May 24, 2018

Promoting Your Online Resources: let your thoughts be known

One of the first things on my list — handed to me seven years ago when I started at Columbus Metropolitan Library — was to promote our online databases. I remember being so baffled by that. First off, (being new to libraries) what are they? Second, why is it so hard to find them? We […]

LJ Directors Summit: Totally AWESOME!

Oh, my gosh, y’all! What a great, great summit. Wish all of you could have been here at Columbus Metropolitan Library as we helped present LJ’s third annual Directors Summit: Moving from Outputs to Outcomes. CML Executive Director Patrick Losinski welcomes guests at the opening luncheon. Summit Panelists Brad Mitchell, Senior Director, Ohio Appalachian Collaborative […]

Articulating Your Value Message

Moving From Outputs to Outcomes – that’s the subject of the upcoming LJ Director Summit. Much of the conversation there will be about value — how to articulate your value in today’s demanding marketplace. My friend Sandy Swanson, of OrangeBoy Inc. (and who will do a breakout session at the Summit) shared with me an […]

Using YouTube: Video Skills for Effective Library Promotion

Looking for some guidance on how to maximize your brand via YouTube?  At the Ohio Library Council’s convention, Dave Bullock of Cuyahoga Public Library and I did a presentation on this subject. Thought I’d share it with you here. And while you can’t get the full experience, hopefully it will give you things to think […]

Confronting the Brutal Facts

You know that chapter in Good to Great? That’s what came to mind when one of my favorite youth librarians came into my department and said: “You have to blog about this!” She had the latest issue of Voya, the library magazine for those serving young adults. The article: “Market Your Library Like a Bookstore.” Great idea. And […]

Marketing Academic Libraries: And Publics Can Learn, Too

In theory, marketing academic and public libraries should be basically the same. Sure the attributes differ, but the basic approach is probably the same. Even so, I know from hearing from many of you, that challenges at academic libraries can be great due to deeper entrenchment of the way things are. I’ve been working with […]

Build An Effective Marketing Campaign

Here’s a great tool to help you map out your next marketing campaign. I hear  from many of you asking for something exactly like this. When I attended a recent meeting of the American Marketing Association and a company called Minds On offered this up — well I thought it might be of use to many […]

Hartford Public Library Rebrands Themselves

Another library has taken branding by the horn and made it their own. Hartford Public Library has just launched a new website, a new logo (in June), a series of videos and collateral to put a stake in the ground about what it means to be a 21st century library.  Here’s their before and after […]

Come Join Me in Columbus this December

This you can’t miss: LJ ‘s Third Annual Directors Summit. And this year it will be held in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio! Most important, the summit takes the next step in a progression from year 1 (fundraising) to year 2 (marketing) to year 3: Moving from Outputs to Outcomes. Mark your calendars for Monday […]

Don't Miss: EBook Virtual Summit

Join me for LJ’s  Summit: Ebooks: The New Normal. Held October 12, you’ll be able to participate from your desktop, so you’ve no excuses. And trust me, there is nothing more pressing around marketing for libraries than this issue. This week I was off-site for two and a half days at a leadership conference. People […]