April 23, 2018

What’s Hot: The Latest in Library Products & Furnishings | Library by Design, Spring 2014



Preserve and shelve
Safely and effectively preserve rare posters, pamphlets, and documents with the Four-Flap Enclosure. Fully protects and securely holds materials without boxing and can be easily shelved. Fits materials up to 1/8″ thick. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Products, 800-526-5640, www.archival.com


For rarities
The Custom Four-Flap Enclosure is the ultimate product for preserving rare books. Each book is wrapped with a four-flap system mounted in a folder that shelves nicely. Multiple scores fit materials ¼”, ½”, ¾”, and 1″ thick. Safe, effective, protective, secure. List Price: $7–$12. Archival Products, 800-526-5640, www.archival.com


Pamphlet preservation
The Spine Wrap Pamphlet Binder offers durability, efficiency, preservation, an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and reversibility. Your pamphlet can be quickly and easily stapled or sewn in to give it utmost protection. The pressure-sensitive adhesive strip applied across the back after the stitching is complete conceals and protects the binding structure, giving a finished look to the bound document. List Price: $4–$12. Archival Products, 800-526-5640, www.archival.com


Keeping scores
The Spine Wrap Music Binder is a complex treatment that meets archival-quality performance standards. Designed for maximum flexibility, it lies flat on a music stand or piano deck for use during performance. It also protects bibliographic information on the first and last pages of the score. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Products, 800-526-5640, www.archival.com


Tougher paperbacks
Easier and quicker to apply and less expensive than the manufacturer’s original Easy Cover®, Easy Cover® II saves time and money by turning paperbacks into hardbacks, greatly extending each book’s circulation life. The rigid front and back covers, made of 15mm clear polyester, and the flexible 2mm wraparound spine prevent damage. The acid-free, nonyellowing permanent adhesive wipes clean. List Price: Depends on size of the cover. Kapco Book Protection, 330-678-1626, www.kapco.com


Book doctor
Repair and reinforce book spines and covers with Easy Bind® II. The 2mm clear, glossy, acid-free, and nonyellowing polyester adhesive has a 3/8″ Peel ’n Place® centering strip and is suitable for hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines, maps, folders, large documents, and more. List Price: Call for price. Kapco Book Protection, 330-678-1626, www.kapco.com


Microfilm retrieval
UTrieve is a software system that allows library patrons and staff to access previously scanned strip film and other microform in its original format via a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Using patented technology that draws from Crowley’s Wicks and Wilson– and its Mekel Technology–manufactured brands, the system allows owners of images scanned from either brand to view, print, save, and send images from the workstation, home, or road. List Price: Call for price. The Crowley Company, 240-215-0224, www.thecrowleycompany.com


That effortless glow
Safe and easy to use, the Heat-Free Laminating Machine (MMMLS1000) laminates without electricity, e.g., no warm-up time, fumes, or mess. Posters, banners, artwork, signs, menus, maps, and other documents up to 1/10″ thick can be laminated in three easy steps: load, turn, and trim. The machine is compatible with inkjet, thermal, and other sensitive papers and can laminate both sides or apply permanent adhesive for signs or labels. Laminating cartridges included (also sold separately). List Price: $6.25. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com



Hands-off sorting
D-Tech Automated Material Handling Systems are custom designed to suit individual libraries’ throughput requirements and space constraints. From single inputs to multiple inputs, the systems are designed for reliability as well as quiet operation. List Price: $29,995 and up. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846, www.d-techinternational.com


High-tech storage
The Automated Library System uses an automated storage and retrieval system along with an integrated software control system to provide high-density, fully automated media storage. To preserve library collections, the system operates in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment free of dust and other contaminates. List Price: Depends on number of books stored. Muratec, 704-394-6900, www.muratec-usa.com


Ergonomic handling
The Smart Trolley is designed to improve library staff ergonomics, workflow, and the materials handling process. Intended for use in conjunction with the P.V.Supa Libretto Material Handling System, it can also be used as a stand-alone product, enabling convenient browsing by patrons. Easy to maneuver, with a height-adjustable handlebar and large lockable rubber castors. List Price: Call for price. P.V.Supa Inc., 866-990-7872, www.pv-supa.com



Media security
With the smartdispenser™ 200, users browse empty cases on the shelf while library CDs, DVDs, video games, and Blu-ray discs remain safe inside the jukebox-style media vault towers. The equipment can be configured with up to eight towers holding 500 discs apiece and can act as either a self-checkout station or a central dispensing station after users check out elsewhere. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127, www.bibliotheca.com


