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One Day You’ll Be Sorry

I read the paper this morning and found out we had a Presidential election yesterday. Somebody should have told me about it, though where I live – like in most of the country – it doesn’t really matter how I vote. Browsing the bibliotek blogosphere, I get the impression that a lot of librarians were supporting Obama. I seem to recall an email on an ALA listserv where ALA President Jim Rettig said, "You may not use ALA listservs to campaign for political candidates or the ALA may lose its tax-exempt status. So definitely do NOT send messages like, ‘Please vote for that outstanding Presidential candidate Barack Obama.’ No matter how fine a candidate he might be, and no matter that Palin woman may have once tried to ban a library book and thus stands against all our intellectual freedom propaganda, you definitely cannot endorse any candidates in this space." Or something like that. Now that Obama has won and McCain received a serious ass-kicking, the librarians are celebrating.

The question I always ask myself about every issue in life is, but what about the libraries? Before you rejoice too much, you should think about all the good things that have happened because for the past eight years we’ve had a librarian sleeping with the President so we didn’t have to. Just look at this quote from the White House’s Laura Bush: Librarian and Teacher page:

"As a former public school teacher and librarian, Mrs. Bush has a special place in her heart for books and libraries. She knows that a love of books — of holding a book, turning its pages, looking at its pictures, and losing oneself in its fascinating stories — goes hand-in-hand with a love of learning.

She also knows that having parents, teachers, librarians and members of the community who care enough to make libraries a priority is one of the most important steps in helping to maintain high-quality library services."

Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart? Do you think that sassy Michelle Obama is going to have a special place in her heart for libraries? She might, but it won’t be as special as Laura Bush’s special place, because, well, because it just can’t be.

Also, how likely is it that we’ll have another First Lady who actually believes the ALA propaganda about librarian shortages? Also from that page:

"More than half of all librarians are projected to retire by 2019. The administration has proposed an initiative to recruit, train and support a new generation of librarians. The President’s budget for FY 2004 requests $20 million for this initiative to help offset the national shortage."

Then there’s another whole page on Recruitment and Education of Librarians for the 21st Century. In Laura Bush the ALA had an advocate who was actually thick enough to swallow wholesale their propaganda about the librarian shortage, and support the Federal government wasting gobs of money on librarian recruitment, including that absurd $600,000 IMLS grant to recruit librarians by supporting a bunch of LIS PhD students who aren’t even going to become librarians!

To believe that heavy recruitment of librarians was a good idea when there were usually librarian job shortages all round is an idea so stupid only a librarian would believe it. Do you think Michelle Obama with her degrees from Princeton and Harvard (where, I should point out, they don’t even have library schools!) is going to be dumb enough to believe the ALA propaganda on the so-called librarian shortage? Fat chance. Cindy McCain might have been, though, because she only went to USC.

So I hope all you librarians out there who voted for Obama are happy with yourselves. When generous IMLS grants for absolutely unnecessary library PhD students start drying up and the First Lady no longer has a warm heart and a soft brain over ALA propaganda, you’ll all be sorry you voted for smart people instead of people who believe the ALA.



  1. Obama will spread the wealth to librarians, so I don’t know how you can say librarians would one day be sorry for voting for him. This is progressive change and gives hope that librarians would, one day, be able to dress well.

  2. That would be a nice change. I suggest an IMLS grant for wardrobe development.

  3. Running Dog says:

    Unless you are voting your proxy shares in Exxon/Mobil etc, you have no say in who is running this country.

    Corporations run things they way they see fit.

  4. Roy G. Biv says:

    Like Brent, I hope Obama will spread the wealth around for us librarians. God knows (oops, sorry to invoke a fictional deity), librarians need some cash after spending an obscence amount of money on a library degree and then earning a wimpy salary in their first job (if they can find that first job, that is).

    Librarian shortage? My size 12 foot!

    Redistribute the wealth, I say. From the librarian bloggers who we see so often and certainly earning the big bucks to yours, Roy, with the small pockets and worn wallet.

