5640,

A family affair Collect and record family history and genealogy in the My Family History Kit. It includes all the materials needed to start collecting memories and recording the past and a brochure with questions to ask in oral history interviews. List Price: $49.99. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Stuck on you Mount and display botanical and zoological specimens in the Riker Specimen Mounting Box. This cardboard box is topped with a glass window for clear viewing and is padded inside with polyester batting to cushion each specimen. A pin-locking system keeps the box securely closed. List Price: From $8.75. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Bone storage The Skeletal Remains Storage Kit holds one complete adult skeleton in individual trays. The trays are padded with Volara® foam, and the outer box and inner trays are acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered for added protection. List Price: $100.95. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,


Gather ’round With Kalokids™ Back to Nature™ Corner Placement Bug Carpets, children can choose a bug, a worm, or a butterfly to sit on for story time or group lessons. Colorful carpets offer brightly colored concentric seating in an amphitheater design for group activities. The large version sits up to 24 children plus a teacher. Also available in square and rectangular sizes as well as a set of 14 mini–placement carpets. List Price: $228 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,


Freshen up! Change your space with 12 creatures to choose from. These detailed single-faced Eve Panels are self-mounted and can be used just about anywhere, from end panels and walls to circulation desks. The 13″ X 13″ maple-faced Eve Panels can be paired with Eve Chairs (pictured) or used on their own. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast, 616-885-585,

Looking up OGB built and installed a custom wood ceiling in the Santa Fe Preparatory School Library, NM, to simulate the spine of an open book running the length of the room with curved pages. The result is a dramatic and unique library environment. List Price: $40,000. OGB Architectural Millwork, 505-998-0000,


Make the most of data EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter™ is a revolutionary tool designed to enable public library staff of all skill levels to create stunning visualizations of library data quickly. It can connect to the entire EnvisionWare data enterprise, as well as to other non-EnvisionWare data sources, including zip code data. Get insight into the patron experience to help determine efficiency and ROI across your library to support space and service planning, board presentations, community meetings, and daily management. List Price: Call for price. EnvisionWare, 800-216-8370,

Library tracking Efficiently staff your library, report counts for government funding at any time, and compare traffic among locations with the AccuTrac Series people counting system. This sensor uses advanced stereo video tracking technology to provide accurate people counting data. The AccuTrac sensor monitors people entering and exiting at the same time and will accurately distinguish among adults, children, and other objects such as book bags. The AccuTrac system uses Power-over-Ethernet (POE) for data transmission. The additional Queue Package can estimate line wait times, monitor transaction times, measure queue length, and more. List Price: Call for price. SenSource Inc., 800-239-1226,

Count ’em The Thermal Imaging IP People Counter system reduces the amount of hardware needed at the library. It monitors multiple people entering and exiting simultaneously. Data transmission is communicated wirelessly over your local or wide area network. Mounted above the entry, it is ideal for wide openings, heavy traffic areas, and various traffic patterns. Thermal imaging technology senses infrared radiation to track traffic traveling underneath the sensor. List Price: Call for price. SenSource Inc., 800-239-1226,


En plein air The Sunbrite All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV is an HD TV that you can put outside. Ideal for an outdoor patio or rooftop garden—think nature talks or gardening seminars—this beefy model resists rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air. It operates in temperatures from -40° to 122° and has water-resistant control buttons, remote, and detachable speaker module. Antireflective glass reduces sun glare. List Price: $3,399–$5,899. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Dynamic announcements Produce a custom mix of multimedia with BayScan Digital Signage. Add an image gallery or video from an event, list upcoming programs, upload entire PowerPoint files, stream live news feeds, and more. The intuitive visual interface takes users of all skill levels through creation step by step, and scheduling software lets you control when and where content will play. List Price: From $829. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Way to display The all-in-one FlashSign Digital Signage features easy plug-and-play setup with no complicated players, servers, or networking required. It supports images, video, scrolling text, and MP3 audio loaded directly from a USB flash drive. HDMI and VGA inputs let you connect external video sources. List Price: From $740. Hamilton Buhl, 800-631-0868,; also available from Gaylord, 800-448-6160,


Cuddly critters Playful cushions feature thick, heavy-duty fabric with a variety of soft textures to fascinate young children. Kids can choose from crabs, whales, ladybugs, bumble bees, and butterflies. These Kalokids™ Giant Softplay Floor Cushions are big enough and comfortable enough to lie on and relax with, yet bright enough to stimulate play. They meet all relevant safety standards; the covers are washable and removable for easy care. List Price: $106. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

C is for… Burgeon’s latest is a three-dimensional car, complete with dozens of interactive elements linked to preliteracy practices and STEM play. Designed specifically for public libraries, it has no small parts to walk away but drives home learning through play with two steering wheels, a “d is for” dashboard with distance driven, texture matches on the car interior, and four wheels that really turn, with interchangeable interactive panels. The fenders double as a magnet board. Kids can get under the hood as well. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941,

