March 17, 2018

LJ Index 2015: The Star Libraries by Expenditure Category

The LJ Index is based on four types of per capita use they generate: visits, circulation, public access computer use, and program attendance. Star Library ratings of five, four, and three stars are awarded to libraries that generate the highest combined per capita outputs among their spending peers. For details about how the LJ Index is calculated and for whom, see the project’s FAQ. This year, there are 258 Star Libraries, owing to three instances of tied scores on the LJ Index.

To see the scores of all libraries included, go to Find a Library.

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Expenditure Range $30,000,000+

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Cuyahoga County Public Library, ParmaOH616,5273212.80.72.81655
*****Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton CountyOH802,37421.
*****East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton RougeLA445,2275.
*****Cleveland Public LibraryOH398,45317.
*****Seattle Public LibraryWA626,60018.610.70.42.21126
****Columbus Metropolitan LibraryOH850,54816.
****Saint Louis County LibraryMO859,14816.
****San Francisco Public LibraryCA825,11113.590.51.91005
****King County Library System, IssaquahWA1,379,070167.20.42.9986
****Santa Clara County Library, Los GatosCA418,82323.
***Multnomah County Library, PortlandOR748,44529.
***Denver Public LibraryCO634,61915.
***Toledo-–Lucas County Public LibraryOH441,81513.
***Consolidated Library District No. 3, IndependenceMO762,446125.90.61.1768
***Indianapolis-–Marion County Public LibraryIN877,38918.

Expenditure Range $10,000,000–$29,999,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Howard County Library System, ColumbiaMD287,08525.911.10.95.61658
*****Skokie Public LibraryIL64,78432.714.70.91.61394
*****Arlington Heights Memorial LibraryIL75,10135.512.90.91.61352
*****Ann Arbor District LibraryMI163,59054.310.20.51.41326
*****Santa Monica Public LibraryCA91,04019.315.10.731320
*****Salt Lake City Public LibraryUT189,31418.518.40.52.31280
*****Middle Country Public Library, CentereachNY62,56218.
*****Mercer County Library, LawrencevilleNJ160,05712.
*****Naperville Public LibraryIL141,8532811.60.62.41206
*****Schaumburg Township District LibraryIL126,84919.612.20.91.11099
****Topeka and Shawnee County Public LibraryKS175,04313.
****Kansas City Public LibraryMO218,7659.
****Carroll County Public Library, New WindsorMD167,13425.
****Central Rappahannock Regional Lib., FredericksburgVA295,19236.710.30.40.91002
****Harford County Public Library, BelcampMD244,82616.
****Allen County Public Library, Fort WayneIN355,32930.
****Akron–-Summit County Public LibraryOH377,58815.
****San Mateo County LibraryCA273,021138.70.81.8918
****Evansville-Vanderburgh Public LibraryIN179,70315.310.30.42.3906
****Rochester Public LibraryNY210,5656.
***Madison Public LibraryWI259,08715.
***Douglas County Libraries, Castle RockCO298,16725.
***Kenton County Public Library, Ft. MitchellKY161,71113.
***Birmingham Public LibraryAL212,4135.
***Arapahoe Library District, EnglewoodCO253,55317.
***Springfield–-Greene County Library DistrictMO275,17413.
***Somerset County Library, BridgewaterNJ188,37815.
***Carnegie Library of PittsburghPA406,1669.
***Ramsey County Library, ShoreviewMN228,12920.
***Stark County District Library, CantonOH240,13114.

