June 22, 2018

Industry News

NJ Library Co-op Faces Looming Shortfall

LibraryLinkNJ, a statewide cooperative that oversees a $1.36 million interlibrary loan (ILL) delivery service serving 2,600 public, private, academic, corporate, and other libraries throughout the New Jersey, will stay in business at least one more year after members voted to approve a $2.38 million budget for its fiscal year 2019.

LGBTQ Collection Donated to Vancouver Archives

Longtime archivist, former head of the Vancouver Public Library’s history division, and queer rights activist Ron Dutton donated more than 750,000 items documenting the British Columbia LGBTQ community to the City of Vancouver Archives in March.

Saskatoon Public Library Readies for Staff Restructuring

As Canada’s Saskatoon Public Library, Saskatchewan, nears the launch of its new organization-wide restructuring, employees are both excited and apprehensive about their new roles, library leadership is optimistic about the shift to a community-led model, and negotiations with the library workers’ union are still in progress.

Library Freedom Institute Kicks Off Train-the-Trainers Privacy Course

Last week, the Library Freedom Institute launched a program designed to help librarians become advocates for online privacy, created by the Library Freedom Project in partnership with New York University.

Champion of Confidence | Office Hours

I chatted recently with New Zealand librarian Sally Pewhairangi, who shares her unique approach to encouraging library professionals on a new website called The Library Boss. Her ideas should inspire LIS students, new librarians, and seasoned professionals.


Novel New Orleans: Beignets, Bars, and Books in the Big Easy

Historic, distinctive, and notorious, with a rich literary past and a celebratory spirit, New Orleans has a character all its own. Home to pirates and plantation owners, voodoo queens and vampires (or so the legend goes), it’s no wonder this city has inspired writers for centuries. And you’re in luck, because with the city commemorating its tricentennial, there’s never been a better time to visit.

LJ’s New Look

With the publication of the June 1, 2018, issue of Library Journal comes the unveiling of LJ‘s new logo: Special thanks to LJ’s Design Director Kevin Henegan for taking the lead on developing it, with input from the whole team. “The simple, elegant, and modern design signals the way forward for our 140-plus year old […]

Five Libraries Take 2018 IMLS Top Honors

Representing every region of the country, five libraries have been honored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) with a 2018 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

Missing the Mark: Time To Refocus Our Advocacy Approach | Editorial

If you haven’t yet read From Awareness to Funding: Voter Perceptions and Support of Public Libraries in 2018, please put it on the top of your to-do list. Released in March by the Public Library Association (PLA) and the American Library Association Office for Library Advocacy, in partnership with OCLC, it updates the findings of the initial Awareness to Funding report done in 2008 with startling insights into how voters connect to libraries or—more concerning—increasingly don’t.

Senate Votes to Save Net Neutrality

The U.S. Senate has voted to keep net neutrality protections in place, using the powers of the Congressional Review Act to block the Federal Communications Commission’s December 14 overturn of the 2015 Open Internet Order.