STEM support Magnets spin out under centrifugal force with the new Magic Magnet Spinner panel, Burgeon’s newest invention exclusively for public libraries. STEM play for the youngest patrons is best when playing with cause and effect. Parents and children alike see magnets move out one segment further in the circle with each longer arm of the spinner. This 15″ panel can be part of a larger custom magnet wall panel that includes other fun shapes that cause magnets to move at various speeds. Choose from many different magnet sets to refresh content. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941,

Enchanting mural Interactive play area and custom thematic space all in one, Marsh Wall Panels feature real butterflies cast in resin cattails and oversize water bugs skating in the river. Stepping stones in the water are really thematic, interactive panels. Sprinkled with a few dozen interactive components and parenting prompts, the installation appeals to children and adults alike. The baseboard is a magnet board for A–Z water magnets. Can be customized to meet ECRR or STEM goals. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941,

On safari Take your littlest library customers on a safari with these interactive wall elements. Watch out, though, fun is a likely side effect of the Meadow Safari Tree and accompanying safari wall components. They take up little space and provide kids with activities to keep them moving and learning. The safari on a wall is composed of Baltic birch at its core, with five sliding pieces to keep little ones engaged. List Price: $1349.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Hot dog Spruce up the library’s early literacy zone with these durable polypropylene Zuo Pups. They come in green, orange, or red, and at 22″ high are a perfect fit for the littlest readers. Kids can climb on them and take them for walks around the room. And don’t worry about noise—they don’t bark. List Price: $139.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Play on it With many activity themes available and built-in modularity, the interactive Discovery™ Activity Table System is a refreshing twist to typical play time. It features many configuration options, including reversible tops for multiple activities per table, quality Baltic birch veneer and hardwood, and large lockable storage drawers. Table top surface options include Lego®, TinkerToy®, train track, and smooth surface. List Price: From $2,750. 3branch, 877-899-9902,


Fast checkout Bibliotheca has designed an exclusive new product to manage queues during busy times, resulting in an enhanced patron experience and library efficiency. The smartstock™ 300 is the latest in library technology; using the small, handheld device, library staff can check items in and out, as well as set security from anywhere within the library, or mobile library, offering quick and fast patron interaction. Based on Apple and iOS technology, the device offers familiarity and ease of use and also works alongside an existing ILS. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127,

Inventory aid The Demco RFID Handheld Scanner facilitates taking inventory, searching for misplaced materials, and weeding books. A list of scanned materials can easily be exported from this device to a computer, providing accurate inventory of what’s on the shelves. Or preload the scanner with a list of materials so that an alarm will sound when it scans the material matching your list, or when it scans items that are not on the list. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Auto sort checkins D-Tech Automated Material Handling Systems are modular, economical, and reliable. These systems automatically check in materials and sort from two bins to 50. Quiet and reliable. List Price: $19,995 and up. D-Tech International, 609-435-5846,

High return With a capacity of up to 1,100 standard books or 2,700 DVD jewel cases, the 4ever SuperMaxx helps manage weekend and holiday collections. Trips to empty book and media returns on closed days are greatly reduced or eliminated. Designed and crafted to Kingsley standards with an eye toward quality and durability under the harshest conditions. List Price: $5,999. Kingsley, 800-376-7209,

Convenient portability Take this Sentry EM Portable Reactivator for Printed Materials into the stacks to resensitize books and periodicals on a cart. The handheld unit is ideal for low-volume operations. It resensitizes security strips on nonmagnetic items only. List Price: $849.99. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Like magic Find misplaced books with the Sentry RFID Inventory Wand. The wireless wand and touch screen tablet system collects data from RFID tags so you can find lost materials and update circulation status. Pass the wand in proximity to an RFID tag, and read on the tablet the data, including the position location for reshelving. Connect the tablet to your circulation system to update circulation status automatically. For use with any major circulation system. List Price: $4,950. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Quick on discs LAT-Stena™, designed to lighten the load of dispensing CDs/DVDs to patrons from behind the circulation counter, stores a large volume of discs. It allows staff to retrieve any item within seconds, eliminating repetitive strain injuries and speeding service. The multiple interconnected PODs minimize physical space requirements and provide item tracking and security. It is expandable and works with existing circulation desk computers and scanners and doesn’t require SIP to operate. Multiple circulation stations can access the system simultaneously. Various advanced loading/unloading functions, including full reporting are included. List Price: $899 and up. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,


Move it! Library moving consultants Overton & Associates’ new “Consultation @ Risk” service enables libraries to access a professional library mover for a fraction of the cost. It will assist in all aspects of the planning process and help manage the library move with local labor. By using local workers, students, and veterans, your library can create goodwill, along with saving over 40 percent of the move budget. List Price: Call for price. Overton & Associates, 516-449-5495,


Breath of fresh air Attractive and sturdy for indoor or outdoor use, the steel mesh OFM Net Series Café Chairs are rust- and waterproof. Comfy seats are 23¼” wide and have a capacity of 300 pounds. Choose from four styles—swivel, adjustable swivel, circular, or four-legged—all in a wide range of attractive powder-coat finishes. Comes with a lifetime warranty. List Price: $221 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Dig in Bring adults and children of all ages and backgrounds together to enjoy the physical and social benefits of gardening with GardenSoxx® Garden Kits. Everything you need to create a healthy garden on any surface. Plant vegetable gardens, flower borders, or landscaping beds in your own unique combination of planters, planting mesh, and irrigation. A curriculum guide is also available. List Price: $49.95. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