  5. grass roots says:

    National politics have very little influence on libraries. It doesn’t matter who the president is, it’s more important who the county administrators are.

  6. The What? says:

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  7. I still kinda like Laura the Librarian. Her husband’s Presidential Library is in the works, as you know, and I’m told it will be large enough to house BOTH of the books he read during his term in office … even the one that he didn’t color.

  8. Presidential elections grab all the headlines (and are fun to blog about), but they have no effect on local libraries.

  9. Linus van Pelt says:

    It is true that libraries are dependent on local elections. In my part of the country it means we are doomed.

  10. carptrash says:

    Your mentioning the funds that are going to support, “students who aren’t even going to become librarians!” reminded me of the set-up that I discovered while in the Peace Corps. In my lovely country students graduated from 6th grade and then turned around, stood at the front of the class and became teachers. If they stayed for perhaps 5 years, and were successful, they might get the chance to attend the National Teachers’ College. If they managed to survive that program they were suddenly in the educated elite of the country and virtually none of them returned to reaching. Life. What a place to live.

  11. Too bad Michelle Obama didn’t go to LSU (go in dumb, come out dumb too & they have a library school).

    Alas, maybe AL can help spread the wealth around to needy librarians by sending Chip around to mix drinks for the rest of us.

  12. I am too lazy to look up the source of this quote but it basically states, “Politicians are like dirty diapers, they should be changed often – for much the same reason.”

  13. Chip mixes drinks for no one but me! In fact, he’s just poured me a martini now that he’s finished giving me my daily massage.

  14. effinglibrarian says:

    Obama’s daughter Malia Ann is 10, so she might sneak out and visit a library to post to her MySpace page, so we can look forward to that story (“Library Corrupts President’s Daughter”). Sasha is too young to cause trouble, but I think she has an overdue copy of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! from her school library. And she almost accidentally borrowed The Book of Bunny Suicides from the public library, so who knows? Libraries could be very important to the next First Family.

  15. Dan Kleinman of says:

    AL said, “I get the impression that a lot of librarians were supporting Obama.” Generally, librarians making political donations donate to Democrats 94% of the time, according to The Huffington Post’s Fundrace. Some of those donations are huge and some come from the ALA’s top leadership, like Judith Krug, where rates increase to 100%. Does anyone know why this is the case?

  16. anonymous says:

    Did I miss something or was one of the other candidates married to a librarian? I can always ask for my vote back. Or perhaps you think McCain would have invited Laura to stay on and sleep in the spare bedroom to keep IMLS afloat?

  17. anonymous says:

    Hey Dan, your organization does more to convince librarians to support democrats than a lot of other things I can think of. Your current web site poster child lost by quite a large margin. You might want to reconsider endorsements; it seems to have the opposite effect.

  18. *Hey Dan, your organization does more to convince librarians to support democrats than a lot of other things I can think of.*

    Huh? I would think that librarians’ self-induced poverty via bad choices in life & academia and/or crushing loneliness and/or social illiteracy drives them to such acts of desperation much more than a website they never visit.

  19. Some librarians have money left over to donate to something?

  20. After School says:

    UI say we elect The Who for president.

  21. For some reason I’m sitting here imagining that Chips is a Primate directly related to Pongo pygmaeus

    And I really Really tried to be quick and short in my comment today, because there’s simply not much to talk about. Then I thought about things for ten minutes and suddenly the entire watershed broke loose all at once; I am oversaturated with content. Bear with me, but I think this discussion will be worth it. I wouldn’t post it otherwise.

    Anyhow, I cannot speculate much about how this president will change our local scene. I do know I can say this next part, however.

    Grants for the NSA and other educational funds have seen diminished budgets in the last couple of years, while local agencies such as the park service in my state are being forced to reduce nearly 1/3rd of all full time permanent positions, no matter how crucial those positions are.

