March 16, 2018

Kyle Denlinger | Movers & Shakers 2014 — Tech Leaders



eLearning Librarian
Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

MA, Information Science & Learning Technologies, University of Missouri, 2012

A 2014 American Library Association Emerging Leader

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Photo ©2014 Michael Pilla

Info Literacy Across the Generations

In his first job out of library school, Wake Forest University (WFU) librarian Kyle Denlinger took point on building WFU’s information literacy MOOC ZSRx: The Cure for the Common Web, which aimed to provide easy answers to common questions about online research. (For more on the MOOC, see “A MOOC of Our Own.”) The massive open online course drew on both Denlinger’s technology and teaching background. After all, it had been a part-time job in the library at the University of Cincinnati, where he received his BA, which derailed him from a career in teaching.

He was hooked on library work from the start, and he carried his love of pedagogy over to his position as eLearning librarian at WFU, where he describes himself as “a teacher first and a technology guy second,” who knows “just enough HTML to be dangerous.”

The course, which was open to students, parents, and alumni, served not only as a classroom but as a community. According to his former supervisor at WFU, 2009 Mover & Shaker Lauren Pressley, “It was so successful that it is an entirely new service for the library. The success came from Kyle’s novel design, his friendly and approachable tone, and the community he built.”

The first MOOC blossomed into a novel suite of programs that includes courses on digital publishing and parents and families. Lynn Sutton, dean of libraries, says, “[In] a university that has not been part of the MOOC movement…the library is leading the parent institution, and Kyle is leading them both.”



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