At home Make bikers feel welcome with the Madrax® Bike Rack. It can hold two, six, or eight bikes, comes in a wide range of colors, and can be anchored to the ground or concrete. List Price: From $189. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Safe and secure Provide visitors with a safe place for their bikes with the Madrax® Oasis™ Bike Rack. It secures two bikes, comes in a wide range of colors, and can be anchored to the ground or concrete. List Price: From $215. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Go green Encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation with the Madrax® Orion™ Bike Rack. It secures two bikes, comes in a wide range of colors, and can be anchored to the ground or to concrete. List Price: From $369. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,


Convenience The new smartlocker™ reservation system by Bibliotheca is a modular system designed to offer library users a quick and easy way to retrieve their reserved library items from virtually anywhere. Used in conjunction with a library’s existing ILS, this unit allows libraries to extend services beyond the physical library and better reach members of the community by placing the system in convenient locations, such as community centers, office buildings, and stations. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127,

Offsite lending LendIT is a freestanding, self-service library designed to give communities access to library materials where brick and mortar libraries are not feasible. CDs, DVDs, and books can be reserved online and picked up at community sites such as malls, train stations, and park-and-ride lots—any location that has electricity and Internet access. List Price: From $39,995. D-Tech International, 609-435-5846,

Library love Bring patrons together outside the library and foster a sense of community connectedness with the Little Free Library. Place these mini–free libraries anywhere people frequent or in places with no library access and users will “take a book, return a book.” List Price: From $645. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,


Contemporary appeal An alternative to traditional whiteboards, the Ghent® Harmony Wall-Mount Glass Markerboard is made from translucent premium tempered glass in a frameless, unobtrusive design. A frosted back provides vivid contrast to the clear marker surface, and the board is lit from behind. List Price: From $415. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

All together The Ghent® Nexus Expandable Markerboard System promotes active participation and creative thinking in groups. Designed to work together, these tablets, mobile easels, caddies, and accessories enable flexible spaces for both informal discussions and group presentations. List Price: From $120. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Brainstorming station For groups with media-sharing needs or in search of a whiteboard for brainstorming, Caravan Mobile Media Share Technology enables sharing on the large monitor for presentations, videos, and brainstorming, with connection for up to six laptops or devices. The whiteboard side offers space for sketching free-flowing ideas. Casters offer mobility, while the two-sided functionality gives double the productivity in one unit and provides some division of space. List Price: $13,073–$20,113. The Worden Company, 800-748-0561,


Digitize it! The new DT Film Scanning Kit uses the finest capture technology to provide preservation-grade image quality both simply and efficiently. Designed to achieve the fastest throughput while complying with the highest quality standards, this system boasts an image capture every two seconds, more than 240 times faster than flatbed or drum scanners. This system incorporates a cooled transilluminator to digitize all types of photographic plates as well as negative and positive film from 35mm up to 11″ x 17″ and includes all the necessary film pattern holders. List Price: $13,990. Digital Transitions, 212-529-6825,

Scantastic The new ST ViewScan II brings a historic collection into the digital age. The powerful camera and optical zoom lens is capable of 7x–105x magnification and scans all microforms from 35mm to Ultrafiche. Optional software: Cruise Control can scan an entire roll or just a few pages, and OCR software can recognize up to 40 different languages. The ST ViewScan II is designed with an easy loading film path, an ergonomic handle, and familiar keyboard film controls. It is Energy Star compliant and comes in any color. List Price: $9,990; library organization discounts available. ST Imaging, 847-501-3344,

Make it on your own This new educational 3-D printing solution for Maker spaces can bring your library up to speed in the era of 3-D design center fulfillment. Team One/BooksOnReserve specializes in providing libraries with the latest technology products and solutions for Maker spaces, digital media centers, and computer labs, offering the 2BOT 3-D printer, HP Z-1 Workstations, and the HP Elite Pad. List Price: $6,999. Team One, 678-365-2536,

Print directly from mobile Offer patrons the ability to print at the library from their mobile device without downloading any drivers or apps with Pharos Uniprint 8.3 and MobilePrint. Patrons submit print jobs via email, then release them at any Pharos secured printer. Pharos MobilePrint is a secure, simple, and flexible method that can be seamlessly integrated. List Price: Call for price. TRACSYSTEMS, 800-583-TRAC (8722),


Block development AGATI’s Altra Forma Collection, designed by architect Lonn Frye, offers “different shapes” as diverse in form as they are in color. Covered in brilliant hues, Altra Forma stimulates imagination and expression. Environments take on a new dimension, whether it’s to add playful activities or to create a cozy atmosphere for lounging and learning. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

Tasks at hand The Dori Chair is a modern and user-friendly task chair, offering a full range of adjustability options. A Synchro mechanism helps ensure a supported sitting position. Proper position is also assured by the height-adjustable backrest, seat with height and depth adjustments, and, finally, adjustable armrests. The Dori’s backrest is its distinguishing feature; users can adjust the backrest to their spines, even while in motion. With modern construction, it sits on a chrome base and is available in standard colors for quick ship or custom COM. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