Device dispensary
The Laptop/Tablet Combo Dispensing Kiosk System can be outfitted with iPads, iPad Minis, Google Nexus 7 tablets, and/or Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple laptops to meet automated facility checkout needs. Four basic cabinet styles enable six, 12, 18, 24, or 30 bays per system. Facilities must specify laptop or tablet model at time of ordering. For a one-time NRE (nonrecurring engineering) fee, LaptopsAnytime will design around new devices. List Price: $13,950 and up. LaptopsAnytime, 877-836-3727, laptopsanytime.com


Laptops on demand
Automated Laptop Dispensing Kiosks save space and unburden staff by dispensing laptops to patrons. Facilities can combine two cabinets that are either 24″ or 30″ wide to make up kiosks with either six, 12, 18, 24, or 30 bays. List Price: $13,950 and up. LaptopsAnytime, 877-836-3727, laptopsanytime.com


Tablets to go
These Automated Tablet Dispensing Kiosks provide on-demand patron access to tablets, as well as automatic charging and smart wipes for iPads, iPad Minis, Google Nexus 7 tablets, and Windows tablets. Tablets can be mixed and matched or dispensed in combination with Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple laptops in the same kiosk system. The system can be configured to hold six, 12, 18, 24, or 30 bays. List Price: $13,950 and up. LaptopsAnytime, 877-836-3727, laptopsanytime.com


Speedy checkout
The smartstock™ 300 helps libraries manage queues during busy times, resulting in greater efficiency and an enhanced patron experience. Using the small, handheld device, library staff can check items in and out as well as set security from anywhere in the library or mobile library. Based on Apple and iOS technology, the device offers familiarity and ease of use and also works alongside an existing ILS (integrated library system). List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127, www.bibliotheca.com


Disc efficiency
LAT-Stena™,designed to reduce the burden of dispensing CDs/DVDs to patrons from behind the circulation counter, stores a large volume of discs. It allows staff to retrieve any item in seconds, speeding service and eliminating repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). The multiple interconnected PODs minimize physical space requirements and provide item tracking and security. The system is expandable, works with existing circulation desk computers and scanners, and doesn’t require SIP (session initiation protocol) to operate. Multiple circulation stations can access the system simultaneously. Various advanced loading/unloading functions, including full reporting, are included. List Price: $899. LAT, 856-566-4121, www.latcorp.com


Safe return
American Book Returns are stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee of friendly service. The exterior models come in three sizes and include a rolling, depressible cart and optional double-drop chute. The interior models come in a range of colors and have real granite tops. The manufacturer also offers a unique line of media returns that protect libraries’ valuable holdings. List Price: $1,989. American Book Returns, 800-538-7898, www.bookdrops.com


Tag, you’re it
D-Tech’s RFID Label Dispenser is easy to use and economical to own. It presents one label at a time and is operated manually; no electricity required. List Price: $129. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846, www.d-techinternational.com



Let there be lights
LucaLight’s L4 Stack Light incorporates the latest occupancy and daylight sensors for increased efficiency for even the most stringent of energy codes. LucaLight is specified by architects and engineers for integrated solid-state (LED) stack lighting in public and academic libraries that need glare-free, even illumination for new and retrofit projects. List Price: Call for price. LucaLight, 888-582-2544, www.lucalight.com

ljx140502weblbdwhCase[werks]LLC SpectaKD

Elegant display
Specta*KD is an archival-quality display case ideal for special collections, book displays, and historical exhibits. Easy to deploy, the case includes high-quality locks, protective glazing, and LED lighting. The modular units can be combined for a customized display. Elegant back-painted glass detailing provides a seamless viewing surface, top to bottom, while concealing locks and hinges. Available in a wide range of colors. List Price: Varies. Case[werks], LLC, 410-332-4160, www.casewerks.com/libraries


Attractive presentation
These Edge Nesting Tables can be used on their own or in a group to display a library’s newest, hottest collection. The tables’ sleek aesthetic makes them attractive yet unobtrusive. Tabletops are 1½”-thick and sit on a 16-gauge steel frame. The tables can be nested and arranged in various configurations depending on a library’s needs. List Price: $239.99–$439.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com

Learn and play


Play house
New House Wall Panels incorporate large interactive components including one called “How Many Books,” which encourages children and families to read on the spot. Shown are three of a dozen different house wall panel designs that can be configured into a neighborhood or even a backdrop for a mini–library play. Available in custom colors, with custom content, and in multiple languages. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941, www.burgeongroup.com


The wheels on the bus…
Children can sing, drive, and wipe water off the windshield with Wipers on the Bus Panel. Linked to every ECRR (Every Child Ready To Read) practice (singing, writing, reading, talking, playing), this panel incorporates many literary references. Rule number one? No pigeon drivers! Children can practice their prewriting skills by drawing their destination on an accompanying coloring sheet. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941, www.burgeongroup.com


