March 17, 2018

ALA Annual 2011: A Radiant Gilda Ramos Accepts Paralibrarian of the Year Honor

Gilda Ramos—radiant in both speech and dress—accepted the award for Paralibrarian of the Year at a lively event held at the historic Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans. The $1500 award was sponsored by DEMCO, Inc.

ALA Annual 2011: Opening Session Speaker Dan Savage Says “It Gets Better” is About Access and Information

Dan Savage has made a career of speaking his mind. His Savage Love column and weekly podcast have brought sane sex and relationship advice to millions, a kind of pop cultural counterpart to the Go Ask Alice resource beloved by high school and college librarians everywhere. He got the chance to speak his mind again […]

A Day's Work and Then Some: DuPage Library System Cites LJ's Mike Kelley for Excellence in Journalism

We here in the LJ newsroom were happy to see a note from the DuPage Library System (DLS) recognizing LJ‘s Michael Kelley for “Excellence in Investigative Journalism.”

Not Off-Site, but Out-of-Sight: University of Chicago's Massive Underground Robotic Storage System

Underneath the domed reading room of the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, a new facility will hold some 3.5 million volumes and deliver them to students and faculty above at the circulation desk in roughly five minutes.

Got Reader Privacy? California Nearly Does With Senate Approval of Reader Privacy Act

Call me crazy, but I think privacy is important. Reader privacy too. But not everyone agrees.

How Much Would You Pay to Search for the Royal Wedding Guest List?

What would users pay per search to get at the wealth of web data to which they’ve become accustomed? What’s the reasonable search price on “the royal wedding guest list”? Kevin Kelly highlights some interesting research into relative search measures and merits, research that also points to some interesting questions about how to measure the value of library materials, discovery services, and even library services more broadly.

Vinyl-Loving Librarian Speaks About Preservation Week [video]

Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian at the University of California, San Diego, is a person who likes records. In a video produced for Preservation Week, he describes his personal collection and philosophy on preservation.

Arts vs. Libraries in San Diego Budget

In Los Angeles, it came down to libraries versus the police and fire departments. Now, in San Diego, it seems the library and arts organizations are the ones going head-to-head.

University Press Content Consortium at 51 Partners and Counting

Just a few months after the merger of the Project MUSE Editions project and the University Press ebook Consortium (UPCC) to form the University Press Content Consortium (see “Two University Press Ebook Initiatives Merge”), UPCC has announced a total of 51 partners on board.

After Kindle Lending, the Deluge

That this is a boon for OverDrive is clear, but where is Amazon’s interest? It’s in the patron-customer conversion.