    These matters are of huge consequence to education because many of these grants end up in universities where students are the researchers working with professors; The Park Service is further one of the bigger employers of archeologists, preservationists, and other humanities majors including disciplines within the library science field – and if not directly, then indirectly when they contract this work out.

    How does this all impact libraries? It’s really hard to say. Scientists love the academic library because they can get all their research papers there. If they hire a student to work in their lab, they can get all of the research papers for *Free*. Your public loves libraries right now for the many entertainment opportunities available; if the public libraries had larger budgets, they might be able to push harder on the hard sell commodities such as preparation materials [novels, geography, science, nonfiction] for higher education.

    If Obama does implement a tax plan that takes a chunk back from the wealthy 5% and reinvests that money back into education, libraries will see their budgets increase. This is a simply matter of interdependent economies, whereas the public library is the source for education outside of established intuitions and the academic library is the is the source for education and reinforcement inside established institutions. The local schools in my city have tried to cut the librarian positions outright, but they only half succeeded; in the end, the elementary schools had to each decide between either a school nurse or a school librarian. The solution has been to simple share a librarian and nurse between two elementary schools. More funding from the top will make an impact in my state but the federal government will have to word the bill very carefully. We must remember that one of the largest employers for librarians perhaps even before public libraries are school districts. If schools have to have more librarians again, more positions become available for librarians, and thus, then perhaps there WILL be a librarian shortage!!!

    I invoke the Federal transportation bill from years ago as a perfect example of beautifully crafted legislation. The federal government really wanted to establish a nation drinking age of 21, but due to jurisdiction rules, the federal government cannot make such laws outright; these are matters that belong to the states. To solve this problem, the federal government attached a little gotcha to the bill: in order to receive federal funds under this bill, states would have to voluntarily adopt a drinking age of no less than 21 years of age. The states naturally responded nearly in unison by raising the age limits from 18 to 21.

    Obama cannot simply drop money into my state and expect things to magically get better in the education system. If he simply dumps money in my state’s education fund, for example, my state will simply reduce the amount the state legislature puts up for that fund as well. This is simply how my state works; we don’t pay for anything we don’t have to, and the fact that we are ranked between 47 and 51 on per pupil funding should be VERY telling about the local attitude in my state towards education.

    If Obama wishes to be successful with educational funding, he will have to insist that the legislators attach a gotcha similar to the highway maintenance bill maneuver to any education bill providing the states with addition funding for education. I envision this caveat to read something like “the federal government will meet and match funds allocated by state governments up to Y amount per student, where states provide at minimum X per student. If states do not meet this base minimum X, they will not receive federal funding for education.”

    You may call this extortion, but this is the only way to get educators and librarians better pay here in my state.

    Old people and highly successful middle aged [40-65] entrepreneurs sometimes baulk at supporting the poor young people in their educational aspirations; after all, they are old and so they will not be receiving any of the benefits from those tax dollars. However, it has been statistically shown that crime rates decrease with educational levels. Further, as more young people become better educated, old people have more opportunities and choices when it comes to nursing, medical care, lectures, fine arts and other entertainment only old people seem to enjoy and yet young people put together, such as symphony orchestras. Finally, very successful people need to remember that at one time they too were poor young students, they themselves funded by the posterity of this country. Thus, for the cycle to come full circle and to complete our society, there comes a point where we all have to pay our dues. It is my dream that some day I am indeed fortunate enough to have the privilege to PAY income tax, for that day will mean I have finally made something of myself. Think about it.

  22. LSU Tiger says:

    Hey, nolajazz, you’ve confused LSU with Alabama.

  23. Chik Phil A says:

    If you cut out the fluff in Mr. Kat’s post, you’re left with this:

    “For some reason…think about it.”

  24. Another LSU Tiger says:

    Hey LSU Tiger,

    The reference to LSU (went in dumb, came out dumb too) is to Randy Newman’s Rednecks. Whether nolajazz’s irony is intentional in saying that it’s a shame that Michelle Obama didn’t go to LSU is open to question.