New look AGATI’s Sierra Chair is an iconic, functional, cost-effective chair for tasking or conference room collaboration. New this year is a channel back version, with a chrome metal frame and heavy-duty casters. Available in a variety of vinyls and fabrics. Height adjustable, the Sierra features a knee tilt or center tilt. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

Curvy spaces The Gee Lounge is more than just a single chair. Expand the basic Gee to accommodate small groups while maintaining privacy. Connect two Gee lounge chairs with an adjoining occasional table. Add back panels to allow for additional privacy while decreasing sound overflow or create a small public space. Configurations are endless. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

Back to back seating AGATI’s Hampton Seating is expanding its horizons with outer curves. While the basic Hampton is for casual, open spaces, the curved Hampton effectively uses space with a versatile design. The curved Hampton comes in 90° segments that can expand to a 180° curve to accommodate larger groups. The Hampton features a shorter seat, taller back, and a pitch ten degrees more upright than other lounge chairs, for wherever a work seat is preferable. Both the curve and the straight Hampton accommodate additional surrounds for privacy and freestanding meetings. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

Rainbow palette AGATI’s Sensi Chair embodies modern chic in a functional, stacking conference chair at an affordable price. Chairs are easy to stack (up to five), and a built-in ganging mechanism allows them to be joined into rows using metal connecting elements under the seat. Sensi chairs can be arranged into multiple combinations, all with a modern color range of Formica laminates. Featuring a refined original design, Sensi’s frame structure is made of high-quality materials. Frames are available in chrome or satin, while the seat and backrest are formed from bent plywood. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

Under the sea Invite children to an undersea adventure with Kalokids™ Ocean Life™ Modular Soft Seating. Kids can choose an octopus, sea turtle, or seahorse. With a seat height of 12″, this colorful seating is ergonomically designed for posture support and long-stay comfort. Distinctive soft chairs, sofas, and cushions meet all relevant safety standards. The polystyrene and vinyl construction is stain-resistant and easy to clean. List Price: $106 and up. Available at Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Mobile and versatile The OFM Interplay Social Seating Series features handy tablet arms for books and beverage. The Interplay Chair has one ¾”-thick swivel tablet arm; Interplay Sofa has two; and they all move out of the way when not in use. Patrons can lounge in luxury on molded foam-cushioned seat and back and a generous 500-pound weight capacity. Plus, the Interplay has four locking casters and handles on the back for easy mobility. List Price: $491 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Spring back! The flexible spring back provides the focal point for the unique OFM Recoil Lounge Chair. Comfort and function combine to create this chair’s handsome antimicrobial and stain-resistant nickel fabric back and PVC-free polyurethane seat. Then, add the upholstered arm caps and a fully supportive steel frame for a lounge chair to read and relax in for hours. It has a 400-pound weight capacity. List Price: $418. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Minimize shushing Delivering a high-back visual and sound barrier, the Bretford Motiv High Back Booth can be placed right in the middle of your library to provide casual work spaces where collaboration won’t disturb others. These high-back sofas also allow for a semiprivate workspace with the option to include electric access for powering up laptops, tablets, phones, or other personal electronic devices. List Price: $3,400–$4,200. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Colorful perches Benee’s Foam Stools provide comfort and flexibility for kids and teens. These handy, lightweight stools come in three different sizes and hundreds of color combinations. From a palette of nine bold colors, choose each of the three colors that create each stool. The high-density foam stools keep their shape, and funky angled seats, wrapped in vinyl covering, clean up with soap and water. List Price: $129.99–$209.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Unique shapes Palmieri Bloom Benches add personality to your children’s room in an infinite number of seating configurations. These lightweight, unique shapes give a refreshing look to any space and are so easy to move around, the kids can create a space the way they want it. List Price: $189.99–$569.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Two scoops Add a little modern flair to your teen or adult rooms or café area. The Zuo Match Chair’s two elegantly shaped scoops are made of durable hard leather. Sold in black or white, the seat and back are cast in the same mold and sit on a chrome-finished solid steel frame with floor-friendly rubber feet. List Price: $119.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Brighten the mood Illuminate your teen space with hourglass-shaped Zuo Spring Stools. Serving as seats or side tables, these durable fiberglass units give any room a fresh, fun feel. The internal LED lighting gives off a warm colorful glow; select the color via remote control. List Price: $99.99–$179.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Scatter or cluster Pebble is the perfect seating option for informal meeting spaces where kids, teens, or adults gather briefly to chat or discuss something in small groups. The comfortable design of Allermuir Pebble Seating allows for user interactivity, as they can be nested together with others, arranged in a scatter format, or used individually. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

Intimate seating Designed for the modern collaborative gathering, private conversation, or simple solitude, Arcadia® Intima Modular Seating sets the tone for professional and personal productivity. Ideal for higher education, public library, and other community spaces, these can be deployed as individual pieces or configured together in arrangements large and small. Also available are an optional headrest, standing-height shelf, stools, and pull-up tables. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

