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2017’s best audiobooks, DVDs, music, and games, as chosen by LJ’s editors and contributors


Audiobooks, videos, music, and games continue to circulate widely in libraries, and the variety will entice patrons, whether they’re looking to be entertained, educated, or enlightened. LJ’s reviewers and columnists have once again selected the year’s best offerings. The best audiobooks of 2017 include short story collections, debut novels, memoirs, true crime, astrophysics, and poetry. Best video features classics, foreign films, indies, and documentaries. Three new gaming columnists select the year’s best board, video, and mobile games, and Steve Kemple presents the two best albums of the year, plus another 48 honorable mentions.


LJ video reviewer/Fast Scans columnist Jeff T. Dick sticks to feature films for this annual best-of, listing more independent and international titles with greater diversity in genre and format.


This year, our ears were graced by many great albums—even a few brilliant ones. But two stood out from the crowd: Nicole Mitchell’s Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds—Steve Kemple’s pick for album of the year—and Thundercat’s Drunk.


LJ’s new gaming columnists have chosen their favorite games of the year. The titles include board games, video games, and a mobile title that will appeal to a wide range of patrons with differing interests and experience.


The best audiobooks of 2017 are performed by talented narrators whose readings will provide listeners with new perspectives and transport them to new worlds. Short-format works stood out this year; the list is packed with short stories, essays, letters, and a collection of decades-old, still fascinating true crime columns.