March 17, 2018

Who Pays the Freight? Open Access: The Future of Funding

Who Pays the Freight? Open Access: The Future of Funding

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The attention on funding models has been increasing for years, as has discussion around journal transition and conversion. Best practices presume these models are continually refined through historical experience, policy and competition. But the iterative nature of OA can come with a cost in terms of implementation, integration, and aggregation performance.

The Tipping Point

One of the proposed means for rapidly implementing Open Access would transfer traditional journal subscription payments to Author Payment Charges (APCs). But, as always, questions remain. In December 2015, The Berlin 12 meeting brought together representatives from several regions (Asia, Europe, and North America) to discuss a proposal to flip subscription-based journals to open access models. That meeting and the subsequent discourse has gotten the attention of policy makers, researchers, publishers, librarians, and many others. The proposal’s ambitious sweep has rapidly sharpened today’s OA discourse, with voices that support this type of business model fully, conditionally, or not at all.

So, who pays the freight? In this webcast, our experts will explore the radical re-thinking toward a large-scale APC-based business model that could work well for many scientific disciplines. Attendees will get a clearer understanding of exactly what has been recommended, the evidence in support, and the arguments against.


  • Ivy Anderson, Director of Collection Development and Management, California Digital Library
  • Kai Geschuhn, Open Access and License Manager at Max Planck Digital Library, Munich, Germany
  • Michael Levine-Clark, Interim Dean and Director, University of Denver Libraries


  • Ann Okerson, Senior Adviser, The Center for Research Libraries

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