June 18, 2018

Josh Hadro

About Josh Hadro

Josh Hadro (@hadro on Twitter) is the former Executive Editor of Library Journal.

Farewell LJ, Hello NYPL

After more than five years with LJ (and a year working with School Library Journal and The Horn Book as well), I’m moving on. In mid-July, I’ll be starting as Deputy Director, Reference and Research Services at the New York Public Library (NYPL).

What’s the Problem with Self-Publishing?

The discussion of self-published titles in libraries has increased in recent years, in direct proportion to the angst surrounding ongoing ebook licensing negotiations with major traditional publishers. Prompted by the prospect of limited availability of popular titles or higher prices—probably both—­librarians are understandably weighing alternatives that might satisfy readership demands. There are, however, very real barriers that must be overcome before self-publishing is likely to be even a small component of many collection efforts. Some barriers will fall away naturally as this growing market gains momentum and filters its way into downstream publishing markets like libraries, while others will require a more concerted advocacy effort to overcome.

Can You Explain First Sale Using Only the Ten-Hundred Most Common Words?

I think we can all agree: First Sale is important. But can you explain it in the simplest terms possible? We aimed to find “The Story of ‘First Time Buying’ Idea for Book-Sharing Places”

Year in Review: Top Articles of 2012 (Plus a Free Ebook) | LJ Insider

Everyone does a year-end list, and I don’t like being left out. But I also don’t like lists that are short on context, or worse, short on content. So I channeled my inner Nate Silver and sliced the LJ universe of data in a couple of ways that I hope are more illuminating than just a raw list of articles that got a lot of attention.

Fair Use Panel Cautions Against Adopting Georgia State Ruling as Definitive | ALA Annual 2012

Highlighting a number of cases and rulings covering digital fair use— including the recent Georgia State ereserves verdict as well as Authors Guild vs. Google, Authors Guild vs. HathiTrust, and AIME vs. UCLA – the “Fair Use, Intellectual Property, and New Media” panel at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA played to a standing-room only room eager for expert analysis on which direction the library fair use winds are blowing.

Jack Blount Appointment as OCLC CEO/President Reversed, Jay Jordan Will Stay On

Jay Jordan will postpone his retirement to continue on in the positions; the details of this message were confirmed to Library Journal by Cathy De Rosa, Vice President for the Americas and Global Vice President of Marketing.

Did You Miss the #PLA12 Unconference? | PLA 2012

Live stream archive from the first-ever Unconference at PLA, Friday March 16 in Philadelphia, PA.

Reports of Reference Death May Be Exaggerated | PLA 2012

A double session room filled to capacity at the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia got an earful about the difference between Big “R” reference and a more nimble and responsive vision of services anticipating 21st century user needs. The session was presented by Jason Kuhl and Richard Kong of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library (IL) with Celeste Choate of Ann Arbor District Library (MI).

ALA Midwinter 2012: Collection Development Officers Ponder Ebooks in Research Libraries

Pricing, content, and terms are primary concerns, according to one segment of a wide-ranging discussion Saturday morning at the ALA Midwinter meeting.

Library Journal's Own Digital Shift

We’re getting our online house in order. Soon, Library Journal will have a proper home for the daily mix of news stories, reviews, features, columns, and research we publish to the web and in our newsletters. In the meantime, you’re going to see LJ content in a couple of different places, all still under the LJ banner.