February 16, 2018

LJ Index 2013: All the Stars, State by State

Star Libraries Map

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Star libraries are listed alphabetically by state abbreviation, then ranked by stars and score.  Please note that expenditure category peer comparisons are the critical ones; for the Star Libraries by expenditure category please go to The Star Libraries page.

To sort the table, select the desired column by clicking the cell in the head row of the table. To sort the table by two criteria, first click the header column you’d like to be the initial sort factor. Then add a secondary sort by holding shift while selecting another column.

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There are no libraries on this chart from Washington DC, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Wyoming (please see “Find a Library” to see how a library not starred did in the ratings or to discover why it was not included).

All Star Libraries 2013, State by State

Expenditure CategoryStarsLibraryCityStateCirc Per CapitaVisits Per CapitaProgram Attendance per capitaPublic Internet Terminal Use per capitaScore
$50K-$99.9K***Craig Public LibraryCraigAK22.
$400K-$999.9K****Haines Borough Public LibraryHainesAK38.333.72.77.22090
$10K-$49.9K***Tri-Valley Community LibraryHealyAK15.
$400K-$999.9K***Homer Public LibraryHomerAK21.
$50K-$99.9K*****Sand Point Community/School LibrarySand PointAK23.725.63.712.32695
$200K-$399.9K****Seward Community Library MuseumSewardAK22.628.01.28.11637
$400K-$999.9K*****Unalaska Public LibraryUnalaskaAK52.427.50.920.62800
$100K-$199.9K*****Flomaton Public LibraryFlomatonAL76.
$5M-$9.9M****Hoover Public LibraryHooverAL27.410.21.12.41166
$50K-$99.9K*****Rogersville Public LibraryRogersvilleAL35.
$10K-$49.9K****Fredonia Public LibraryFredoniaAZ6.712.32.64.11547
$200K-$399.9K*****Ak-Chin Indian CommunityMaricopaAZ10.651.22.722.42788
$400K-$999.9K*****Page Public LibraryPageAZ37.025.41.420.92657
$100K-$199.9K***Parker Public LibraryParkerAZ13.325.81.06.81566
$50K-$99.9K****Tonto Basin Public LibraryTonto BasinAZ23.517.71.64.51594
$10M-$29.9M****Berkeley Public LibraryBerkeleyCA17.
$5M-$9.9M****Beverly Hills Public LibraryBeverly HillsCA20.
$1M-$4.9M****City of Commerce Public LibraryCommerceCA20.
$30M+*****Santa Clara County LibraryLos GatosCA29.
$200K-$399.9K****Alpine County Library/ArchivesMarkleevilleCA28.324.41.97.81777
$1M-$4.9M***National City Public LibraryNational CityCA4.
$5M-$9.9M***Newport Beach Public LibraryNewport BeachCA18.614.70.61.6969
$5M-$9.9M*****Redwood City Public LibraryRedwood CityCA22.913.82.29.72149
$30M+****San Francisco Public LibrarySan FranciscoCA13.
$30M+***San Jose Public LibrarySan JoseCA14.
$10M-$29.9M****San Mateo County LibrarySan MateoCA14.
$10M-$29.9M*****Santa Monica Public LibrarySanta MonicaCA20.
$1M-$4.9M****St. Helena Public LibrarySt. HelenaCA43.325.01.64.41694
$10M-$29.9M****Douglas County LibrariesCastle RockCO28.
$30M+****Denver Public LibraryDenverCO14.
$10M-$29.9M****Arapahoe Library DistrictEnglewoodCO19.
$100K-$199.9K*****La Veta Regional Library DistrictLa VetaCO40.845.42.48.32710
$50K-$99.9K***Limon Memorial LibraryLimonCO19.917.20.35.91368
$200K-$399.9K***Mancos Public Library DistrictMancosCO10.532.71.16.31457
$200K-$399.9K***Ridgway Library DistrictRidgwayCO20.827.31.13.41382
$10K-$49.9K*****Swink School/Public LibrarySwinkCO7.914.80.010.41755
$1M-$4.9M*****San Miguel Library District # 1/TellurideTellurideCO51.447.84.89.53097
$1M-$4.9M****Darien LibraryDarienCT36.
$5M-$9.9M*****Greenwich LibraryGreenwichCT24.512.00.87.61542
$5M-$9.9M*****Westport Public LibraryWestportCT33.
$400K-$999.9K****New Port Richey Public LibraryNew Port RicheyFL26.429.62.54.11636
$50K-$99.9K****Dr. Grace O. Doane Alden Public LibraryAldenIA12.
$10K-$49.9K*****Boyden Public LibraryBoydenIA20.517.10.64.61787
$50K-$99.9K****Churdan Public LibraryChurdanIA23.
$10K-$49.9K***Dexter Public LibraryDexterIA19.
$200K-$399.9K****James Kennedy Public LibraryDyersvilleIA35.419.62.03.01602
$10K-$49.9K***Elgin Public LibraryElginIA16.
$50K-$99.9K****Hubbard Public LibraryHubbardIA13.715.92.06.01554
$10K-$49.9K*****J.J. Hands LibraryLohrvilleIA11.515.80.78.51836
$10K-$49.9K*****Swea City Public LibrarySwea CityIA11.517.90.77.11794
$50K-$99.9K****Wellsburg Public LibraryWellsburgIA22.323.80.73.71498
$10K-$49.9K****Winthrop Public LibraryWinthropIA7.
$5M-$9.9M***Algonquin Area Public Library DistrictAlgonquinIL32.
$10M-$29.9M*****Arlington Heights Memorial LibraryArlington HeightsIL35.
$5M-$9.9M***Barrington Public Library DistrictBarringtonIL27.
$5M-$9.9M****Champaign Public LibraryChampaignIL30.812.00.71.81091
$1M-$4.9M***Coal City Public Library DistrictCoal CityIL21.
$100K-$199.9K****Cordova District LibraryCordovaIL30.
$10K-$49.9K****Dry Point Township LibraryCowdenIL8.430.30.11.41543
$5M-$9.9M***Des Plaines Public LibraryDes PlainesIL20.
$5M-$9.9M****Elmhurst Public LibraryElmhurstIL31.612.10.63.31202
$1M-$4.9M****Lake Forest LibraryLake ForestIL24.
$5M-$9.9M*****Ela Area Public Library DistrictLake ZurichIL29.911.61.06.71580
$5M-$9.9M***Vernon Area Public Library DistrictLincolnshireIL22.
$400K-$999.9K****Allerton Public Library DistrictMonticelloIL21.
$5M-$9.9M***Mount Prospect Public LibraryMount ProspectIL19.610.50.42.9923
$10M-$29.9M*****Naperville Public LibraryNapervilleIL32.711.80.66.41625
$5M-$9.9M***Niles Public Library DistrictNilesIL20.
$5M-$9.9M*****Northbrook Public LibraryNorthbrookIL26.714.21.51.41297
$5M-$9.9M*****Oak Park Public LibraryOak ParkIL28.
$10M-$29.9M*****Schaumburg Township District LibrarySchaumburgIL19.
$5M-$9.9M****Skokie Public LibrarySkokieIL34.512.70.82.41227
$100K-$199.9K***Boswell-Grant Township Public LibraryBoswellIN15.
$200K-$399.9K****Butler Public LibraryButlerIN22.
$10M-$29.9M*****Evansville-Vanderburgh Public LibraryEvansvilleIN17.311.00.53.11048
$10M-$29.9M****Allen County Public LibraryFort WayneIN27.
$400K-$999.9K*****New Carlisle & Olive Township Public LibraryNew CarlisleIN33.721.214.24.93435
$1M-$4.9M****Spencer County Public LibraryRockportIN14.