  25. soren faust says:

    jmo, the number one consideration concerning your comment, I think is this:

    Am I weird because I’m a librarian? Or, am I a librarian because I’m weird? I know personally that I haven’t been the same since library school.

  26. Anonymous says:

    AL and readers,

    The following announcement for scholarships to get your MLS arrived in a listserve today. Think these folks will also pay for unemployment when those new graduates can’t find jobs?

    The application process is open for Oregon residents enrolled or planning to enroll in a graduate course of study for the Masters in Library Science degree for the 2009 – 2010 academic year. Applications from eligible students are sought for over $17,000 in scholarship awards. Current recipients of OLA MLS scholarships may reapply annually for continuing funding for up to three years of awards.

  27. Original Anonymous Librarian says:

    If things get REALLY bad, maybe they’ll have some kind of WPA type funding for libraries. Seriously, during the late 70’s there was funding for the CETA program that included workers in the regional library where I was employed. There were also two MLS holders who had jobs that were paid via Federal library aid funds, myself being one. Ever heard of LSCA [Library Services &

  28. Original Anonymous Librarian says:

    TRY#2;If things get REALLY bad, maybe they’ll have some kind of WPA type funding for libraries. Seriously, during the late 70’s there was funding for the CETA program that included workers in the regional library where I was employed. There were also two MLS holders who had jobs that were paid via Federal library aid funds, myself being one. Ever heard of LSCA [Library Services & Construction Act]? During the Reagan era said president sent the $$ into stuff like B-1 bombers and $600 coffee pots. I remember one fellow at the state library musing if they’d put the money for just one B-1 into federal aid to libraries. Laura Bush struck me as being the type that would fall for some guff from ALA.

  29. Grumpy Librarian says:

    Did anyone fail to tell Laura Bush that there’s still a shotrage of funding for some libraries? From what I’ve seen, the way things are headed they’ll probably just downsize the other alleged library positions slated to open by retirement via attrition. Problem of “shortage” solved.

  30. Post Postmodern Librarian says:

    You know, soon this will be a non issue, with Google winning the right to put all the materials they scanned, up full text, for a poultry $125ish million. We librarians are going to be so smart, and buy into the long tail buying this cool database of books, while we close our doors. If this dose not kill us, then the next round of City Managers and Chancellors, who never stepped foot in a library, because they were not able to play computer games, will get us for sure. Dont feel bad the newspaper industry will go before us, so we wont have to worry about periodical collections.

  31. Charles Manson says:

    Most libraries are overstaffed as it is now. Customers aren’t using the library as much as they used to, so it makes sense to consolidate jobs that become open due to retirements.

  32. soren faust says:

    Forget about a time when libraries will be outmoded. I’m looking forward to a time when humans are left derelict and bots take over.

  33. “Most libraries are overstaffed as it is now. Customers aren’t using the library as much as they used to, so it makes sense to consolidate jobs that become open due to retirements.” Please back this up with stats. Our library circ. has increased 80% in the last 5 years and our visits have increased 20% in the last five years. And other libraries I know of have had similar increases in usage. (Oh and btw, we do a very small amount of gaming).

  34. publibchik says:

    Even when gate counts and circ stats are increasing, the library is still becoming more of a self-serve organization. So the need for staff will diminish.

  35. Yosemite Sam says:

    If you take out the number of illegal aliens using OUR resources, actual library numbers are falling, and fast.

    Want a public library job, better ¿Habla Español?

    ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

  36. choo choo train says:

    Why would anybody want to work in a public library anyway?

  37. This is a white collar town. Lots of foreign people but they are university students. So our increases are not from immigrants, legal or illegal. And the town down the road which is is bigger than us, but has more immigrants has a much lower circ. than us. What do make of this? More educated people who read are raising the circ. not immigrants.

  38. Real American says:

    Anyone who skews the statistics to hide the illegal alien problem is a menace to America and needs to be deported.