Playful yet sophisticated The Manitou Chair, with its six shell-shape options, is a practical solution for any high-traffic space. The curved plywood shell is available in any of 33 Fresh Coast finishes. Sturdy steel legs, powder-coated in a variety of colors, are available in multiple heights, as is a sled base. It passes the 500-pound weight test; stackable. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast, 616-885-5850,

Distinctive and cool The original Zoon Stools are available in multiple seat heights. With upholstered, laminate, linoleum, or wood top to select from, the durable seat will add texture and color to any environment. The tubular metal base, available in nine powder-coat finishes, is complemented by a high-performance nylon glide that comes in five colors. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast, 616-885-5850,

Got milk? Create inviting spaces with the comfortable Community Milk Stacking Chair. As light as a gallon of milk for easy stacking and arranging, yet durable, the chair is available in a broad range of plastic, fabric, and vinyl upholstery options to suit café, meeting room, or community areas. List Price: From $170. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

A clear choice Made from a single piece of molded plastic, the Community Wink Guest Chair is both decorative and durable. Flowing curves, slim chrome legs, and a range of translucent and opaque color options make this award-winning, stackable chair fit for any space. List Price: $289. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Seating with a twist Make seating fun and functional with the ErgoErgo® Stool. It allows the body to rock gently in any direction, building core strength while keeping the occupant alert and energized. Dynamic sitting improves concentration, making the stool good for library or learning environments. List Price: $99. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Settle in Regard is a modular seating solution that allows students to select a space for their needs, whether for individual or group work. Extra-wide seating supports multiple postures and comfort over hours. Integrated power brings power off of the floor and removes trip hazards. A deep and wide armrest holds a range of materials. Other features include stain-resistant material, an integrated tray for food and beverages, and privacy screens. List price: $800 and $2,000 list per seat. Steelcase Education Solutions, 212-931-6143,

Rounded corners The Dottie children’s chair, with its round back, natural wood shell, and plywood legs, can be finished in bright colors or more subdued tones, cutouts, and a variety of wood finishes. Chairs stack and are available in 12″, 14″, and 16″ seat heights. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Pop of color The Hank chair’s square back shell and wood turned legs can sport color or wood tones, adding a bold touch to any space. Adult seat height. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Take a seat Whimsical and playful, the Lottie chair is perfect for children’s areas in libraries. It has a square back, a natural wood shell, and is available in 12″, 14″, and 16″ seat heights. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Flexible choice Soft and comfortable, the Plover Lounge is also lightweight, providing a nice seating option for flexible spaces. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Simply endearing With a bold rounded top and wood turned legs that can sport a flash of color or wood tones, Puck is stylishly hip and endearing. Adult seat height. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Plug in Comfortable, boxy, and stylish, the Whistler Armless Lounge with Power is good for a variety of applications, especially now as it features power solutions (front, side, and back panel configurations available). Numerous seating designs are available as part of the Whistler Modular System. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Whimsical Whistler ottomans combine classic wood dowel legs (other leg styles available) with an upholstery seating option, allowing for adaptable spaces. The Whistler Ottoman with divider adds another level of functionality, featuring a center divider shape that creates sections for unrelated groups to gather. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Striking shape This comfy, modern modular bench is all about versatility. The customizable Whistler Square Bench coordinates with the Whistler Lounge Collection and is available in lounge chair, settee, and sofa versions. Power solutions are available. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Magical bench The Astral Bench is constructed of solid hardwood “matchsticks” joined in a solid, gently curving bench seat, which seems to float in midair. The integrity of the bench relies on the careful placement of each element and joinery techniques. It can be made in a number of diameters and lengths and can be built in many Northern hardwoods. List Price: Custom. Thos. Moser Contract, 207-753-9834,

Presidential seating As seen in the new George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Harpswell Chairs add elegance. The back crest is carved from a single piece of cherry to reveal a grain pattern that is unique to each piece, like nature’s fingerprint. Well-padded backrests and seats can be upholstered in a wide variety of fabric coverings. List Price: $1,300. Thos. Moser Contract, 207-753-9834,

Mix and match Geo Lounge Furniture provides an unlimited number of ways to mix and match lounge seating. Straight lines, S-shapes, or arcs of any lengths can be created with these lounge pieces and connector tables, available in both round and square options. Optional casters on the front legs enable flexibility. List Price: $1,280–$2,328. The Worden Company, 800-748-0561,


Antitheft Bibliotheca’s new smartlabel™ 500 tag is designed to protect and deter the theft of high-value assets in a library environment. Compatible with cross-vendor RFID systems, the smartlabel™ 500 extends an existing RFID investment. Highly visible and encased in a hard, durable shell, the RFID tag helps secure laptops, tablet devices, cameras, camcorders, and more. It has been engineered for use on items containing metal without interfering with performance. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127,

Distinctive security Various models of D-Tech Security Gates are available to fit into any library decor. Economical material security for libraries, schools, and universities. RFID, RF, and EM technology available. D-Tech’s exclusive RFIQ security gate system is upgradable to RFID. List Price: From $1,995. D-Tech International, 609-435-5846,


