April 20, 2018

David Vinjamuri

About David Vinjamuri

David Vinjamuri, President of ThirdWay Brand Trainers and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Marketing at New York University, facilitates LJ’s Lead the Change program Transform Your Stacks To Drive Circulation

Activate Partners To Grow Circ | Brand Insider

The aim of merchandising is to make each library’s collection as effective as possible. Great merchandising forms the bridge between the library and the patron—it helps readers discover books beyond the best sellers on the holds shelf. The challenge for libraries is that merchandising is a specialty in its own right.

Building a Display-Driven Strategy | Brand Insider

Finding great books is getting even harder now as more and more books are published every year. Nearly a million new books flooded the market last year alone—about half of them self-published. LJ’s Patron Profiles data shows that libraries can be a great source for book discovery—32 percent of patrons find books to read or borrow from libraries. But there are still many more readers to reach. Readers’ advisory and online discovery both continue to play big roles in connecting readers to new titles, authors, and even genres they might not have sought out on their own. In the physical space, there is much more that can be done by reinventing how libraries approach the art of the display.