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Get the digital edition of Library Journal and see everything you love about the magazine come to life on the iPad.

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The digital edition is easy to access—just download the Library Journal App from the App Store, then log in as a print subscriber with your email address and zip code, download the issues and start reading! It’s that simple.

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  • Immediate delivery—no more waiting on the mail to arrive.
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  • Easily archive and store your issues—and go green at the same time.
  • Online or offline reading with zoom functionality.
  • Guaranteed delivery—you’ll receive an email when your new issue is ready.



Updated July 22, 2014

What is it?

Each issue of Library Journal starting with January 1, 2013 is available in its entirety through the  Library Journal app. Every page of each print issue is replicated in the digital edition including all articles, reviews, and advertisements.

How much does it cost?

The App itself is free in the Apple App Store (iPad only; it’s not currently available for iPhones, Android, or Kindle devices at this time). Digital-only subscriptions can be purchased through Library Journal, or individual issues can be previewed and purchased inside the app.

Print subscribers to Library Journal have free access to their issues through the app via their subscription number located on the mailing label of the print magazine.

Library Journal on iOS Newsstand

LJ on the iPad - App

Who can have it?

Anyone can download the app free of charge and can preview issues available for purchase. Print subscribers can enter their email address and zip code to get access to their issues at no additional charge.

What devices are supported?

At this time, the Library Journal digital edition is only available on the iPad. We do not currently have it available for iPhones, Android, or Kindle devices.

Several of us share a single print subscription at our library. Can we all get the digital edition on our devices?

A single print subscription gives you the right to access digital issues on a single iPad. If you require greater access please contact subscriber services to discuss group subscription discounts:

LIBRARY JOURNAL, PO Box 460957, Escondido, CA 92046-9805; telephone 1-800-588-1030; outside the US: 1-760-317-2332; email:

What happens when my print or digital subscription ends?

All issues that were part of your subscription are yours to keep.  Just download and store them in the App library.  When your current subscription ends, just renew your print sub which includes FREE digital access or SUBSCRIBE TODAY for the iPad-Only Subscription.

What if I have more questions?

Contact customer support via email at