Fun with walls
HABA Wonder Walls provide absorbing activities for children in a playful, welcoming environment. Build the perfect scene in your children’s area. All items are made of durable Baltic birch. List Price: Approximately $700 per unit. Gressco, Ltd., 800-345-3480, www.gressco.com

ljx140502weblbdwhTMC FurnitureTMCTractor

Tractor transports
Add dimension to a child’s world and allow children to create their own stories with interactive elements like the TMC Tractor, which will take a child on untold adventures. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


World of play
Children can create their own worlds—or the library can transform their world into a special place for play, with items such as a puppet stage, a post office, and, as pictured here, a Potting Shed. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


Learning Activity Panels are the newest addition to TMC’s early literacy initiative. Promote conversation with panels that teach new concepts and add a tactile learning experience. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


Voyage of discovery
With over 100 interactive elements and components linked to preliteracy and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills, the freestanding Galleon Ship is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)–accessible and ready for play. A turn of the helm makes the pennants stream in the wind. The sails feature alphabet nautical references that glint in the sun. The water is filled with rare words, nursery rhymes, sand, shells, and an occasional fish, too. Peek in the ship’s hold for treasure maps and buried treasure. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941, www.burgeongroup.com

ljx140502weblbdwhBurgeon Group Flower Wall Panels

Nurture via nature
This Flower Wall Panel custom entry feature at San Carlos Library of San Mateo County, CA, makes use of an existing empty display case. Children can turn the flower to make gears move and form words. They can also name colors and watch a seeds grow into an orange tree. Other interactive elements feature a plethora of rare words and mirrored leaves. Real bugs, butterflies, and flowers are found throughout the installation in cast-resin sculptures. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941, www.burgeongroup.com


Deep-sea reading
The W Is for Water and Wave Nook provides play and seating on either side of the nook to create a literacy play space. The translucent W sparkles like water and catches the light and shadow of children playing on either side. Originally custom-designed for Toronto Public Library, the nook is now available as a standard design. Available in custom colors and languages and with over 50 interactive elements from which to select. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941, www.burgeongroup.com


Kiddie corners
A Brodart exclusive, BookSpace makes libraries and reading corners more exciting and child-centered with seating, play, and display features for interactive settings. These reading environments have been created based on research showing that displaying books and shelving in positive and imaginative ways helps engage young readers and motivates them to read independently. A range of shelving is available, mixing modular stacks with visually appealing environments to capture children’s imaginations. List Price: Visit website. Brodart Co., 888-521-1884, www.brodartfurniture.com

ljx140502weblbdwh3branch Kids find Discovery

Treasure chest
Discovery™ offers kids a refreshing twist on playtime. With many activity themes available and built-in modularity, the activity table presents plenty of interactive play and creative learning opportunities. Featuring many configuration options, reversible tops for multiple activities per table, quality Baltic birch construction, and large lockable storage drawers. Tabletop surface options include LEGO®, TinkerToy®, train track, and smooth surface. View configurations and more features online. List Price: Call for price. 3branch, 877-899-9902, www.3branch.com

Maker space


Printed matter The Cubex 3D Printer allows patrons to bring ideas to life with professional-grade 3-D printing. After a file is transferred to the printer, integrated software converts it to a 3-D model. The printer builds the object by adding layer upon layer of plastic. Consider purchasing for the tinkerers and creators in your community, especially if you’re planning to add or have already added a robust Maker space. List Price: Call for price. Gaylord, Inc., 800-448-6160, www.gaylord.com


Add iPad, say “Cheese!”
Turn your iPad into a document camera with the Copernicus Dewey iPad Document Camera Stand. Suitable for Maker spaces, teacher demonstrations, work sharing, stop-motion video production, and more, this institutional-quality stand operates via the iPad two- or three-camera feature to provide users with the same basic functionality of traditional document cameras at a fraction of the cost. Stand height adjusts from 13″ to 21″ with a 90° rotating mount that swivels and tilts for maximum viewing range. List Price: $89.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com



Market your library
Promote events, communicate news, feature latest acquisitions, and engage your patrons directly through their smartphones with easy-to-use qAdverts platforms. There are no sophisticated logins or accounts to set up, and nothing to download. Libraries can change their usage anytime; the platform is hugely flexible. List Price: $29/mo. LAT, 856-566-4121, www.latcorp.com


Be a champion for reading
Wandoo Planet Champion Program is a free, online reader engagement program in which participants identify interests and grow interest trees that “bud” with relevant, kid-friendly content. Evanced Solutions is seeking librarian “Champions” to try the program with patrons ages six to 14; participating librarians will receive kits containing posters, handouts, and giveaways to encourage 40 youngsters to try the program and learn to love reading. Champions provide feedback about patron experiences. When the milestone is met, they receive a thank-you gift. List Price: Free. Evanced Solutions, 888-519-5770, www.wandooplanet.info



