April 24, 2018

FOLIO: Reimagining Library Technology – Part 1

FOLIO: Reimagining Library Technology

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FOLIO, a community collaboration to develop an open source library services platform has taken shape. The FOLIO platform will support traditional resource management functionality but is open throughout and extensible at its core. By providing a platform for innovation, libraries and service providers can create applications and functionality that will deliver new and exciting services to libraries.

Join this first webcast (in a series of 6) to learn about the FOLIO platform and the reimagining of library technology.


Michael Winkler – Managing Director, OLE (Open Library Environment)
Michael Winkler is Managing Director of OLE (Open Library Environment). He is an information technologist and librarian engaged in strategic leadership and management of libraries in higher education. Michael has a particular interests in digital libraries, new roles for libraries and librarians in engaging with enterprise level services for teaching, learning and research support. He is an experienced advocate for collaboration and the role that technology can play in enhancing the value libraries have to the education and research process.

Neil Block – VP Open Source Innovation, EBSCO
Neil Block serves as the Vice President of Global Open Source Innovation for EBSCO Information Services. Neil works with academic libraries worldwide to build community awareness and support for the FOLIO open source library platform that EBSCO is funding. Prior to joining EBSCO, Neil spent 20+ years in the integrated library system marketplace primarily at Innovative Interfaces Inc., where he served in senior executive roles, including President and prior to that Vice President, Worldwide Sales. Neil has a background in academic and special libraries and earned a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Peter Murray – Open Source Community Advocate, Index Data
Peter Murray is the Open Source Community Advocate at Index Data, a software development and consulting enterprise with expertise in networked information retrieval and management based on open standards. He received a MLIS from Simmons College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Analysis from Miami University. Peter’s current activities include building relationships among libraries, organizations, and service providers participating in the FOLIO open source library service platform project. His other interests include the promoting the awareness and integration of privacy-supporting tools into library services, the application of JPEG 2000 for long term access and preservation to still and moving image content, distributed identity management systems, and – with the moniker “The Disruptive Library Technology Jester” – the rapid advancement of library services in a social web world.

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