February 17, 2018

Collection Emergencies: Managing Time Sensitive Projects Successfully Without Losing Your Hat

Presented by: Ingram & Library Journal

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Whether it’s your first time selecting materials for a big project or opening day collection or it’s your tenth time, it’s a safe bet that you’re doing that on top of everything that you normally do. There is a lot to consider, and even for an experienced pro, managing the added workload and deadlines can be daunting. For first-timers, well, it can be overwhelming!

We’ve assembled a panel of librarians who have successfully managed these kinds of projects to discuss their experiences and best practices. You’ll hear their stories and learn how Ingram can not only make the process easy, but help you select a collection that will impress your patrons. Ingram’s Collection Development team sees a lot of big projects–ODCs, expansions, grants, and more. We’ve worked with customers with very precise (and sometimes complex) requirements, as well as those who wish to defer much of the work to an experienced vendor. Regardless of the project’s size, we have solutions to help you through the process.

Whether you’re the experienced pro or the newbie, we hope that you’ll join this discussion to hear what your peers have to say and to weigh in on the discussion. You can join the conversation via social media or the webinar chat, and we’ll follow up the event by publishing answers to any questions that we can’t get to during the live event. We’ll also share some downloadable forms, including a very handy checklist to help you prepare for your own projects. We’re excited to welcome our esteemed panelists and hope to “meet you” there too!


Frank Giammarino, Collection Development Manager, Austin Public Library

Karen Ginman, Supervising Librarian & Youth Materials Selector, New York Public Library & Brooklyn Public Library

Ann Lehue, Manager, Collection Development Programs, Ingram Library Services

Kathy Stalder, Acquisitions & Technical Services Assistant Supervisor, Boise Public Library


Beth Reinker, Collection Development Librarian, Ingram Content Group

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