March 22, 2018

World Series Sparks Twitter War Between New York, Kansas City Libraries

Feats of athleticism and a chance to bond over the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat—looking at you, fellow Cubs fans—are great and all, but let’s face it: the most fun part of any sporting event is the chance to heckle your friends rooting for the opposing team. Need proof? Observe the latest round of Twitter Trash Talk between librarians in Kansas City and New York as the Royals and Mets face off in the World Series.

Kansas City’s librarians first got into it with their counterparts in Toronto during the American League Championship Series.

Once the World Series lineup was set, the New York Public Library was quick to prove they were game for Kansas City’s word wars, throwing down the gauntlet over social media.

After winning an epic, 14-inning Game 1 which featured technical difficulties that delayed the game and an inside-the-park home run, Royals fans smelled blood and weren’t afraid to make a bold prediction.

Even Kansas City’s non-librarian fans got in on the act, though the results were…maybe don’t quit your day job, guy.

Mets fans at Queens Library didn’t seem too worried, though. It is a seven game series, after all.

Kansas City, America’s Paris on the Plains, was quick to rebut their metropolitan rivals, namechecking New York slugger Daniel Murphy and Royals star Lorenzo Cain—in verse, no less.

Following a Game 2 thumping that put the Royals up two games to none in the series, the Royals were feeling pretty confident as the games move to the Mets home turf of Citi Field.

Don’t count New York out yet, though. The boys in blue and orange aren’t going down without a fight, and they’re fueled by some hometown delicacies.

As of Thursday, October 29, the Mets-themed baked goods pictured above are part of a bet between the two library systems, with meals of New York bagels and Kansas City BBQ at stake–along with a few spaces on shelves that the losing library will have to devote to the winning team. This isn’t the first time Kansas City’s librarians have taken to Twitter with a few choice words for their October opponents. After a Wild Card spot turned into a flawless playoff run for the ages last year, they were ready to tweak their World Series rivals, the San Francisco Giants.

Unfortunately, KC’s confidence last October turned out to be hubris. The Royals lost the Series in seven games, resulting in a lost bet…and a humbling addition to Missouri’s library shelves.

Will this year’s Royals finish the job they started with a World Series victory, or will the city’s librarians have to make room for a copy of The Bad Guys Won on their shelves? The next five games will tell the tale.