  39. Alaska Hottie says:

    Like Obama’s aunt?

  40. Is it donuts or doughnuts?

  41. Is Obama’s aunt skewing library statistics to hide the illegal alien problem?

  42. Alaska Hottie says:

    No, she is the illegal alien problem.

  43. John Kissinger says:

    Well, I for one want to make Sara Palin the Librarian of Congress or Pres of ALA.
    Put her in charge of public relations and Banned Books Month

  44. As long as I am deported to a tropical island and given plenty of money to live off of. And if I can take my illegal nanny and driver with me.

  45. Oh, and Immigrant Song is good. And Jack White. Jack White is good too.

  46. You liberal pantywaists make me want to puke.

  47. Alaska Hottie says:

    The Dow has lost more than 1,000 points since Obama’s victory. I hope none of you were planning on retiring any time soon.

  48. Julia Child says:

    Is a potato a vegetable?

  49. *During the Reagan era said president sent the $ into stuff like B-1 bombers and $600 coffee pots.*

    Often those 1000 dollar toilets and such are just clever accounting. You know, spy planes and such that you aren’t supposed to know are being built. Come on, now, think on it: 6 billion dollar non-existent weapons program equals how many solid gold hammers?

  50. ps: Soren, you were weird before you were a librarian. No non-weird person willingly chooses to go to library school.

  51. publiclibrarEwoman says:

    Agreed, jmo… Everyone who chooses to go to library school is pretty weird– before, during, and after library school.

  52. carptrash says:

    Around here Spanish is often the first language and no one has moved for 300 years. Folks go into public library service for many of the same reasons that they go into any public service. because (mostly late at night when the day is over) it feels good. eeeek

  53. And I say “So what,” Alaska Hottie – the Dow was already down 5,000 points on the year before Obama ever became the president-ELECT, which means he isn’t even president. Meanwhile the previous president has shown us what I feared from the beginning abck in 1999-2000: he has been just as good at managing the American Economy as he was at managing the Texas Rangers baseball Economy. That team was practiclaly bankrupt when he left it too!

    Anyone who expects instant results when billions of people are involved needs a lesson in waiting and patience – the line at the DMV might be a good place to start. I suggest you spend the time composing your seething letters tot he editors of our nation about how terrible Obama is going to make things. Fear Mongers, Trolls, and Muckrakers unite!!

  54. Alaska Hottie says:

    So the Dow lost 5,000 in a year and 1,000 in two days. Which is more significant? Everybody knows our taxes are about to go through the roof. But y’all got what you wanted.

  55. Just out of curiosity, is anyone here familiar with the “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” fallacy?

  56. Has anyone noticed that the FCC opened up the white spaces spectrum for wireless broadband and the next day stocks started to fall? Freaky!

  57. Jurassic Librarian says:

    I just assumed the stock market fell so dramatically because Michael Crichton died.

  58. soren faust says:

    I always knew I was weird deep down inside, but forgot until I went to library school. Wow! what a rude awakening. I’ve yet to recover my lulling, idyll sense of denial, that is until I had to go to rehab. That’s when I found kindred spirts to help me forget all that librarian nonsense and point me to all the good copping locations in town.

  59. Librarian shortage? Try library shortage. You guys who don’t retire before 2019 better start dusting off those resumes.

    The plan is, indeed, to spread the wealth – but not to you. Try looking for a new profession, never mind a new job. You’ll need one, especially with all that ‘tude.

    That snarky enough for ya?

  60. I am the intruder says:

    That snarky enough for ya? No. It is not.

  61. I think a potato is considered a root vegetable.

  62. guy with a comment says:

    My library school had some inane classes, but I just ignored those or rewrote the assignments myself into something substantive. The other already-substantive classes were beneficial. I also met some cute girls, as I did at various library association meetings. It’s a good life and I like the field. I think the snark-spouters should settle down.