The ST ViewScan II Microfilm Scanner enhances the use of microfilm, making microfilm research faster and more flexible than ever before. Users can load, browse, and scan film quickly and easily. They can annotate scanned images and combine multiple clips into one page with free premium software. Libraries can fulfill interlibrary loans (ILL) fast using OCLC ILLiad and Odyssey software or sharing on email, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The machine creates ideal conditions for scanning film using the purest white LED light and optically clear glass. List Price: $9,950. ST Imaging, 847-501-3344, www.stimaging.com

39_25w ebanner template

Easy scan
The ST600 K Book Scanner allows easy and direct scanning of books, newspapers, magazines, and documents without cutting or damaging them. Users quickly create crisp, full-color images at a fraction of the cost of other kiosk-type overhead scanners. They can print to any network printer or share via OCLC, USB, email, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Includes scanner, secure scanner base, and tablet touch screen PC. List Price: Introductory price of $4,995. ST Imaging, 847-501-3344, www.stimaging.com


Digitize your collection
The BC100 Book Capture System is a dual-camera system featuring rates of capture up to 30 times those of other book scanners. Its 100° antireflective glass platen enables the digitization of books with bindings up to six inches and pages larger than 17″ x 24.” The system can shoot bound and unbound materials including newspapers, loose manuscripts, photographs, drawings, and more. Its digital camera heads meet preservation-grade imaging standards including the FADGI (Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative) four-star and METAMORFOZE-Strict guidelines. List Price: $62,990 and up. Digital Transitions, 212-529-6825, www.dtdch.com


High fidelity
The DT Film Scanning Kit works with the finest capture technology to provide preservation-grade image quality both simply and efficiently. Designed to achieve the fastest throughput while complying with the highest quality standards, this system boasts an image capture every two seconds, over 240 times faster than flatbed or drum scanners. This system incorporates a cooled transilluminator to digitize all types of photographic plates as well as negative and positive film from 35mm up to 11″ x 17″ and includes all the necessary film pattern holders. List Price: $13,990. Digital Transitions, 212-529-6825, www.dtdch.com


Rapid capture
The DT RGC180 Capture Cradle achieves preservation-grade reproductions at the fastest rate of capture while providing reliability, ease of use, and safety of the original materials. It features two height-adjusting platforms raised and lowered by dual pneumatic cylinders and a 180° antireflective glass platen that enables the digitization of books up to 25″ x 35″ with bindings up to four inches. This is the optimum digitization solution for the rapid capture of rare books, manuscripts, and loose-document collections; it is also well suited for magazines, folios, maps, and newspapers. List Price: $46,990. Digital Transitions, 212-529-6825, www.dtdch.com



Pull up a chair
Evette Oasis Lounge Seating is a great addition to any children’s area. Chairs can be configured in a pinwheel style or, using ganging brackets, paired up back-to-back, side-to-side, or back-to-side. Chairs feature comfortable seats and high backs for privacy. Available in a wide selection of colors and fabrics; also available in adult sizes (Eve Oasis Lounge). List Price: $939.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com

sp2003 006

Help kids express their emotions or simply have a little fun with their seat cushions with Kalokids Emotions Floor Cushions. There are two variety packs; each contains a range of expressions (e.g., happy, sleepy, sad, sick, angry, amazed, etc.). Cushions are double-sided and can be easily wiped clean. List Price: $129.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com


Bold and bright
Fresh Coast Beach Stones come in four different shapes and four seat heights: 12″, 14″, 16″, and 24″. Available in a handful of bold colors, these give a playful, whimsical touch to any children’s room. The fully upholstered seats are also available with a wood back. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561, www.DEMCOinteriors.com


Sculptural seating
Scaled for one but cozy for two, Leland Pluto Benches preserve personal space in public seating environments. The sculptural elliptical forms are attractive from all angles and create intriguing arrangements when grouped. Each bench can be tailored in one, two, or three different fabrics. Benches can be anchored to the floor, if desired. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO Interiors, 800-747-7561, www.DEMCOinteriors.com


Seating with a twist
Segis Highway Benches are a modular system of narrow and wide ribbons of upholstered seating that undulate to form seats and armrests with large central curved lines. The distinctive play of shapes makes a visual, artistic impact. The collection’s single and modular elements include benches, sofas, and tables. List Price: Call for price. Gaylord, Inc., 800-448-6160, www.gaylord.com


Conversation piece
Give teens something to talk (or text) about with the Offi Molded Stacking Chair. These durable, recyclable, easy-to-clean chairs are virtually indestructible, and, when teens aren’t swarming to sit in them, they are stackable. List Price: $99.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com