$200K-$399.9K***Waterloo-Grant Township Public LibraryWaterlooIN11.614.13.33.51413
$10K-$49.9K*****Buhler Public LibraryBuhlerKS18.710.71.94.71743
$10K-$49.9K***Chetopa City LibraryChetopaKS14.
$100K-$199.9K***Cimarron City LibraryCimarronKS26.
$200K-$399.9K****Library District #2 , Linn CountyLacygneKS19.919.01.79.01568
$50K-$99.9K***Marion City LibraryMarionKS20.421.01.23.61479
$100K-$199.9K*****Neodesha/W.A. Rankin MemorialNeodeshaKS30.348.71.84.72250
$50K-$99.9K****Overbrook Public LibraryOverbrookKS38.511.50.87.71793
$100K-$199.9K****Seneca Free LibrarySenecaKS25.113.30.511.61792
$10K-$49.9K*****Ida Long Goodman Memorial LibrarySt. JohnKS15.816.99.70.82843
$10K-$49.9K****Nora E. Larabee Memorial LibraryStaffordKS22.
$10M-$29.9M***Topeka and Shawnee County Public LibraryTopekaKS13.
$10K-$49.9K*****Winchester Public LibraryWinchesterKS5.
$10M-$29.9M****Kenton County Public LibraryFt. MitchellKY13.
$10M-$29.9M***East Baton Rouge ParishBaton RougeLA5.
$400K-$999.9K***Sturgis LibraryBarnstableMA35.422.80.85.81516
$400K-$999.9K****Eldredge Public LibraryChathamMA25.430.31.96.31688
$100K-$199.9K***Dennis Memorial Library Assoc.DennisMA25.
$200K-$399.9K****Dennis Public LibraryDennisportMA29.838.71.15.01814
$400K-$999.9K***Snow LibraryOrleansMA29.327.12.03.11490
$400K-$999.9K*****Provincetown Public LibraryProvincetownMA29.5106.30.59.02808
$200K-$399.9K****Stockbridge Library AssociationStockbridgeMA18.215.61.511.51544
$400K-$999.9K***Vineyard Haven Public LibraryVineyard HavenMA34.422.81.74.01515
$400K-$999.9K*****Wellfleet Public LibraryWellfleetMA46.
$400K-$999.9K*****West Tisbury Free Public LibraryWest TisburyMA57.643.33.25.22454
$100K-$199.9K****Meekins Public LibraryWilliamsburgMA42.821.42.23.01816
$10M-$29.9M****Harford County Public LibraryBelcampMD20.
$10M-$29.9M*****Howard County LibraryColumbiaMD24.710.40.73.01195
$10M-$29.9M****Carroll County Public LibraryNew WindsorMD25.
$400K-$999.9K*****Camden Public LibraryCamdenME53.239.34.711.62976
$100K-$199.9K***Witherle Memorial LibraryCastineME19.815.04.32.51637
$200K-$399.9K****Skidompha Public LibraryDamariscottaME15.829.62.55.91714
$50K-$99.9K***Guilford Memorial LibraryGuilfordME13.
$200K-$399.9K*****Southwest Harbor Public LibrarySouthwest HarborME31.640.42.810.22404
$10M-$29.9M*****Ann Arbor District LibraryAnn ArborMI53.710.60.41.71312
$10M-$29.9M****Capital Area District LibraryLansingMI11.
$1M-$4.9M***West Bloomfield Township Public LibraryWest BloomfieldMI38.814.00.98.01592
$200K-$399.9K****East Grand Forks Campbell LibraryEast Grand ForksMN11.
$200K-$399.9K***Ely Public LibraryElyMN18.828.50.85.41393
$200K-$399.9K*****Grand Marais Public LibraryGrand MaraisMN42.628.40.68.01830
$30M+***Hennepin County LibraryMinnetonkaMN15.
$10M-$29.9M***Ramsey County LibraryShoreviewMN21.
$100K-$199.9K****Centralia Public LibraryCentraliaMO19.336.51.34.81782
$30M+***Consolidated Library District No. 3IndependenceMO11.
$10M-$29.9M*****Kansas City Public LibraryKansas CityMO10.