Expenditure Range $5,000,000–$9,999,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Redwood City Public LibraryCA79,07420.613.72.611.62064
*****Westerville Public LibraryOH90,76424.312.10.721.42049
*****Upper Arlington Public LibraryOH34,15056.9290.92.61923
*****Worthington Public LibraryOH59,68946.
*****Westport Public LibraryCT27,06829.916.42.21.81594
*****Cleveland Heights-–University Heights Public LibraryOH57,8673118.51.351577
*****Plainview-Old Bethpage Public LibraryNY28,67617.
*****Washington-–Centerville Public LibraryOH56,62840.913.11.41.61414
*****Greenwich LibraryCT62,25622.511.60.87.51306
*****Ela Area Public Library District, Lake ZurichIL34,46229.611.70.95.21281
****Port Washington Public LibraryNY31,07113.813.51.63.81252
****Northbrook Public LibraryIL33,17025.414.11.41.61250
****Oak Park Public LibraryIL51,87828.514.80.83.71242
****Elmhurst Public LibraryIL44,12131.812.80.73.41193
****Northport Public LibraryNY36,11316.313.70.84.11083
****Patchogue-Medford LibraryNY52,92917.31113.71060
****Hewlett-Woodmere Public LibraryNY20,35617.710.312.7998
****Huntington Public LibraryNY34,8109.917.40.82.2990
****Carmel Clay Public LibraryIN83,29324.370.93.2990
****Champaign Public LibraryIL81,05527.6130.51.8989
****La Crosse Public LibraryWI51,60023.312.40.62.2977
***Cook Memorial Public Library District, LibertyvilleIL59,84228.410.40.61.2945
***Niles Public Library DistrictIL57,28419.
***Palo Alto City LibraryCA66,36822.812.50.61.1915
***Saratoga Springs Public LibraryNY49,07020.
***Williamsburg Regional LibraryVA81,67014.
***Fountaindale Public Library District, BolingbrookIL67,68315.
***Algonquin Area Public Library DistrictIL40,80926.
***Newport Beach Public LibraryCA86,43618.312.40.61.4874
***Glenview Public LibraryIL44,69220.5100.71.5870
***Mount Prospect Public LibraryIL54,16720.

Expenditure Range $1,000,000–$4,999,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Avalon Free Public LibraryNJ1,334112.470.28.4105099
*****Grandview Heights Public LibraryOH7,39278.991.63.25.93829
*****San Miguel Library District # 1, Telluride CO6,0444243.68.38.73625
*****Westhampton Free Library, Westhampton BeachNY5,57141.632.36.31.92483
*****Hudson Library and Historical SocietyOH22,26251.9421.66.72399
*****Fayetteville Free LibraryNY10,31443.
*****Lakewood Public LibraryOH51,98329.316.11.914.42375
*****Bernardsville Public LibraryNJ7,70727.323.83.39.92335
*****Center Moriches Free Public LibraryNY7,54625.434.852.82180
*****Darien LibraryCT21,11433.819.52.17.91956
****West Bloomfield Township Public LibraryMI71,75539.715.80.810.11944
****Lake Forest LibraryIL19,37523.625.80.710.21904
****St. Helena Public LibraryCA5,85452.823.623.61884
****Cutchogue New Suffolk Free LibraryNY3,68422.627.143.21880
****Homewood Public LibraryAL25,18320.517.90.710.41748
****Port Jefferson Free LibraryNY7,57032.828.72.82.21728
****Mary Riley Styles Public Library, Falls ChurchVA12,38236.1241.45.31727
****Mattituck-Laurel LibraryNY5,61313.952.40.63.41650
****Manlius LibraryNY11,22629.623.52.23.61632
****Princeton Public LibraryNJ28,57219.529.72.43.41624
***Harrison Memorial Library, CarmelCA3,77541.52513.91616
***Wickliffe Public LibraryOH12,75338.615.52.43.11596
***Ocean City Free Public LibraryNJ11,70122.824.31.55.41591
***Shaker Heights Public LibraryOH32,31137.41615.81575
***City Of Commerce Public LibraryCA12,93517.424.72.24.51574
***Bronxville Public LibraryNY6,32323.1222.92.71568
***Elk Grove Village Public LibraryIL22,10438.419.514.31534
***Sedona Public LibraryAZ10,03226.320.31.54.81514
***Jackson Parish Library, JonesboroLA16,112117.728.61514
***Twinsburg Public LibraryOH24,45351.3161.22.61513
***Rogers Memorial Library, SouthamptonNY13,44319.716.12.93.71502

