April 21, 2018

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FCC Takes Another Swing at Net Neutrality While Netflix Agrees To Pay for Faster Streaming

In the wake of a January court ruling that struck down the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) standards for ensuring that Internet traffic is delivered without bias—a standard industry watchers refer to as ‘net neutrality’—the agency has issued a new proposal outlining a new set of rules to ensure Internet users have uncensored access to the full content of the Internet. Some experts, though, don’t think these new rules will be any more enforceable than those overturned earlier this year.

On Extremists | Peer to Peer Review

My last column critiqued a science/religion analogy regarding debates about the future of libraries and scholarly publishing. It seems to be the season for science and religion analogies when discussing scholarly publishing, because this post at Scholarly Kitchen also uses the analogy, sort of. The post argues, rightly in my opinion, that extremists make discussion and cooperation impossible.

EBSCO Rolls Out New Research Starters Feature for EDS

EBSCO has rolled out Research Starters, a new feature for EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) that presents student researchers with short, citable summaries on frequently searched topics. Drawn from sources such as Salem Press, Encyclopedia Britannica, and American National Biography, more than 62,000 of these 500- to 1,500-word summaries are accessible, offering students an authoritative overview of their chosen subject, as well as links to other research starter summaries, or peer reviewed research where they can delve deeper into a topic.

Looking for and Learning from Leadership Stories | Leading from the Library

There are many ways to learn about leadership. One we may overlook is stories of great leaders—and sometimes leaders who faltered. If great leaders are learners, leadership stories have much to offer.

Feedback: Letters to LJ, February 15, 2014 Issue

Letters to the editor from the February 15, 2014 Issue of Library Journal

Michigan: Ann Arbor District Library Partners with Local Music Label to Offer 250+ DRM-Free Downloads and Streams

Cool! Yet another excellent example of a public library helping to promote awareness, discovery, and access to locally created content from a locally a owned business. From MLive.com: The Ann Arbor District Library has partnered with local music label Ghostly International to offer free downloads and streaming of more than 150 Ghostly albums, and more […]

Stepping Up on Usability | Insights and Outcomes

Monroe County Library System (MCLS) and Rochester Public Library (RPL), NY, director Patricia Uttaro credits LJ’s Lead the Change event with turning multiple small projects that had been happening across the district into a more cohesive structure capable of affecting broader change.

Library People News: Hires, Promotions, Retirements, and Obituaries

New Hires, Promotions, Retirements, and Obituaries from the February 15 issue of Library Journal

ASU Students Aim To Turn Used Food Trucks Into Mobile School Libraries

A group of students at Arizona State University (ASU) has proposed a revamp of the traditional bookmobile—one that aims to provide the services of a school library to schools that may not have access to that resource any longer. The design, dubbed Bibliotrucka, aims to take advantage of the proliferation of food trucks in the Phoenix area, recycling out of commission trucks into modular moving libraries that can be customized on a day-to-day basis for students of different learning levels and cultural backgrounds.

Georgia Supreme Court Ruling Reinforces Inmates’ Rights to Access Prison Libraries, Legal Assistance

From the AP (via AJC.com): A Georgia Supreme Court ruling reinforces inmates’ rights to access prison libraries and legal assistance. In an opinion released Monday, the high court says a trial court erred when it barred an inmate from filing a petition to force prison officials to give him access to a law library. Read […]