$400K-$999.9K*****North Kansas City Public LibraryNorth Kansas CityMO54.465.01.19.42681
$30M+***Saint Louis County LibrarySt. LouisMO13.
$50K-$99.9K*****Madison Valley Public LibraryEnnisMT34.750.14.011.13440
$100K-$199.9K****Atkinson Public LibraryAtkinsonNE23.925.12.56.51926
$10K-$49.9K*****Bloomfield Public LibraryBloomfieldNE8.615.92.76.41913
$100K-$199.9K*****Central City Public LibraryCentral CityNE26.424.65.46.42396
$10K-$49.9K***Creighton Public LibraryCreightonNE21.
$200K-$399.9K***Falls City Library and Arts CenterFalls CityNE37.
$10K-$49.9K*****Genoa Public LibraryGenoaNE19.914.42.42.31789
$50K-$99.9K*****Hartington Public LibraryHartingtonNE28.529.72.212.92651
$100K-$199.9K*****Neligh Public LibraryNelighNE42.
$50K-$99.9K***Oakland Public LibraryOaklandNE21.
$50K-$99.9K*****Lincoln Public LibraryLincolnNH12.933.73.53.12038
$1M-$4.9M*****Avalon Free Public LibraryAvalonNJ128.576.88.015.95521
$1M-$4.9M*****Bernardsville Public LibraryBernardsvilleNJ28.
$10M-$29.9M***Somerset County LibraryBridgewaterNJ18.
$10M-$29.9M*****Mercer County LibraryLawrencevilleNJ14.
$1M-$4.9M****Ocean City Free Public LibraryOcean CityNJ29.
$1M-$4.9M***Princeton Public LibraryPrincetonNJ18.
$50K-$99.9K***Eleanor Daggett Memorial LibraryChamaNM21.
$10K-$49.9K****Columbus Village LibraryColumbusNM6.412.31.18.81679
$200K-$399.9K*****Pueblo of Isleta LibraryIsletaNM5.311.97.04.92031
$10K-$49.9K***Tularosa Public LibraryTularosaNM5.
$400K-$999.9K****Smoky Valley Library DistrictRound MountainNV45.735.82.03.41879
$100K-$199.9K***Macsherry LibraryAlexandria BayNY21.
$400K-$999.9K****Amagansett Free LibraryAmagansettNY41.
$50K-$99.9K***Bolton Free LibraryBolton LandingNY10.314.61.37.21415
$400K-$999.9K****The Hampton Library In BridgehamptonBridgehamptonNY34.641.54.44.02209
$50K-$99.9K*****Cambridge Public LibraryCambridgeNY17.340.01.115.82676
$1M-$4.9M*****Center Moriches Free Public LibraryCenter MorichesNY37.739.84.93.22349
$10M-$29.9M*****Middle Country Public LibraryCentereachNY20.
$200K-$399.9K*****Julia L. Butterfield Memorial LibraryCold SpringNY22.
$1M-$4.9M*****Cutchogue New Suffolk Free LibraryCutchogueNY36.931.14.35.22247
$100K-$199.9K****The Southworth Library AssociationDrydenNY36.
$50K-$99.9K*****Elbridge Free LibraryElbridgeNY28.423.53.52.62046
$100K-$199.9K*****Falconer Public LibraryFalconerNY78.327.83.93.42790
$1M-$4.9M****Fayetteville Free LibraryFayettevilleNY28.
$5M-$9.9M***Great Neck LibraryGreat NeckNY12.910.40.82.1888
$5M-$9.9M***Huntington Public LibraryHuntingtonNY11.
$100K-$199.9K***Town of Indian Lake Public LibraryIndian LakeNY12.926.00.76.91528
$1M-$4.9M***Jericho Public LibraryJerichoNY22.320.31.85.01451
$1M-$4.9M***Manlius LibraryManliusNY30.
$1M-$4.9M***Mattituck-Laurel LibraryMattituckNY15.950.60.63.61566
$50K-$99.9K****Lamont Memorial Free LibraryMcgrawNY17.
$5M-$9.9M****Northport Public LibraryNorthportNY16.414.90.84.41237
$5M-$9.9M****Patchogue-Medford LibraryPatchogueNY17.812.50.53.51042
$50K-$99.9K****Philmont Public LibraryPhilmontNY21.518.62.73.01688
$5M-$9.9M*****Plainview-Old Bethpage Public LibraryPlainviewNY16.615.31.85.71644