Form meets function
The Pacific Chair, inspired by both traditional Japanese forms and modern Western lines, is an elegantly simple, exceptionally durable piece well suited to continuous use and versatile enough to enhance the design of any environment without clamoring for the spotlight. The chair is available in a wide variety of fine hardwoods, in any of several finishes, and with either an upholstered or an unupholstered seat. List Price: $500–$800. Thos. Moser, 717-693-3442, www.mosercontract.com/node/920


Mod style
The Zuo Umea Arm Chair combines modern European design with American elements including a soft, wool-like fabric and vibrant color offerings. The chrome base swivels and is height adjustable. List Price: $229.49. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com


The Zuo Lund Arm Chair enhances modern European design with American details such as a soft, wool-like fabric in bright hues. The comfortable chair invites patrons to linger in the library, and the chrome base swivels 360° to satisfy those who can’t sit still. List Price: $305.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com


Distinctive stitchery
AGATI’s distinctive Fan Chair boasts an elegant shell-shaped seat featuring precise stitching. This modern armchair is ideally suited to open spaces, conference rooms, receptions, and offices. The shell is constructed with high-quality cold-melded foam technology and supported by a sleek chrome disc base with a self-centering cylinder. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics, with contrasting stitching. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977, www.agati.com


Ciao bella
The welcoming design of AGATI’s Sorriso Chair is conveyed by its name, which means “smile” in Italian. The comfortable oval-shaped shell seat is supported by a sleek, four-legged chrome base. This is a stylish yet practical seating solution ideal for open spaces and conference areas. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977, www.agati.com

ljx140502weblbdwhAGATI FurnitureGeeModCasters

Seating your way
AGATI’s Gee Modular on Casters is a modular lounge chair that can grow in an instant, providing endless solutions for both individuals and groups. The basic design is a lounge chair on steel legs. Use as an armless or armchair, add privacy side and/or back panels, or pair with an occasional table. Additional options include tablet arms and casters for mobility. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977, www.agati.com


Lake effect
The bold and striking Lake Lounge is a comfortable but firm seating option. Pair it with other TMC products to create a versatile seating environment. Available in two sizes. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


The Whistler Ottoman can stand on its own as a stylish, comfortable seating option or be combined with other products, such as the Lake Laptop Table, to create a seating environment that can be re-arranged at a moment’s notice. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


Sitting pretty
The Eisenhower Chair’s ergonomically designed curved wood shell is not only comfortable and functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Shown here in laminate shell; also available in walnut and ash. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


Make a splash
These Puddle Stools, which come in four shapes as well as varying sizes and heights, are intended for group common spaces and lounge areas. Available in solid or two-tone fabric. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com



CD lockbox
These heavy-duty Poly One-Time™ Audiobooks-on-CD Security Cases are drop-box friendly and have an easy-to-see lock status (red is locked, green is unlocked). Slide case through magnetic detacher to lock and unlock. Case is RFID (radio-frequency identification)–compatible. It features a full wraparound clear outer vinyl sleeve, open at the top, unsealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. Available in 16- or 32-piece capacity; pages sold separately. List Price: $6.25. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com


Blu-ray guard
The Blu-Ray One-Time™ Reusable Poly Security Case has an easy-to-see lock status (red is locked, green is unlocked). Slide case through magnetic detacher to lock and unlock. Case is RFID-compatible. It features a full wraparound clear outer vinyl sleeve, open at the top, unsealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. An insert is also available to create a double Blu-ray security case. List Price: $1.49. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com


Sleek security
D-Tech’s Security Gates are available in various designs and technologies, from radio frequency (for Checkpoint-tagged collections) to RFID (for any RFID-tagged collection meeting the specifications as set forth by NISO (National Information Standards Organization) for RFID in U.S. libraries). Reliable, stylish, and reasonably priced. List Price: $1,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846,



Laptop hot spot
Replace outdated and expensive PC-booking stations while increasing library space and patron collaboration with D-Tech’s computeIT, a modular self-service lending kiosk for public laptop computers, iPads, and any other device that needs charging. It has an easy-to-operate graphical user interface and holds up to 96 devices. Available in over 100 colors. List Price: Call for price. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846, www.d-techinternational.com


Affordable outreach
D-Tech’s LendIT is a self-service library-material vending system that can also be used for holds. Available in capacities from 200 to 1,000 items, the system provides outreach at an economical price. Materials don’t require special cases, and items can be circulated when returned. Can be customized with graphics and used indoors or outdoors. List Price: Call for price. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846, www.d-techinternational.com


