February 17, 2018

LJ Index 2014: Another Kind of Outcome Data

Generally, public library outcome assessment has relied on self-reported data from library patrons. In many cases, voluntary self-reports from library patrons is the only reasonable approach to learning how they benefited from using a collection, service, or program. But, it is not the only kind of outcome data. Sometimes, for a particular library service, there may be more objective and comprehensive data on the outcome of interest.

LJ Index 2014: New Output Measures

Three dozen Star Library interviewees were asked to identify new output measures they felt should be available, based on their experiences with outcome measurement. Their responses included both more detailed versions of existing outputs and entirely new ones, reflecting the expanding technology-based roles of public libraries. The proposed measures suggest the connections these library administrators see between outputs and outcomes.

LJ Index 2014: What’s Next for the LJ Index & Star Library Ratings

When we conceived the LJ Index in 2008, neither we nor anyone else in the public library community would have imagined we all would have to wait five years for a new output measure to be mandated for U.S. public libraries. The drought appears to be over, as at least two new output measures are likely to be added to the federal Public Library Survey over the next two years. In 2015, IMLS will be reporting the first data (for 2013) on e-circulation. In 2016, if the current trajectory of deliberations and decision-making by IMLS and the state library agencies are fulfilled, another new output measure is expected: Wi-Fi access usage.

LJ Index 2014: Changing Constellations

The LJ Index contains far more data than we can cram into the print issue. Below are some web-exclusive tables that shed some additional light on libraries who are new to the Index this year or who lost star status from 2013 to 2014.

LJ Index 2014: Find Your Library

Whether or not your library has been given a star rating, you can benefit from finding peers in your expenditure category and comparing stats. For the scores for all libraries included in this round of the LJ Index, use the links below to download a spreadsheet with the libraries rated, their ratings, and the data from which the ratings were derived.

LJ Index 2014: The Star Libraries by Expenditure Category

The LJ Index is based on four types of per capita use they generate: visits, circulation, public access computer use, and program attendance. Star Library ratings of five, four, and three stars are awarded to libraries that generate the highest combined per capita outputs among their spending peers. This year, there are 258 Star Libraries, owing to three instances of tied scores on the LJ Index.

America’s Star Libraries, 2012: Top-Rated Libraries

We are very pleased to present the results of the fifth edition of the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service (LJI), a measurement tool that compares U.S. public libraries on the quantities of services they deliver. The 2012 LJ Index, brought to you by Baker & Taylor’s Bibliostat Collect and Connect, is based on Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) data for 2010.

LJ Index 2012: The Star Libraries

Jump to an Expenditure Range: $30,000,000 + $10,000,000 – $29,999,999 $5,000,000 – $9,999,999 $1,000,000 – $4,999,999 $400,000 – $999,999 $200,000 – $399,999 $100,000 – $199,999 $50,000 – $99,999 $10,000 – $49,999 Welcome to the latest update on America’s Star Libraries and the data that earn them that distinction. The LJ Index of Public Library Service […]

LJ Index 2012: 2012 Stars, State by State

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LJ Index 2012: Surviving the Recession

LJ Index of Public Library Service 2012 The Star Libraries 2012 Stars, State by State All the Stars, All Five Editions Five-Year Reflection Surviving the Recession Find a Library LJ Index FAQ While the effects of the 2007–09 recession were front of mind when we were designing the LJ Index, no one realized how long […]