$1M-$4.9M****Port Jefferson Free LibraryPort JeffersonNY30.529.52.62.31631
$5M-$9.9M*****Port Washington Public LibraryPort WashingtonNY14.614.81.54.01400
$100K-$199.9K*****Pulaski Public LibraryPulaskiNY12.456.61.33.61980
$400K-$999.9K*****Quogue LibraryQuogueNY35.
$200K-$399.9K*****Red Hook Public LibraryRed HookNY39.531.12.63.62034
$10M-$29.9M***Rochester Public LibraryRochesterNY6.
$50K-$99.9K***Schuylerville Public LibrarySchuylervilleNY21.512.91.83.71434
$200K-$399.9K***Sea Cliff Village LibrarySea CliffNY9.818.13.21.41365
$400K-$999.9K****Shelter Island Public Library SocietyShelter IslandNY26.
$5M-$9.9M***Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community LibShirleyNY16.
$100K-$199.9K*****Tivoli Free LibraryTivoliNY24.518.14.76.32123
$1M-$4.9M*****Westhampton Free LibraryWesthampton BeachNY37.431.44.12.42024
$50K-$99.9K****Windham Public LibraryWindhamNY15.620.71.86.41682
$10M-$29.9M****Akron-Summit Cnty Public LibraryAkronOH15.
$200K-$399.9K***Andover Public LibraryAndoverOH28.
$400K-$999.9K***Harbor-Topky Memorial LibraryAshtabula HarborOH41.318.42.53.41632
$100K-$199.9K****Bettsville Public LibraryBettsvilleOH32.819.20.98.51853
$10M-$29.9M***Stark County District LibraryCantonOH14.
$5M-$9.9M****Washington-Centerville Public LibraryCentervilleOH41.614.10.61.41231
$30M+*****Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Pl ofCincinnatiOH21.710.00.52.11270
$30M+****Cleveland Public LibraryClevelandOH17.
$5M-$9.9M*****Cleveland Heights-University Heights PlCleveland Hts.OH31.518.80.65.21533
$30M+*****Columbus Metropolitan LibraryColumbusOH17.
$30M+*****Cuyahoga County Public LibraryCuy. Co.-ParmaOH34.412.10.62.01549
$10M-$29.9M***Dayton Metro LibraryDaytonOH15.
$200K-$399.9K***Fairport Harbor Public LibraryFairport HarborOH28.727.91.02.51452
$1M-$4.9M*****Grandview Heights Public LibraryGrandview Hts.OH108.8105.43.66.24285
$1M-$4.9M*****Hudson Library and Historical SocietyHudsonOH43.938.71.56.02018
$1M-$4.9M****Lakewood Public LibraryLakewoodOH29.
$200K-$399.9K*****Leetonia Community Public LibraryLeetoniaOH13.925.20.465.23715
$200K-$399.9K*****Wagnalls Memorial LibraryLithopolisOH94.
$400K-$999.9K****Loudonville Public LibraryLoudonvilleOH25.717.61.310.01650
$400K-$999.9K***New Carlisle Public LibraryNew CarlisleOH49.313.72.13.31611
$400K-$999.9K***Orrville Public LibraryOrrvilleOH47.712.61.44.61551
$200K-$399.9K***Peninsula Library & Historical SocietyPeninsulaOH29.
$100K-$199.9K****Rock Creek Public LibraryRock CreekOH16.
$1M-$4.9M***Rocky River Public LibraryRocky RiverOH42.
$200K-$399.9K****St. Paris Public LibrarySt. ParisOH18.338.41.53.71632
$30M+***Toledo-Lucas County Public LibraryToledoOH16.
$1M-$4.9M***Twinsburg Public LibraryTwinsburgOH51.613.51.42.81440
$1M-$4.9M****Upper Arlington Public LibraryUpper ArlingtonOH59.829.80.93.01733
$400K-$999.9K****Brumback LibraryVan WertOH29.
$1M-$4.9M*****Westerville Public LibraryWestervilleOH28.114.40.617.82134
$1M-$4.9M*****Wickliffe Public LibraryWickliffeOH39.719.42.77.81991