Help yourself
D-Tech’s serveIT is a stand-alone kiosk that allows patrons to check out materials using both RFID and barcodes. Configurations include integrated coin and bill acceptors as well as credit card terminals for paying fines and fees. Works with all ILS systems; available in a variety of colors. List Price: Starting at $4,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846, www.d-techinternational.com

ljx140502weblbdwhBibliotheca smartserve1000

Bibliotheca’s newest customizable self-service kiosk, the smartserve™ 1000, integrates features such as a 22″ portrait screen and a light-based user guidance system to take patrons fluidly through the self-service process. Optional extras include integrated return bins, media case unlockers, and all forms of payment acceptance, including NFC (near field communication). Available as a stand-alone, height-adjustable, or desktop unit using either RFID or hybrid RFID/EM (electromagnetic) technology. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127, www.bibliotheca.com


Many happy returns
Designed for quick and easy return transactions, the smartblade™ 210 is an intelligent return shelving system that works in conjunction with Bibliotheca’s smartserve™ 410, usable by multiple patrons simultaneously. Items are simply placed on the shelf while integrated RFID antennas read the items, then automatically check the items in and set security. Once checked in, items are removed from the user’s account and put back into library circulation, ready to be borrowed again. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127, www.bibliotheca.com


Compact but powerful
The LAT-Leap is a portable, ultra-low-cost, self-contained self-checkout system that addresses space needs while providing state-of-the-art technology. With a factory hardened 22″ SAW (surface acoustic wave) touch screen, the fully enclosed system can be placed on a counter or even hung on a wall. Wireless networking is built in. Fully supports all Front-Gate security systems, including EM or RFID. A high-speed, multidimensional scanner scans barcodes in any direction. Users are guided through the checkout process via on-screen animations and multilingual voice prompts. LAT-Central Enterprise Management software is included with all systems. Numerous options, upgrades, and configurations are available. List Price: $5,999. LAT, 856-566-4121, www.latcorp.com


Multipurpose unit
The LAT-Cube is a complete media-protection and patron self-service unit in one compact, low-cost device. It’s the only system of its kind that stores raw CDs/DVDs and dispenses them to authenticated patrons. There is no need to purchase security cases, tags, strips, or lockboxes, or to hide the materials behind the counter. The unit functions as a full-featured self-checkout system for all other library items as well. Fully ADA-compliant, it has high capacity, a six-second retrieval time, and a 25% lower cost than previous models. Sign up for free webinars to see it live. List Price: $13,999. LAT, 856-566-4121, www.latcorp.com


Footloose and clutter-free
The TouchPac™ Full-Touch Search Station is a self-service device designed to free library desk spaces from the clutter of mouse and keyboard wires. The web-configured, locked-down browser allows patrons to access only preselected and authorized catalogs, services, and web pages. With a custom mounting bracket and a 19″ zero-bezel, dual-touch LCD monitor, the station is perfect for mounting on end aisles and walls throughout the library. List Price: Call for price. RTI, 847-677-3000, www.rtico.com


Easy ebooks
The e-Book Distributor takes the hassle out of lending, downloading, and checking in ebooks and recharging and cleaning the devices. It allows simple browsing by genre, title, or author via a large touch screen interface. Selected titles are easily uploaded onto library-owned ereaders, which are provided with the purchase. The machine houses up to 96 readers. It displays real-time ebook and ereader lending statistics and is integrated into the ILS. List Price: Call for price. RTI, 847-677-3000, www.rtico.com


ljx140502weblbdwh3branch magstak

Merch display
The mag | stak™ is a modular merchandising system on a spinning base for easy browsing of many collection types. The magazine module, shown here, is perfect for displaying children’s or teen magazines. Make a dedicated magazine area with mag | stak™ tower displays loaded with magazine modules, or feature four magazines in the handy counter display (pictured). The system delivers better merchandising by showcasing your collections in clear, adjustable stacking modules. Start with what you need, then add modules as your collection grows. Comes in a counter display or single, double, or quad tower displays. List Price: Call for price. 3branch, 877-899-9902, www.3branch.com


Better browsing
The mag | browz™ instantly converts any flat shelf into a browsing shelf capable of displaying picture books, children’s board books, CDs, DVDs, and more. Simply place on existing flat shelving and add materials. The large and small bins now feature 50% thicker acrylic for added strength. New open sides on the large bin accommodate any size book. Built-in support treads keep materials upright and stout. Items can be faced out for “flip-style” browsing. Sizes come in large bin, small bin, large tray, and small tray. List Price: Call for price. 3branch, 877-899-9902, www.3branch.com


Curvaceous and capacious
LBS Curves is part of Library Bureau Steel’s Thinline Series of steel shelving. This modular product concept allows many unique and functional designs involving complex concave and convex curves. It also enables the creation of separate spaces for specific purposes such as reading or children’s patronage while allowing integration with classical straight shelving design. The Thinline design improves book density, maximizing space use. List Price: Call for price. Library Bureau Steel, 856-696-5700, www.librarybureausteel.com


