March 22, 2018

Announcement: We’re extending Open Access in Action!


We’re extending Open Access in Action!

As part of our contribution to International Open Access Week 2016, we’re excited to announce that we will be extending Open Access in Action for a further six months.

Starting in November, we’ll be rolling out a new phase of this program that will build upon the successes of the last 8 months:

  • More webcasts: Nearly 900 of you have already registered for our webcast “Who Pays the Freight?,” which makes it one of our most popular webcasts ever. We’ll be bringing you three new Open Access in Action webcasts in the months ahead—sign up for the Academic Newswire newsletter or follow us on Twitter to keep updated.
  • More video interviews: Our Open Access in Action video interviews are at over 2,000 views and counting. We’ll be bringing you new content from important voices in the library community—follow us on Twitter or YouTube to watch them as they go live.
  • More learning: We’ll soon roll out a new ‘channel’ structure to this site to help you find the information that interests you most. We’ll also be supporting each channel with new articles that chart the evolution of Open Access.

Thanks goes to our sponsors, Dove Press, who have kindly underwritten the extension of this program.

For further information on International Open Access Week, visit:

Open Access In Action



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