Smart returns Designed for quick and easy return transactions, the smartblade™ 210 is an intelligent return shelving system that works in conjunction with Bibliotheca’s smartserve™ 410, usable by multiple patrons simultaneously. Items are simply placed on the shelf while integrated RFID antennas read the items and then automatically check the items in and set security. Once checked in, items are removed from the users account and put back into library circulation, ready to be borrowed again. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127,

The EnvisionWare® 24-Hour Library™ delivers classic visual browsing, 24-hour checkout/checkin, holds pickup, OPAC, program information, reserve selection, patron registration, sorting, and more. The system connects to standard 120V 20A service and to your ILS via SIP2 or NCIP. List Price: Call for price. EnvisionWare, 800-216-8370,

State-of-the-art Bibliotheca’s newest customizable self-service kiosk, the smartserve™ 1000, integrates features such as a 22″ portrait screen and a light-based user guidance system into in ergonomic locations, to guide patrons fluidly through the self-service process. Optional extras include integrated return bins, media case unlockers, and all forms of payment acceptance, including NFC. The smartserve™ 1000 is available as a stand-alone, height-adjustable, or desktop unit using either RFID or hybrid RFID/EM technology. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127,

Independence day With the ergonomic mk Sorting Systems SelfCheck Kiosk, patrons can borrow, return, or renew materials in one location and in privacy, freeing up staff from the circulation desk. This compact, modular, and height-adjustable unit can be configured to satisfy a library’s requirements. Patron cards may be identified with or without PIN use. List Price: $12,000. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Desktop or stand-alone D-Tech Self-Checkout Systems for library materials provide high quality at low cost. Desktop and stand-alone kiosks are available, as well as exclusive D-Tech software that can be used on homegrown self-check systems through SIP2. Easy web installation. List Price: From $1,995. D-Tech International, 609-435-5846,

Device lending eLendIT is a self-service dispensing system for lending portable computers to patrons and students. eLendit frees patrons to use laptops, tablets, and MACs anywhere in your library through wireless access. List Price: From $19,995. D-Tech International, 609- 435-5846,

Goodbye, copiers The self-service Xerox® BookCentre™ Book Scanning Kiosk scans materials directly to email, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, Google Docs, network folders, FTPs, fax machines, and printers. The user-friendly 17″ touch screen guides patrons every step of the way, leaving staff free for other services. The scanner can also be used for ILL fulfillment and features vending support for charging for scans. List Price: $5,995. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Check it out Free staff to work on high-level tasks with the Sentry QuickCheck Self-Check System. This patron self-check system comes as a stand-alone kiosk or as a built-in unit to install in an existing desk surface. Patrons simply use their library card and the touch screen monitor to check out materials. Available as a nonsecurity barcode–only system or for EM or EM/RFID systems to check out materials as well as deactivate security strips. Installation required. List Price: From $9,999. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Media self-service ­ LAT-Cube is a complete media protection and patron self-service unit in one compact, low-cost device. It’s the only system of its kind that stores raw CDs/DVDs inside and dispenses them to authenticated patrons. With LAT-Cube, there is no need to purchase security cases, tags, strips, or lock-boxes, or to hide the materials behind the counter. LAT-Cube is also a full-featured self-check system for all other items in your library as well. Fully ADA-compliant, it has high-capacity, six-second retrieval time and a 25 percent lower cost than previous models. List Price: $13,999. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

Space saver LAT-Leap, portable, ultra-low-cost self-contained self-checkout system addresses space needs while providing state-of-the-art technology. It is a factory-hardened, 22″ SAW touch screen, fully enclosed system to place on top of a desk or counter, or even hang on a wall. Wireless networking is built in. Fully supports all Front-Gate security systems, including EM or RFID. High-speed, multidimensional scanner scans barcodes in any direction. Users are guided through the checkout process via on-screen animations and multilingual voice prompts. LAT-Central Enterprise Management Software included; numerous options, upgrades, and configurations available. List Price: $5,999. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

Fun touch Give up that bulky, old-fashioned OPAC station for a sexy, zero-footprint, multifunctional workstation with the LAT-Opac™ system. The “end-of-aisle” touch screen system is designed to facilitate the library’s OPAC station functionality and more, with an embedded design that fits into the end panel with less than 1″ protrusion and hides controls from view. Included LAT-QuickKeys™ software enables digital signage, web access, reservations, and more. Fully customizable and expandable. List Price: Contact for details. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

iPad lending MediaSurfer™ is a self-checkout kiosk system for tablets in libraries. The system allows a library automatically to lend iPads® to library patrons, giving them access to the latest mobile technology and the ability to embrace digital learning. The system also provides the necessary functions to maintain the tablets, including charging, without using the library. List Price: From $25,000. MediaSurfer, 800-494-9330,


Custom shelving This installation of Wood-Tek Library Case Goods was created for the Kellogg Library at Cal Poly, Pomona. It features a blend of two-tone Wood-Tek for countertops, end panels, and shelf edges. Specially designed countertops and shelving enclosures to accept structural seismic supports run throughout the building, and extra deep shelves are recessed in alcoves for oversize books. List Price: varies by project. Aurora Storage Products, 800-722-1699,

Kid-friendly Bookbins Display Units make a children’s collection appealing and accessible, displaying books with the covers facing out at kid height. Librarians report markedly higher checkout frequency for books they’ve pulled off regular shelves and displayed in a Bookbin. Bookbins are made with interlocking joinery, glued-and-screwed, and guaranteed forever. Several sizes, styles, price levels, options available. List Price: $589. Bookbins, 320-532-3982,

Encourage browsing ColorScape 4-Compartment Picture Book Browsers add a touch of color and playfulness to any children’s area. They are just the right height for little readers to flip through and see book covers. Concealed casters on four- and six-compartment browsers make them easy to rearrange, while book cubbies on front and back maximize capacity. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

Bins of discovery Get kids interested in reading by letting them browse the pictures on the picture book covers as they flip through ColorScape 2-Tier Browsers filled with colorful interior panels and all of their favorite stories. Each browser features nine picture book bins on top and nine picture book bins that pull out at floor level. Place these units along a wall or back to back in the center of the kid zone and watch. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

Add interest Change the look, feel, and flow of the library with these Information Station End Panels. They have visual interest in the removable magnetic artwork, display capability, mixed materials with wood and steel, and a tablet stand for quick access to the library catalog, Internet, and beyond. Three-dimensional letters slide onto a signage track to attract more attention and give more depth to the end panel. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

Roll it out The Little Book Truck stands at a toddler’s height, making it easy for little ones to reach stored and displayed books. The cart moves with ease thanks to heavy-duty, locking casters and a cutout handle. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,


Work and study The versatile Smith System Acrobat™ Half Moon Computer Desk adjusts from standard to café height, with generous workspace, maximum stability, and easy in-and-out access for one or two people. These adjustable-height desks adapt to their surroundings, and the integrated modesty panel, cable tray, and port holes keep wires neatly organized. For shared connectivity, two desks can join to a center I~O Post™, and they can also go mobile with 3″ or 4″ dual-wheel casters. List Price: $925 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Stay on task Jonti-Craft TrueModern® Workstations offer children’s computer furniture with clean, modern lines that help keep kids focused. Created by modernist designer Edgar Blazona, this furniture is designed to be simple, functional, and safe, at an affordable price. These computer-ready tables have been tested to meet or exceed all American safety standards, and the quality is guaranteed. List Price: $233 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Want to share? Ideal for individual or group computer work, the Acrobat™ I~O Post Trapezoid Desk from Smith System offers a generous workspace, maximum stability, and easy in-and-out access. For shared connectivity, four users fit around the optional I~O Post™ that distributes power uniformly to the group. These desks can also go mobile, with 3″ or 4″ dual-wheel casters. Another option is Smith System’s Desk Fence, rigid-PVC colored inserts that filter light and define individual workspaces. List Price: $643 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Sit or stand The versatile Balt Adjustable Sit/Stand Flipper Table adjusts to accommodate students of all ages and sizes and folds compactly when not in use. The 1″-thick laminated furniture board tops adjust from 28½” to 45″ high for sit down or stand up use. Tops flip down with a one-handed lever mechanism for easy nesting and storage. The black powder-coated steel frames feature stretcher bars for stability and casters for mobility. List Price: $309–$399.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Fresh twist Balt Shapes Desks are a versatile, ergonomic solution for collaborative learning. These uniquely shaped desks nestle together in a variety of configurations, lending flexibility for numerous activities. Available in two tabletop sizes, these height-adjustable desks feature built-in bag and coat hooks on tubular steel legs. List Price: $259.99–$299.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Best face forward Bright colors influence the atmosphere and attitude of a space. ColorScape Circulation Desks are modular units made up of straight- and rounded-front components. Decide how big or small you’d like your desks to be, and pick the components, wood finishes, and laminate colors so it fits your library. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

In the flow Designed to link technology and furniture, TechnoLink Media Tables allow up to six users to collaborate, while media-sharing technology lets users share content on the big screen to be viewed by all. Each table is designed and scaled to meet the needs of each environment, complete with choice of wood, paint, and laminate finishes. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561,

Table art The Juleez Designer Café Table, by artist Julie Borden, brings creativity to the library café space. Available in seven designs, the tables combine brilliant colors and blended patterns printed below the high-gloss tabletop surface to remain vibrant for years to come. List Price: From $380. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Power to the people Provide patrons with convenient plug-in power as they work with Smith System® Computer Tables & I-O Power Post in designated computer areas and meeting rooms. Rectangular and end cap tables can be configured in the shape needed and combined with power posts for patrons’ laptops and devices. List Price: From $345. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Interactive Social Media is a versatile, comprehensive furniture solution that offers a range of features allowing for digital sharing for today’s interactive environments. Tables come in a series of shapes and sizes that accommodate many group sizes. Wire management is completely integrated, allowing for a clean, uncluttered installation anywhere in a room. Equipment and connections are ventilated and can be easily installed and accessed at any time. Optional connections for power, data, and video are integrated. List price: $13,405–$14,240. Palmieri, 800-413-4440,