Books in circulation
The circular 24″ diameter design of the DEMCO Tower Feature Display makes it easy to pair displays with lounge seating to create spaces for the discovery and exploration of the hidden gems of your collection. An array of options includes sloped display pockets in 16-gauge silver powder-coated paint finish and tabletop surfaces. Feature multiple units in a space, combining styles and heights ranging from 32″ to 46″. Available as stationary units with silver steel legs or mobile units with three-inch diameter locking casters. List Price: $1,449.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com


Cube culture
The DEMCO Cube Feature Display combines popular sloped shelves for merchandising with standard flat shelves for capacity, making this a great way to organize your popular and new collections. A rich finish is achieved by combining two wood tones, along with silver accents in the toe kick and vinyl words, with a matching PVC edge band. The 42″ square top provides additional display space, while the four sides feature sloping display or standard flat adjustable shelves. List Price: $1,649.99. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com

SpacePlanner p3

Innovative interiors
Brodart offers a dynamic new approach to planning library spaces with its exclusive SpacePlanner designs. The concept can be employed to influence patron behaviors by providing organic shelving shapes and colors to maximize patrons’ library experience. The unlimited range of configurations enables designers to give each client an individual solution to match the client’s building style, collection size, and target groups. Design layout consultation is available. List Price: Visit website. Brodart Co., 888-521-1884, www.brodartfurniture.com



Shelving ingenuity
Shelfwiz is a unique shelf-labeling method for books. Unlike traditional label holders that hang off shelves and obscure merchandise or restrict access, these sturdy aluminum and Plexiglas devices hold and protect paper shelftalkers and flip up and down for easy access to merchandise. Recommending a book or labeling a section is simple using the online templates and perforated sheets. Label holders clip tightly to shelves but are easily movable. Designed to fit ½”, ¾”, or 1″ shelves, with a choice of four different models. List Price: $55–$65 per dozen, depending on model. Shelfwiz, 415 652-1185, www.shelfwiz.com


Custom signage
The LG EzSign TV is a cost-effective way to create your own digital messaging while showing live TV programming on a full 1080p LCD HDTV. It uses your PC and free software, so there is no need to buy a media player or special equipment. Signage content is easily customized; just choose a template, upload images, type in your message, and voila! List Price: Call for price. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com



CD vault
This sturdy high-capacity Four-Drawer CD File Cabinet (IDEVZ01049) holds up to 600 CDs. Key-lock drawers provide secure storage. Each drawer has three compartments and accommodates Vaultz® CD folders, slim cases, or full-size jewel cases. List Price: $156.74. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com


Course storage
The Heavy-Duty Vinyl Ring-Binder Album (ZD20T) is the perfect storage solution for the Great Courses® sets from the Teaching Company. It holds up to 20 audiobooks on CD and features metal rings, a self-locking dust lid, and a full wraparound clear vinyl sleeve that is open at the top, sealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. Albums can hold a small booklet (size depends on quantity of discs). Pages sold separately. List Price: $12.67. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com


DVD stash
The DVD Slim Poly Case (ZSDVD6), a Showcases exclusive, can hold up to six DVDs (or audiobooks on CD). Three double frosty-vinyl and cloth interior sleeves are included. The case has the same dimensions as a single DVD holder and will fit into security cases. Features a full wraparound clear outer vinyl sleeve, open at the top, not sealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. The inside cover holds a small booklet securely under clips. List Price: $2.97. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com


Audiobook armory
The Premium Extra Heavy-Duty Poly Ring-Binder Album (ZPGCDR12) is an audiobook-on-CD album made from recycled plastic with metal rings and a push-button locking closure. The most durable poly case on the market will hold up in extreme temperatures and will not crush or crack. Features full wraparound clear vinyl sleeve, open at the top and tacked at the bottom. Available in a 12- or 24-disc capacity; pages sold separately. List Price: $6.20. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com


A cart apart
A storage solution for industrial and commercial use, the Three-Tier Wire Rolling Cart (ALESW342416BA) features an easily assembled snap-together design. The welded wire construction provides strength and stability, while the open design allows air circulation and reduces dust buildup. The surface finish prevents corrosion. List Price: $89.40. Showcases, 800-240-1850, www.showcases1.com



A table for all occasions
The Lake Drum Occasional Table is a handsome table with functionality. It is sturdy yet lightweight and can be easily moved as the need arises. Pictured in walnut; other wood veneers and laminate are also available. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


Sturdy and chic
Designed for modern environments that demand flexible configurations, the Teraine Table is sleek and modern, presenting a clean aesthetic while providing sturdy support. It allows a 96″ span without intermediate leg support. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080, www.tmcfurniture.com


Easy storage
AGATI’s Flip-Top Table offers a convenient way to work without taking up space. Featuring a Flip-n-Fold™ mechanism that allows users either to flip the tabletop up or fold the legs down, training tables are easily stored or nested. Available on casters and in a variety of finishes and top options. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312- 829-1977, www.agati.com


Telecommunication station
The Elements Media Station pairs technology with AGATI’s Hampton Seating, while never compromising the quality standards of AGATI furniture. Users effortlessly connect with those near and far, with available switching technology, while sitting supported and comfortable. Add multiple user data options or a touch screen for unlimited collaboration. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312- 829-1977, www.agati.com


True as steel
AGATI’s contemporary Metal Base Table—T-Base is supported by a high-quality steel base, for a table that is one part signature AGATI tabletop, one part sturdy, sleek base. Add an AGATI chair and watch your room transform. Choose from a variety of finish and top options including wood veneer, laminate, and Meganite solid surface. Available in standard and café heights. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312- 829-1977, www.agati.com

ljx140502weblbdwh3branch Skware Table

Deceptively simple
Aesthetically striking and highly practical, the Skware™ Table offers many great features with a timeless look suitable for any space. Standard tabletops are available in quartz, wood, bamboo, Corian, powder-coated MDF, and laminate. Stainless steel table frames are standard and available in many sizes. Table frames in a painted finish are also available in several colors. Optional features include surface-mounted power/USB hub, glass privacy dividers, modesty panels, and a wire-management system built into the leg. List Price: Call for Price. 3branch, 877-899-9902, www.3branch.com

ljx140502weblbdwhAGATI FurnitureMetalBaseTables

Go round
AGATI’s contemporary Metal Base Table–Disc Base is supported by a high-quality steel table base, for a table that is one part signature AGATI table top, one part sturdy, sleek base. Add an AGATI chair for a variety of looks and environments. Choose from a number of finish and top options including wood veneer, laminate, and Meganite solid surface. Available in standard and café heights. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977, www.agati.com

Tech tools


Interactive discovery
The TouchIT Fusion Interactive Touch Screen is geared for collaborative learning and brainstorming and for use as interactive wayfinding and signage, giving patrons the power to explore a library and its upcoming events at their own pace. The touch screen’s height and tilt are electrically adjustable, and it has an integrated PC. List Price: Call for price. DEMCO, Inc., 800-356-1200, www.DEMCO.com


Computing solutions
Userful Desktop™ delivers locked-down computers with desktops designed for a wide range of patrons. It includes fully integrated add-ons such as time and print management, reservations, print cost recovery, and kids’ and catalog stations. Offers libraries significant savings on hardware, software, and IT management costs, compared to the traditional model of one computer per patron. List Price: Call for price. Userful, 800-429-7590, www.userful.com


OPAC upgrade
For use as an “end-of-isle” touch screen system, a stand-alone kiosk, or software only, the LAT-Opac™ System is designed to turn bulky, underused OPAC stations into zero-footprint, multifunctional workstations. With LAT-QuickKeys™ software (included), libraries can enable digital signage, web access, reservation systems, and more. Fully customizable and expandable. List Price: Call for price. LAT, 856-566-4121, www.latcorp.com


Central booking
Libraries often entice patrons by promoting themselves as community meeting spaces. Spaces is a web-based room management program that allows the public to see what rooms and spaces are available and submit online requests to use them. Libraries maintain control of the rooms while avoiding excess paperwork and any possibility of double-booking. List Price: Call for price. Evanced Solutions, 888-519-5770, www.evancedsolutions.com

ljx140502weblbdwhStackMapLLC RealTimeCompAvail

Know where to go
Real-Time Computer Availability Mapping provides a digital map of the computers in your library that will update, in real time, indicating to patrons which computers are and are not available at a given moment. List Price: $20 per computer per year. StackMap LLC, 650-701-7275, www.stackmap.com


Where it’s at
StackMap is a web-based software solution that provides patrons with a map and written directions to items that they are looking for; the mapping function is integrated directly into the library’s online catalog. List Price: Varies by library size. StackMap LLC, 650-701-7275, www.stackmap.com


SIP share
Save money on SIP (session initiation protocol) licenses with LAT-SipRouter™, a unique system designed to allow multiple devices to connect simultaneously to a single SIP port. Up to 16 devices can share the same SIP port without interference. LAT-SipRouter™ works on the outside of physical devices so no change is needed on self-check or other SIP-based devices; simply point to the LAT-SipRouter™, and it does the rest. Expandable to up to 255 devices. Full setup and configuration control via browser. List Price: $899. LAT, 856-566-4121, www.latcorp.com

Kate DiGirolomo is Editorial Assistant, LJ. Anne Horowitz is a freelance writer living in New York City

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