Expenditure Range $400,000–$999,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Provincetown Public LibraryMA2,94234.2116.3115.33641
*****Camden Public LibraryME4,82856.746.54.912.93354
*****Island Free Library, New ShorehamRI1,05135.454.35.310.73089
*****Osterville Village LibraryMA3,03732.323.73.920.12994
*****Hampton Library in BridgehamptonNY1,82745.742.97.732927
*****Quogue LibraryNY1,08040.957.44.76.82860
*****Wellfleet Public LibraryMA2,75043.
*****Unalaska Public LibraryAK4,73756.529.31.413.72588
*****Amagansett Free LibraryNY1,36536.431.75.64.62388
*****Haines Borough Public LibraryAK2,53040.832.73.38.32350
****North Kansas City Public LibraryMO4,20844.446.61.282248
****Smoky Valley Library District, Round MountainNV1,83341.630.32.92.91892
****Garden City Public LibraryID11,26017.415.43.110.61887
****Harbor–-Topky Memorial Library, Ashtabula HarborOH3,84141.518.73.82.91854
****Hodgkins Public Library DistrictIL1,89733.922.41.58.51815
****Foley Public LibraryAL14,98949.734.61.22.41768
****Eldredge Public Library, ChathamMA5,81922.330.82.55.51746
****New Carlisle Public LibraryOH5,7854415.32.54.41732
****Skidompha Public Library, DamariscottaME5,55716.730.92.95.21718
****Lopez Island Library DistrictWA2,42440.929.115.21714
***Dover Town LibraryMA5,58938.
***West Tisbury Free Public LibraryMA2,74038.935.61.52.31663
***Sioux Center Public LibraryIA9,69224.356.20.72.31645
***Brumback Library, Van WertOH23,96430.621.33.61.91644
***Loudonville Public LibraryOH7,67719.216.51.310.51631
***Sturgis Library, BarnstableMA2,96031.322.11.271626
***Snow Library, OrleansMA5,89028.825.92.52.61556
***Northeast Harbor LibraryME2,06927.
***Woodstock Public Library DistrictNY5,88414.637.22.33.21540
***Shelter Island Public Library SocietyNY2,39218.42832.61539

Expenditure Range $200,000–$399,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Red Hook Public LibraryNY1,96144.4121.34.84.63927
*****Wagnalls Memorial Library, LithopolisOH1,07490.635.84.98.63410
*****Corry Public LibraryPA11,9637.47.10.650.72927
*****Delta Community Library, Delta JunctionAK1,10140.741.13.915.32887
*****Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library, Cold SpringNY2,64121.531.24.718.92745
*****Grand Marais Public LibraryMN1,35556.754.71.19.42610
*****Southwest Harbor Public LibraryME1,7762936.83.811.12424
*****Pueblo of Isleta Public Library, AlbuquerqueNM3,537517.16.514.22346
*****Page Public LibraryAZ7,39535.521.41.619.22276
*****Central City Public LibraryNE2,91525.923.75.36.12200
****Alpine County Library/Archives, MarkleevilleCA1,08725.628.92111942
****Dorcas Carey Public Library, CareyOH5,36455.413.83.41.31925
****Truro Public Library, North TruroMA2,00331.624.23.23.91822
****Meekins Public Library, WilliamsburgMA2,48239.619.93.22.31794
****Dennis Public Library, DennisportMA2,84128.838.91.34.61726
****Yoakum County/Cecil Bickley Library, Denver CityTX4,41611.875.16.51684
****Williamsport-Washington Township Public LibraryIN2,29811.5191.3161682
****James Kennedy Public Library, DyersvilleIA4,05835.218.6311616
****Cotuit LibraryMA3,13217.615.51.911.61615
****Library District #2, Linn County, LacygneKS1,68319.
***Cordova District LibraryIL1,02027.416.82.92.21513
***Morrill Public Library, HiawathaKS3,13319.415.52.55.61462
***Peninsula Library & Historical SocietyOH2,57231.
***Brook-Iroquois-Washington Township Public LibraryIN1,68034.
***Henderson Memorial Public Library Assn., JeffersonOH5,25227.621.81.43.91408
***North Wales Area LibraryPA3,22926.219.22.121377
***Falls City Library and Arts CenterNE4,30038.
***Lake Park Public LibraryFL8,4033.
***Sargent Memorial Library, BoxboroughMA4,9962818.81.53.31361
***Centerburg Public LibraryOH1,77337.