$5M-$9.9M*****Worthington Public LibraryWorthingtonOH34.322.50.72.71508
$10M-$29.9M***Eugene Public LibraryEugeneOR18.
$50K-$99.9K****Lakeside Public LibraryLakesideOR18.
$100K-$199.9K***Port Orford Public LibraryPort OrfordOR15.715.10.99.41568
$200K-$399.9K****Garden Home Community LibraryPortlandOR40.
$30M+****Multnomah County LibraryPortlandOR32.
$200K-$399.9K***New Cumberland Public LibraryNew CumberlandPA32.318.71.41.61368
$200K-$399.9K***Green Tree Public LibraryPittsburghPA20.
$400K-$999.9K***Sewickley Public LibrarySewickleyPA24.818.33.23.71520
$400K-$999.9K*****Island Free LibraryNew ShorehamRI37.572.56.715.73802
$100K-$199.9K***Beresford Public LibraryBeresfordSD29.921.31.44.01581
$50K-$99.9K*****Centerville Community LibraryCentervilleSD17.
$50K-$99.9K***Freeman Public LibraryFreemanSD19.713.20.37.61395
$10K-$49.9K****Lennox Community LibraryLennoxSD13.
$200K-$399.9K*****Bee Cave Public LibraryBee CaveTX40.422.92.81.91856
$100K-$199.9K****Yoakum County/Cecil Bickley LibraryDenver CityTX5.
$100K-$199.9K*****Haslet Public LibraryHasletTX34.
$100K-$199.9K***Lindale LibraryLindaleTX26.821.91.64.31587
$50K-$99.9K*****Upton County Public LibraryMccameyTX51.826.60.15.12063
$10K-$49.9K*****Tri-Community LibraryPrairie LeaTX8.
$100K-$199.9K*****Claud H Gilmer Memorial LibraryRockspringsTX15.926.05.05.72141
$100K-$199.9K****The Library At Cedar Creek LakeSeven PointsTX13.
$10K-$49.9K****Valley Mills Public LibraryValley MillsTX8.
$10K-$49.9K***Lewiston Public LibraryLewistonUT22.
$400K-$999.9K***Grand County Public LibraryMoabUT16.817.61.211.81619
$50K-$99.9K***Mt. Pleasant Public LibraryMt. PleasantUT24.914.51.81.41377
$10M-$29.9M*****Salt Lake City Public LibrarySalt Lake CityUT20.420.70.43.31406
$30M+***Salt Lake County Library SystemSalt Lake CityUT20.
$10M-$29.9M***Arlington Dept. of LibrariesArlingtonVA15.
$1M-$4.9M****Mary Riley Styles Public LibraryFalls ChurchVA37.424.91.85.51733
$10M-$29.9M***Central Rappahannock Regional LibraryFredericksburgVA32.
$10M-$29.9M****Henrico County Public LibraryHenricoVA16.
$10M-$29.9M***Loudoun County Public LibraryLeesburgVA22.
$5M-$9.9M****Williamsburg Regional LibraryWilliamsburgVA17.
$50K-$99.9K*****Craftsbury PublicCraftsbury CommonVT21.
$10K-$49.9K****Pawlet PublicPawletVT12.919.40.82.61525
$30M+****King County Library SystemIssaquahWA16.
$200K-$399.9K*****Lopez Island Library DistrictLopez IslandWA39.
$1M-$4.9M***Port Townsend Public LibraryPort TownsendWA30.320.31.34.91448
$30M+*****Seattle Public LibrarySeattleWA18.911.00.32.51191
$10K-$49.9K****Lettie W. Jensen Public LibraryAmherstWI19.712.80.92.31491
$5M-$9.9M****La Crosse Public LibraryLa CrosseWI24.714.50.52.91126
$10M-$29.9M****Madison Public LibraryMadisonWI17.
$10K-$49.9K***Muscoda Public LibraryMuscodaWI8.
$10K-$49.9K***North Freedom Public LibraryNorth FreedomWI13.
$10K-$49.9K***Readstown Public LibraryReadstownWI16.
$400K-$999.9K***Kilbourn Public LibraryWisconsin DellsWI17.119.20.810.21489
$10K-$49.9K****Piedmont Public LibraryPiedmontWV6.610.20.38.81480