Shape shifter Myriad Work Stations bring a variety of table shapes with reverse bevel solid wood edge detail and aluminum legs, offering Worden durability in a lighter scale design. The casters on these workstations create maximum flexibility, enabling group and individual work. Wire management and power access provide easy use of technology when required. Optional privacy panels with brushed stainless clamps help when focus is key. List Price: $1,238–$2,251. The Worden Company, 800-748-0561,

Built-in tech Exchange™ and iGroup® Collaboration tables are triangular elements that assemble to facilitate collaborative learning. Assemble small groups around pinwheels, triangles, hexagons, serpentines, and other shapes. Exchange is scaled for use with flipIT® mounted computers or laptops for multiuse classrooms and library spaces. The smaller iGroup® is scaled for use with iPads® and laptops. iPad flipIT® may be installed for secure, safe use and storage. Options include adjustable-height legs to adapt to all ages and casters for mobility. List Price: Request a quote online. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

Elemental With its simple, functional design, the Element Hall Table departs from traditional Moser designs and embraces the company’s philosophies of purposeful design and commitment to craftsmanship, exemplified by the feathered miter joint of this piece. It can be crafted from any North American hardwood, with a choice of surface materials ranging from solid hardwoods to natural stone to composites. List Price: $3,500. Thos. Moser Contract, 207-753-9834,

Hip to be square The new Skware™ study table offers many great features with a timeless look in any space. Choose from many finishes and materials. Standard table tops available in quartz, wood, bamboo, and laminate. Stainless steel table frames are standard and available in many sizes. Table frames in a powder epoxy finish are also available in several colors. Optional features include surface-mounted power/USB hub, glass privacy dividers, modesty panels, and a wire management system built into the leg. List Price: Call for price. 3branch, 877-899-9902,

Merchandising Hip The new Skware™ display tables keep your materials front and center. Sold in sets of three nesting tables for custom arrangements and configurations. Standard table tops (square or round) available in quartz, wood, bamboo, and laminate. Stainless steel table frames are standard at 18″, 24″, and 30″ heights. List Price: Call for price. 3branch, 877-899-9902,

Collaboration station With flowing lines and freestanding stools, Blumen Collaboration creates a gathering place for projects, presentations, and socializing. Three standard power plugs and six USB power ports housed in the center hub allow groups to learn and work together with any kind of technology. Spring-loaded retracting casters maximize the mobility of the stool. List Price: $6,716–$12,212. The Worden Company, 800-748-0561,


Charge it The Balt iTeach® Desktop Sync/Charger charges up to eight tablets or phone devices on your desktop by just plugging one power cord into the wall. This unit even knows which devices need more power, extending battery life and energy savings. It works with most devices that are charged via USB, includes four charge indicators and on/off power switch, and features a USB port in back to sync several tablets or phones to a master device or to daisy-chain several devices together. List Price: $750. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Easy-breezy The fully automated Bayscan Technologies VMI Hybrid repairs discs clean and dry in 30 seconds, Blu-Ray in just one minute. Hydro Optic Polishing ensures repairs on all types of discs. It also runs ultra-quiet at approximately 50 decibels, so it’s ideal for front-end/countertop use. Capable of running 300-plus discs per day. List Price: $2250.

Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Save energy, save dollars Conserve energy when your building is closed with the Belkin® 8-Outlet Energy-Efficient Surge Protector. It comes in two models for timed or remote deactivation of powered devices. Six outlets let you power down printers and other devices that don’t require constant power, while two outlets remain always powered for devices such as phones. List Price: From $45. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Listen up These Titanium™ Series Headphones with Guaranteed for Life™ Cord block most external noise to help users focus more effectively in the classroom, computer lab, or listening center. The cord stands up to constant handling, and the headphones can be immersed in soap and water for thorough cleaning. Available with a 3.5mm or USB connector. List Price: From $55. Califone,; also available from Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Save on licenses Up to 16 devices can connect simultaneously to a single SIP port with the LAT-SipRouter. It works on the outside of physical devices, and, as a result, no change is needed on the self-check or other SIP-based devices. Simply point to the router, and it does the rest. Expandable up to 255 devices. Full setup and configuration control via browser. List Price: $899 and up. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

Hands free iPad flipIT® securely mounts iPads and can be rotated for landscape or portrait use with open access to controls and FaceTime camera. Facilitates use of two hands for gestures and keyboard work and can keep iPads from slipping off a lap, desktop, or stand. To put iPads away, close lid and lock. A No Home Button tab is included to enable instructors to allow only one app to be used for class work. Available as a kit to be installed on any desktop. Factory installed in SMARTdesks furniture products. List Price: Request a quote online. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

Smart cart WoodWare’s Infinity Mobile Device Cart (MDC) is cushioned and offers features that ensure that mobile devices remain undamaged and power ready. Designed for all mobile devices including tablets, ereaders, smartphones, cameras, netbooks, MP3 players, and laptops, it also works with company’s new A-USB Hub for use with the MDC—a ten-port USB high-speed hub with two swivel ports and an AC adapter that allows the connection of up to ten USB devices to a single port on a notebook, PC, or MAC. Carts are sized at 24¾”w x 25¾”d x 44″h. List Price: $2,890–$3,460. Woodware Furniture, 888-558-0663,

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