April 19, 2018

Collection Development Tips & Tools


Presented by: Ingram Content Group & Library Journal

Event Date & Time: Thursday, August 6th, 2015, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

Join Library Journal, Ingram Content Group, and special guests for a lively discussion about Collection Development. We’ll have a dynamic discussion about the challenges Selectors face – from predicting popular titles in advance, to dealing with patron demands, to staying on top of titles in the media and much more. Our expert panelists will have some solutions for many of these challenges, and we hope you’ll join the discussion!


Alex Arthun – Collection Development Librarian, Dauphin County Library System

Deborah Battisti – Collection Management Administrator, Dauphin County Library System

Stephen Sposato – Manager of Content Curation Department, Chicago Public Library

Rachel Fewell – Collection Services Manager, Denver Public Library

Beth Reinker – Collection Development Librarian, Ingram Content Group Inc.


Joyce Skokut – Director, Collection Development, Ingram Content Group Inc.

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  1. It took a good 40 minutes of trying to figure out how to join the Collection Development Tips and Tools webinar before another staff member and I finally muddled into it. Your confirmation provided a link that did not work. This is the first LJ webinar that I have registered for and I was not impressed with the accessibility. I have taken several webinars, and this was the worst. The actual presentation was good, at least the part I heard. Will check out the archive version to see what I missed.

    Most library webinars are geared to multiple branch library systems, with staff dedicated to the particular department under consideration. We small libraries (only 2 libraries in our system) do not have staff dedicated to a particular library area. Most of us wear multiple hats. The best practices often presented are far beyond our capabilities but we keep trying to figure how to pare the concepts down to our size without destroying the whole value of the concept. Please develop presentations by and for the smaller libraries, who face the same issues with fewer resources.