March 17, 2018

Library Journal and ALISE Partner on Excellence in Teaching Award

The editors of Library Journal and the leadership of ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education) are proud to announce a partnership to create the new LJ/ALISE Excellence in Teaching Award. The new award, sponsored by ProQuest, will be given annually to the top LIS educator of an ALISE-member program or an ALA-accredited master’s program.

The Excellence in Teaching Award highlights the importance of innovation and critical student-centered thinking in the education of the next generation of library and information professionals. This award merges the two teaching awards previously presented by ALISE (ALISE Award for Teaching Excellence in the Field of Library and Information Science Education) and LJ (the LJ Teaching Award), creating a broader platform for sharing the practices, theories, and creativity of the winner. The award winner will be expected to participate in an ALISE presentation, a webinar, and service on the following year’s Award Committee. The winner will be asked to present on cutting edge issues in library education at the ALISE conference as part of the award. The winner will receive a $5,000 prize, a complimentary annual ALISE membership and registration to the ALISE annual conference, and will be recognized at the ALISE annual conference. He or she will also be profiled in the November 15 issue of Library Journal.

The winning candidate will illustrate student-centered thinking in all aspects of teaching; will innovate with curriculum design to integrate new developments in library and information science while infusing teaching with real-life library and information practice; will be a mentor and help students build their careers; will communicate the core principles of the profession; and will be forward thinking in all aspects of the work at hand.

“We at LJ are very excited to partner with ALISE to make a stronger statement about the need for great teaching as we bring along the next generation of library and information science professionals,” said Rebecca T. Miller, Editorial Director of Library Journal. “As past winners of the Teaching Award have illustrated, there is great work going on in the field. By highlighting this work, and sharing it with the profession as a whole, we hope to inspire better teaching and better schools, and ultimately see even stronger and stronger candidates embrace the vibrant work that lies ahead.”

“Excellence in teaching library and information science is central to the mission of ALISE,” said Clara M. Chu, 2014/15 ALISE President. “ALISE is ecstatic to partner with LJ on an award that furthers ‘Teaching Effectiveness for 21st Century learners,’ one of the strategic directions in ALISE’s new strategic plan. The first award will be presented at ALISE’s centennial conference in January 2015 and celebrates a collaboration with the premiere professional library journal.”

The winner will be announced and profiled in the November 15 issue of Library Journal, and celebrated at the ALISE annual conference. Anyone who has taught a course at an ALISE-member program or at an ALA-accredited master’s program since Fall 2013, as full-time faculty or as an adjunct, is eligible.

The deadline for nominations is September 15, 2014; full guidelines are available at: