February 18, 2018

Data, Assessment, and Participatory Design: Rethinking Information Literacy, Spaces, and Services in Two Academic Libraries


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Event Date & Time: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

RegisterThe Claremont Colleges Library has developed a range of approaches to holistically evaluating information literacy (IL) learning and perceptions among students and faculty, as well as strategically identifying the best points of IL intervention across the complex curriculum of the seven Claremont Colleges. Char Booth and Sarah Lowe consider approaches to applying teaching and learning-related data to improve pedagogy, enhance program effectiveness, and compellingly demonstrate the impact of librarian collaboration on student performance.

UCLA Library’s Inquiry Labs leveraged library public service statistics, data from campus partners, and participatory design to develop new spaces and services.  Kelly Miller and Doug Worsham suggest strategies and provide tips to encourage a culture of engagement and continual improvement.


Char Booth – Director of Research, Teaching, and Learning Services, The Claremont Colleges Library

Sara Lowe – Assessment Librarian, The Claremont Colleges Library

Kelly Miller – Director of Teaching and Learning Services and Head of Powell Library

Doug Worsham – Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator at UCLA Library


Bonnie Tijerina – Fellow, Data & Society Research Institute


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  1. The slide deck in the archived presentation from Claremont & UCLA is from a completely different presentation – eBook Usage on a Global Scale. I’m hoping you can fix this asap as the presentation isn’t very helpful as it is now.

  2. Alan Cockerill says:

    Hey – the video stops half way through the first presentation (audio continues though) just letting you know in case it’s fixable.