February 17, 2018

Year in Architecture 2015: Shine the Light

ljx151102webArchG4AThe Arapahoe Library District’s brand new 10,000 square foot Sheridan Library, Denver, incorporates skylights for natural light, a high-tech roofing system, and a “grab bag” of recycled flooring. CREDITS: Humphries Poli Architects, architect; Paul Brokering, photo.
ljx151102webArchG4BHennepin County Library–Excelsior, MN, bridges the historic downtown area and the modern aesthetic of today’s library, with an open, column-free floor plan for maximum flexibility. CREDITS: 292 Group; McDonald & Mack, architect; 292 Group, photo.
ljx151102webArchG4CThe 4,000 square foot addition to the Rinconada Library, Palo Alto, CA, combines with the historic Edward Durell Stone building and showcases artwork: Brilliance, by Joe O’Connell, uses a touch-sensitive LED that changes color. CREDITS: Group 4 Architecture, Research, + Planning Inc., architect; ©Cesar Rubio, photo.
ljx151102webArchG4DThe new Tiverton Public Library, RI, moved from a 76-year-old facility into a modern one-story structure that encompasses vaulted ceilings, skylights, and a courtyard. CREDITS: Union Studio Architects, with Kimberly Bolan & Associates, architect; Nat Rea, photo.
ljx151102webArchG4EThe most expensive project featured this year ($65M) is the addition/renovation at the Slover Library, Norfolk, VA, involving the restoration of a 115-year-old building and a seven-story glass-walled addition, linked by the indoor/outdoor Forum atrium space, enhanced by a leafy aluminum canopy. CREDITS: Newman Architects, architect; photo courtesy of Newman Architects/©Peter Aaron/ESTO.
South Irving LibraryThe South Irving Library, TX, was designed to replace the city’s existing main library with a smaller footprint, allowing for more space for activities and creativity. CREDITS: Hidell and Associates Architects, architect; Patrick Coulie, photo.
Fairwood LibraryThe addition and renovation at King County Library System’s Fairwood Library, Renton, WA, enlarged the facility by 5,000 square feet. The open design offers natural light from its southwest-facing windows, plus a “view of its woodsy surroundings.” The addition features large roof overhangs to shade the glass walls, reducing solar heat gain. CREDITS: Schacht l Aslani Architects, architect; ©King County Library System, photo.


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