March 18, 2018

This Week in Libraries: Arjan van den Born (Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University)

Paper is dead, move on! Translating your “Why” to the modern age, Creativity and Culture and how to compete with free. This and much more in this week’s episode of TWIL: your weekly dose of library innovation!

TWIL #104: Arjan van den Born (Professor Creative Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University) from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo.

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Episode 104 was recorded at the wonderful studio of the Amsterdam Public Library. There is quite a buzz going on, as the day we recorded was the start of the Dutch campaign of “Nederland Leest” by the Collective Promotion for the Dutch Book (CPNB), which is an equivalent of the American campaign One Book, One City. This Week we talk to Prof. Dr. Arjan van den Born, who works at Tilburg University as a Professor Creative Entrepreneurship, and who is the author of The Fuzzy Firm, a book on the transformation of organizations from stable hierarchies to fluid networks. Arjan presented in a track organized by the Sector Institute for Public Libraries (SIOB) at the KNVI conference held on November 14 in the Netherlands.

Arjan specializes in the creative industry and has a great interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration, crowds, Indies and new business models. During the show we talk about how his idea of transforming organizations and the changing attitude of employees is relevant to libraries and how libraries can use this to their advantage. We also talk on the need for radical visions and statements such as:” Paper is dead, move on!”, and about translating the “Why?” question to the modern age. How we in a digital world can find a business model and how we have to compete with “free” content.
This and much more in this week’s episode of TWIL: your weekly dose of library innovation!

Enjoy and see you next episode of This Week in Libraries.
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