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Product Sourcebook | Library by Design, Spring 2015

Lake Collection (top l.) Arcadia Spot (top r.) MOSS | 3 Collection (middle l.) Cellular (middle r.) America (bottom r.)

Lake Collection (top l.)
Arcadia Spot (top r.)
MOSS | 3 Collection (middle l.)
Cellular (middle r.)
America (bottom r.)

Library by Design’s new Product Sourcebook, debuting here, spotlights a curated selection of newly introduced library furnishings and finishings in key purchasing categories, which will rotate in each issue. This inaugural version highlights soft seating and displays.

Sourcebook replaces the former What’s Hot listings. By focusing on a few themes, LBD can include larger illustrations to help buyers choose the right products for their libraries.

In the Fall 2015 edition of LBD, Product Sourcebook will feature library products for children and powered furniture. For questions about how to submit a product in those categories, or to suggest a category for a future edition of Product Sourcebook, please email mschwartz@mediasourceinc.com.

Fifth Avenue Sofa (l.) Canyon Modules (m.) Pod (r.)

Fifth Avenue Sofa (l.)
Canyon Modules (m.)
Pod (r.)

Soft Seating

A library’s atmosphere is only as welcoming as its comfy chairs. Soft seating is an indispensable staple of a modern library, and its promise of fun, colorful shapes and casual adaptability helps define and differentiate spaces for teens, children, adults, and more.

Yet practical considerations abound, from cleanliness and durability to balancing the need to offer space for small collaborative groups to convene with the need not to waste space because a single patron, encamped on a sofa, discourages others from using the vacant seats. Clever design and contemporary technology combine to meet these demands, offering flexible products that stand up to a lot of lounging and let patrons get comfortable solo, one on one, or in a larger gathering.

MOSS | 3 Collection shapes, including squares, rectangles, L-shapes, and curves, come together into many different configurations without tools using the Thonet Quik-Kinect device. Designed for both sitting and perching heights. Bio-based foam. Pricing based on use of the customer’s own material. square, $579; rectangle, $769; L-shape, $958; small curve, $1,334; large curve, $1,236; pie shape, $614. Thonet (CFGroup), 314-422-7125; www.thonet.com

Cellular modular seating is composed of cells (and arm, back, and seat cushion) that can be used alone or combined into CellScapes without tools using base locks. Approximately 50 percent made of recycled materials. $1,100–$7,000. Oi Furniture, 866-947-5871; www.ilikeoi.com

Lake Collection includes both seating and table options and is intended for collaborative workspaces or lounges alike. $637–$3,065 per piece. Price may vary based on volume and option selections. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080; www.tmcfurniture.com

Arcadia Spot mobile benches feature flexible seating for impromptu meetings or collaboration. Each comes with its own built-in storage space. Offered with or without a rotating tablet. $580. DEMCO Interiors, Inc., 800-747-7561; www.demcointeriors.com

America family collection of one- to three-seat pieces plus ottoman and corner units can be sold separately or as a set. Available in a variety of colors, in fabric or vinyl. $6,930 as shown. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300; www.palmierifurniture.com

Fifth Avenue sofa features a low-profile design, with a standard back height of 28″ and seat height of 19″. Made with five-inch premium foam over an elastic-web removable seat, along with a hanging lumbar pillow and steel legs. Comes in single-booth, double-booth, and quarter-circle configurations with a wide array of upholstery fabrics. Pricing based on use of the customer’s own material. Double, shown, $3,066; single, $1,813. Falcon Products (CFGroup), 314-422-7125; www.falconproducts.com

Canyon Modules can be configured with components to serve as display boards, shelving, soft seating, or even as a framework for more than 100 interactive elements. Translucent material allows for reading nooks while maintaining sight lines. $20,000–$100,000. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941; www.burgeongroup.com

POD Soft seating and serious studying can go together. Maintaining the utility of a study carrel but built for contemporary libraries, the POD creates an atmosphere of comfortable privacy and security within a large, open space. Available in June. $3,000–$4,000. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977; www.agati.com

Flexi Shelves (top) Welsley (bottom l.) Freestanding Book and Magazine Display (bottom r.)

Flexi Shelves (top)
Welsley (bottom l.)
Freestanding Book and Magazine Display (bottom r.)


As the digital shift and a new emphasis on places for people combine to shrink tall stacks in many libraries, the ability to devote serious space to showcasing a few key titles grows. So does the need, as the dwindling number of physical bookstores sends more patrons to the library to discover titles, authors, and even whole genres they don’t already know through browsing.

David Vinjamuri’s new column for LJ, Brand Insider, tackles some of the unique challenges of building library displays in its inaugural outing, “Building a Display-Driven Strategy”. Vinjamuri advises gathering all of a system’s or consortium’s copies, eliminating holds or implementing shorter loan periods on displayed items, placing displays near the building entrance, and keeping a plan-o-gram of displays in the staff area.

In making it easier to implement these recommendations, purpose-built display fixtures like these can free up staff to focus on selecting the perfect content.

Flexi-Shelves locking display cases can also be used as standard bookcases or even signage. Using a special tool, library staff can add, remove, or change graphic panels, which can also be customized. $14,980. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941; www.burgeongroup.com

The Welsley three-tier platform display unit is available with an open or a closed base and mobile casters. The metal powder-coat frame measures 1½” x 1½”. From $2,060. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300; www.palmierifurniture.com

Freestanding Book & Magazine Display unit can be used as a stand-alone in a high-traffic area or positioned back-to-back with a second unit to create a mini–browsing station. Shelves can be easily switched to adapt to book or media displays. $379.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200; www.demco.com

Modular Display Shelving can exhibit books, periodicals, DVDs, and CDs, either face or spine out. Optional lighting and power is available. Each section is 36″ wide, two-sided, can hold up to four rows of metal shelves per side, and can vary in height. Finishes include wood, paint or p-lam (plastic laminate). Seating and display sections are offered as well. Shown as installed in King County Library’s Fairwood Branch, Renton, WA. Base price $2,332. Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc., 206-898-8859; www.elliottbaymetal.com

Wall-mounted case highlights artwork or artifacts with clear standard or UV-filtering acrylic. Mount items item to the backboard, constructed from ¼” formaldehyde-free VESTA board attached to a solid wood frame and wrapped in off-white or black linen. Specify horizontal or vertical orientation for appropriate mounting hardware placement. Additional sizes available. $299. Gaylord Archival, 800-448-6160; www.gaylord.com

Magstak clear acrylic merchandising system features adjustable display modules for magazines, books, or media that can be added, subtracted, or mixed on a spinning base. Available in counter, single tower, double tower, and quad tower formats. Prices as shown: single tower, $793; trade paperbacks display, $660; DVD and mass market paperback display, $678; and counter display, $198. 3branch, 877-899-9902; www.3branch.com

Modular Display Shelving (l.) Wall Mounted Case (m.) Magstak (r.)

Modular Display Shelving (l.)
Wall Mounted Case (m.)
Magstak (r.)

Laura Girmscheid is Research Manager and Meredith Schwartz is Executive Editor, LJ

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