Expenditure Range $100,000–$199,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Whitefish Community LibraryMT6,35711.530.70.4363178
*****Flomaton Public LibraryAL1,43288.226.20.7163158
*****Madison Valley Public Library, EnnisMT1,1773642.54.113.83099
*****Smith Memorial Library, ChautauquaNY1,12525.861.82.114.73088
*****Falconer Public LibraryNY2,42081.530.24.44.33037
*****Neligh Public LibraryNE1,56940.
*****Hartington Public LibraryNE1,53225.5282.8142438
*****La Veta Regional Library DistrictCO1,28631.
*****Rock Creek Public LibraryOH2,74622.
*****Tivoli Free LibraryNY1,11824.
****Southworth Library Association, DrydenNY1,88938.717.843.52012
****Pelham LibraryMA1,32130.813.34.82.41853
****Atkinson Public LibraryNE1,25225.
****Rogersville Public LibraryAL1,25436.
****W.A. Rankin Memorial, NeodeshaKS2,40417.
****Beresford Public LibrarySD2,04029.924.31.85.51775
****Witherle Memorial Library, CastineME1,36623.31743.61765
****Craig Public LibraryAK1,19526.917.43.13.51670
****Bertha Voyer Memorial Library, Honey GroveTX1,6602019.33.14.41657
****Haslet Public LibraryTX1,56739.419.91.71.91603
***Lindale LibraryTX5,14926.
***Carrollton Public LibraryMO3,784129.64.33.81484
***Port Orford Public LibraryOR2,41416.
***Library at Cedar Creek Lake, Seven PointsTX5,6951220.62.83.21441
***Mountain View Public LibraryMO2,71921.726.80.351431
***Walton & Tipton Township Public LibraryIN2,49018.514.32.151405
***David M. Hunt Library, Falls VillageCT1,21812.916.13.22.41390
***Dennis Memorial Library AssociationMA2,84126.619.20.93.61360
***Macsherry Library, Alexandria BayNY1,0782217.10.56.61355
***Cornwall Library AssociationCT1,39915.711.71.37.91355
***Kinsley Public LibraryKS1,42512.514.43.22.51350

Expenditure Range $50,000–$99,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Claud H. Gilmer Memorial Library, RockspringsTX1,96814.331.17.3163379
*****Cambridge Public LibraryNY1,87016.943.30.623.13054
*****Estancia Public LibraryNM1,65537.914.90.817.52474
*****Powers Library Association, MoraviaNY1,2821741.40.910.62301
*****Sand Point Community/School LibraryAK1,01820.321.13.110.52234
*****Craftsbury Public Library, Craftsbury CommonVT1,20618.3162.112.52035
*****Centerville Community LibrarySD1,52115.539.522.41906
*****Lincoln Public LibraryNH1,6629.632.53.231862
*****Philmont Public LibraryNY1,37921.619.13.23.31800
*****Elbridge Free LibraryNY1,05824.818.72.92.51740
****Marion City LibraryKS1,87818.4222.23.91663
****Kennedy Library of KonawaOK1,28918.
****Freeman Public LibrarySD1,2712415.50.67.71585
****Bancroft Public LibraryIA1,31816.323.91.34.31549
****Fredonia Public LibraryAZ1,2945.911.82.88.51549
****Lakeside Public LibraryOR2,16111.317.10.111.81549
****Edgerton Public LibraryMN1,87941.516.20.51.31546
****Hubbard Public LibraryIA1,49714.814.42.64.81539
****Heginbotham Library, Holyoke CO2,28726.881.75.71521
****Tonto Basin Public LibraryAZ1,42423.717.21.14.41518
****Killen Public LibraryAL1,11619.822.60.64.91508
****Upton County Public Library, McCameyTX1,44412.726.80.26.51505
***Windham Public LibraryNY1,70314.717.81.84.91491
***Limon Memorial LibraryCO1,86422.819.80.25.51467
***Erie City Public LibraryKS1,1247.510.81.111.11446
***Springfield Memorial LibraryNE1,60415.417.222.91394
***Churdan Public LibraryIA1,29720.
***Bolton Free Library, Bolton LandingNY2,3269.116.417.51380
***Creighton Public LibraryNE1,13228.
***Apalachin Library AssociationNY1,13120.612.92.60.51356
***Jordan Bramley LibraryNY1,36820.513.62.21.41353
***Readlyn Community LibraryIA1,2111221.71.42.91344