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  1. Emery Pinter says:

    Georgia, NO Star Libraries?? It seems like the more money that is pumped into the library system the more stars the Library system gets. Example : the Cuyahoga County Public Library in OH 30M+ yet there is no privacy when printing. On average, the free public use computers share one printer for every 5-6 computers and many times one’s personal information is mixed in with others. And on their book holds, the person full last name is exposed for everyone to see what they are reading. In Georgia, at the Gwinnett County Library system, on the other hand, one must use their library card and own PIN to retrieve print copies from copier. And one’s hold are disguised with partial library number and partial last name so at least one is getting the privacy they deserve in a public library.

  2. Peggy Kaczy says:

    Georgia, no 4 or 5 star libraries? Does anyone actually visit the libraries? Or are these standings just based on the number of $$$ pumped into a County Library because all this is a bunch of raspberries!

  3. Emery and Peggy,
    Thanks for writing with your question regarding why there are no 4 or 5 Star Libraries in GA. Several points in response:

    1. The LJ Index is a national rating system, so there is no guarantee of how many–if any–Star Libraries there will be in any given state. As we note in this year’s article, it would be appropriate and might be useful for a library to determine its LJ Index score’s ranking among libraries in its state AND its spending peer group. Note: LJ Index scores are NOT comparable across spending peer groups, as they are based on the average on each statistic for each group. So, it is NEVER appropriate to compare LJ Index scores from different peer groups, even if they are in the same state.

    2. As we note in each annual article as well as in the FAQ, the LJ Index is an index of public library service output only. It is based on four per-capita statistics–circulation, visits, Internet computer use, and program attendance. These data are reported annually by local libraries to their state library agencies and compiled by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. It is not based on any kind of inspection visits to individual libraries–something that would be impossibly time-consuming and expensive–or on any particular policies or practices of public libraries.

    3. LJ Index scores and Star ratings are not based on library funding. However, LJ Index scores are calculated separately for each of 9 ranges of total operating expenditures. This guarantees that there are Star Libraries at all levels of spending from $10k a year up. Again, this basic fact about the LJ Index is reiterated in each annual article.

    4. We have done our best to anticipate frequently asked questions about the LJ Index, and encourage you both–and others with common basic questions about this project–to visit its FAQ page. It can be found at: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/stars-faq/ If, after reading the FAQ, you have questions that aren’t answered there and that you think might be of general interest, please share them.


  4. Juile Elmore says:

    My only question is why the 2010 census numbers were not used. For instance, we are a very small library and our old numbers had a population of 4149, after the 2010 census we are at 3830. 8% population loss really affects our per capita numbers. Yet, when I scroll to our data it still shows our population at 4149. Do you anticipate next year getting the newer census numbers inputted? Hoping next year to rise higher in the ranks!

