February 17, 2018

Growth Potential

Tappé Associates explores expansion opportunities for a 103-year-old Carnegie in NE Wisconsin A burgeoning population has put the 10,500 square foot Kaukauna Public Library (KPL), WI, at a crossroads: Renovate and expand, or build anew elsewhere? Either way, the library staff and board agree that the building, part Tudor Revival–style Carnegie and part 6300 square […]

Going Green

LJ’s second Design Institute tackles the ins and outs of sustainable buildings On December 11, approximately 115 librarians, architects, and planners convened at the Chicago Public Library‘s (CPL) Harold Washington Center for LJ‘s second Design Institute (DI). Through a daylong series of green-themed presentations, panels, and breakout sessions, they conferred on the latest developments, options, […]

LJ Series “Job Satisfaction”: I ♥ Librarianship

For public librarians, the profession is full of rewards and, for some, all too much discontent Why choose librarianship as a career? Seventeen percent of public librarians responding to this question in LJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey began their answers with the words “I love….” And not for nothing: 70% reported being either “very satisfied” or […]

Veteran West Virginia Archivist Fired

Fred Armstrong, West Virginia state archives director for 22 years, was dismissed on November 1 for no stated reason, and librarians, local history buffs, and one major elected official have stood up in his defense. Meanwhile, Armstrong has filed a grievance with the state personnel board. Armstrong’s attorney, Jim Lees, told LJ that a hearing […]

20 Years and Counting

In commemoration of the Librarian of the Year Award’s 20th anniversary, all 19 of the profession’s indefatigable stars return for an encore What more illuminative view of librarianship through the years than from atop the shoulders of two decades of the field’s finest? When LJ named them Librarians of the Year, these inimitable 19 (for […]

Learning Gardens

New York’s GreenBranches program links the library to the street To the individual, gardens area link to the natural world, offering solace, refuge, inspiration, and purpose. To a low-income neighborhood, where often the only greenery sprouts from between cracks in concrete, their impact can be monumental, signaling sustainability, beautifying, attesting to value and worth—even prompting […]

Where Are They Now?

LJ revisits a decade’s worth of graduates When these LJ cover subjects were profiled as part of our annual Placements & Salaries issue, they had come from all walks of life. Susan Winch had been a social worker, for instance, and Chery Marzano was director of a day-care center. Armed with library science degrees from […]