Expenditure Range $10,000–$49,999

StarsLibraryStatePopulationCirculation (per Capita)Visits (per Capita)Program Attendance (per Capita)Public Internet Computer Use (per Capita)Score
*****Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library, St. JohnKS1,26519.420.39.31.33116
*****Velva Public & School LibraryND1,08413.
*****Bloomfield Public LibraryNE1,0077.318.52.69.52306
*****North Freedom Public LibraryWI1,24115.
*****Valley Mills Public LibraryTX1,19211.
*****Nora E. Larabee Memorial Library, StaffordKS1,02028.17.406.41768
*****Tri-Community Library, Prairie LeaTX1,33612.
*****Boyden Public LibraryIA1,12019.113.612.81646
*****Lettie W. Jensen Public Library, AmherstWI1,04521.611.31.52.11642
*****Tularosa Public LibraryNM2,8427.
****Milbridge Public LibraryME1,3265.313.60.18.51581
****Swea City Public LibraryIA1,56010.812.70.56.31580
****Mounds Public LibraryOK1,176610.21.56.81553
****Piedmont Public LibraryWV1,4754.5100.49.41532
****Weeping Water Public LibraryNE1,04215.
****Inman Public LibraryKS1,38823.
****Fred Macaron Library, SpringerNM1,04712.611.40.14.91398
****Hughes Springs Area Public LibraryTX1,73511.
****Real County Public Library, LeakeyTX1,6855.311.51.24.11326
****Chetopa City LibraryKS1,10811.
***Elgin Public LibraryIA1,33614.
***De Soto Public LibraryIA1,387147.21.72.21317
***Lubec Memorial LibraryME1,32412.510.41.22.21317
***Stuart Public LibraryIA1,8079.
***Krotz Springs Municipal Public LibraryLA1,2105.68.30.271292
***Lewiston Public LibraryUT1,77416.
***Tri-Valley Community Library, HealyAK1,06615.
***Peabody Memorial Library, JonesportME1,842652.43.41226
***Colonial Library, RichburgNY1,2557.
***Ellinwood School Community LibraryKS2,12010.510.21.31.51218
***Vincent - Lallouise F. McGraw LibraryAL2,0252430.42.31214

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  1. Pam Matthews says:

    The states for the 30M+ are all messed up:

    ***** Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County LA 802,374 21.7 9.3 0.6 2.3 1247
    ***** East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge OH
    ***** Cleveland Public Library WA
    ***** Seattle Public Library OH

    • Randy Heller says:

      Hi Pam – Thanks so much for the heads up. This has been fixed.

      Randy Heller
      LJ Senior Web Developer

  2. Ike Pulver says:

    This sentence “As we do each year, we congratulate libraries joining the list for the first time. This year these include Sedona Public Library, AZ; Jackson Parish Public Library, Jonesboro, LA; Saratoga Springs Public Library, NY; Cook Memorial Public Library, Libertyville, IL; Mountain View Public Library, MO; Bertha Voyer Memorial Library, Honey Grove, TX; Woodstock Public Library District, NY; Washington County Cooperative Library Services, Hillsboro, OR; and Sno-Isle Libraries, Marysville, WA.” along with the previous paragraph are nearly verbatim from last year’s post:

    • Randy Heller says:

      Hi Ike – As you pointed out, this was text that carried over from the year before. We try to keep the format as consistent as possible from one year to the next, and this bit of “legacy” material piggybacked its way into the new year during the print-to-web process. Thanks so much for the heads up, and sorry for any confusion.

      Randy Heller
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