  5. Not that I am necessarily bitter but I find it a curious that in California, the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library (which won the 2013 National Medal for Museum and Library Services and in keeping with full disclosure, I am the director of said library) and the San Diego County Public Library (which won the 2012 Library Journal “Library of the Year”) are not worthy of being considered “star” libraries in this ranking.

    Perhaps more than funding (or other metrics) should be taken into account when designating “star” libraries?…

    Just sayin’…

    • Libraries receive all kinds of honors based on all kinds of criteria. We wished to ‘take the measure’ of public libraries nationwide, and the only data available with which to do that addresses library resources and services. We didn’t just want to acknowledge libraries with the most money, the largest collections, or the most staff; so, we chose to focus the LJ Index on service outputs. The four that relate to each other sufficiently to belong in a single index are circulation, visits, public Internet computer use, and program attendance. So please understand, Robert, that the LJ Index is only one kind of honor available to your and other libraries, and like any honor, the selection of ‘winners’ is based on particular criteria.

      We always emphasize what LJ is–a measure of the quantity of service output. Period. It’s not a measure of overall service quality. It’s not a measure of outcomes. It’s not a measure of great facilities or laudable policies, practices, or procedures. Mainly, it’s none of those things, because data on them for every public library in the land does not exist. The LJ Index is based on the data libraries report about themselves, and the LJ Index scores and consequent number of Stars, if any, is driven by a ‘blind’ statistical formula.

      The other awards you mention–from IMLS and LJ–have winners who are chosen based on entirely different decision-making processes. In both cases, I believe, libraries are nominated by their internal or external advocates, then selected by a ‘blue ribbon’ panel. The decision-making is extremely qualitative, and involves a tremendous number of inter-related factors involving direct human intervention.

      Considering these differences between the LJ Index and the other awards you mentioned, it’s no surprise at all to me that the same libraries don’t win everything. And, frankly, that’s probably as it should be. Thanks for your comment, which provided an excellent opportunity to point out these very substantial differences between the LJ Index and other awards and honors.

  6. Well, someone has to say it. Remember that this is only as good as the data Available. My understanding is that some libraries are not reporting accurate data to their states. The library systems don’t perform reality checks on their members, either. If one wanted to amass awards and stars it would be easy to game the system. jus sayin.

    • Keith Curry Lance says:

      Lily, you make an excellent point–the data on which the LJ Index and Star Library ratings are based are self-reported by local libraries. That said, it’s easy to overlook the state and federal levels of review of the data, which are pursued quite seriously in most if not all states. If a library reports a figure that is out of line with its peers or the value it reported the previous year, it is flagged at both levels, and the local data reporter is asked to either explain or correct the figure. Ultimately thuough, if a library stands by a dubious figure, it does remain. In the six years of this project, a few questionable figures have resulted in Star ratings, but in every case I’m aware of, the error was corrected by the following year. This points out one of the happy if unintended consequences of such an effort–it shines a spotlight on dubious data and encourages better reporting in the future. It’s when data are not used–when they are hidden from public and peer review–that errors or misrepresentations happen and get perpetuated. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Fran Mentch says:

    How is the circulation of DVDs accounted for?

  8. Hi Fran,
    This is an easy one: circulation is one big number. Doesn’t matter what physical format it is–book, DVD, music CD, whatever.
    Starting next year, notably, there will be a separate count of circulation of electronic materials–for example, e-books, streaming video and audio.
    Hope this helps.

  9. WOW!
    As the director and the only full-time staff of a 3-star library on a remote island in SE Alaska, I can only say WOW! This was a surprise when I got the email via the Alaska State Library. What an honor! What a thrill! It’s so nice that a tiny library (1200 sq feet of collection and public use space and 4 public use computers) could be a star! Many thanks to the assistants who share our 1/2 time position! Many thanks to the Prince of Wales Island community as a whole and the community of Craig in particular! Your library ♥s you back!

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