  63. “If things get REALLY bad, maybe they’ll have some kind of WPA type funding for libraries”

    I hope so. Those Federal Writers Project typescript transcriptions of nineteenth-century historical primary source materails are really cool….especially the crappy 1930s cheap-ass bindings.

  64. A potato is actually a tuber plant.

  65. Dan Quayle says:

    Umm, folks it is potatoE

  66. Like the Obamas are going to enroll their daughters in the oh-so-wonderful DC public school system… Hah!

  67. Alaska Hottie says:

    Take your current paycheck and pull out about 30% of that to give to Obama.

  68. soren faust says:

    Take your current paycheck and pull out about 30% of that to give to me, instead. I have a monkey on my back something fierce.

  69. How many miligrams of fish oil supplements should a person take each day?

  70. ex-con-chick says:

    It depends on your body type and how much fish you normally eat. Look for a product that’s “species specific,” with fish like salmon, tuna, anchovies and sardines on the label. This is the only way to know where the oil is coming from.

    When a supplement label just says “fish oil” or “marine lipids,” they’re hiding something and the product should NOT be considered.

    Even within a specific species, there’s going to be some fish that are healthier than others. Find out if the brand you’re considering selects only healthy fish graded for human consumption and is guaranteed to be toxin free.

    Because fish are full of more than just fish oil, processing is vitally important. To minimize the likelihood of contaminants and hidden vitamin A and D, you’ll want a company that presses their fish oil only from the flesh of healthy fish.

  71. Dr. Chemistry says:

    Do not take fish oil supplements or eat fish!!!!

    If the mercury doesn’t kill you then the PCBs will.

  72. one man and one woman says:

    Thank goodness the gay marriage thing failed in California. It’s good to see that those fruitcakes out there can get something right once in a while.

  73. soren faust says:

    If the mercury doesn’t kill you then the PCBs will. Eat Lake Trout and you’ll avoid this problem.

  74. So for the next blog, will the AL comment on the new library shortage that has begun over anew with Philadelphia cutting 11 of 54 public libraries? Oops, there it goes!!!

  75. Phillie Phanatic says:

    Who cares if Philadelphia is cutting public libraries


  76. Dr. Chemistry says:

    Lake Trout is filled with PCBs. They are everywhere and are killing people.

  77. Philadelphia has 54 public libraries? Sounds like they need some cutting.

  78. soren faust says:

    Lake Trout is filled with PCBs. They are everywhere and are killing people Well, then eat Twinkies.

  79. Dr. Chemistry says:

    Those things will kill you.
    The only safe food is hydroponic kelp grown in sterile conditions with only the proper vitamins and minerals added. If you don’t have a chromatograph of all ingredients, then don’t eat them.!!!!!

  80. Tessa Perry says:

    I am not sorry or annoyed! I am ecstatic! Some of us may remember when then Senator Barack Obama was first introduced to the library community. I remember quite vividly. It was Saturday, June 25, 2005 on a *very* warm evening, on his home turf and at the opening session of our Annual Conference.

    I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the opening session with the Bob McKee, CEO of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). We both sat on the edge of our seats listening to Mr. Obama’s message, slowly being filled with hope and inspiration when suddenly in the middle of the speech Bob turned to me and said: “There’s your next President!” To which I responded: “No way! You have more faith in my country than I.”

    Well, how prophetic! Our President-Elect and the new leader of the free world is, in the words of Colin Powell, “a transformational figure” who has “met the standard of being…an exceptional president”. He is *also* one of the youngest presidents and the first African-American elected to office.

    I am so full of pride and giddy with excitement about the possibilities of what we can all achieve together. Kudos to my colleague across the pond, whose vision of America far exceeded anything that I could ever dream in my lifetime! Bob, have a pint on me!

  81. Greg Brady says:

    They’re making 100 calorie pack Twinkies now.

  82. librarEwoman says:

    Sounds like Tessa’s been drinking the Koolaid.

  83. Mithrandir says:


  84. I’ve fished for lake trout before but I’ve never had one try to kill me. Those PCB’s must really buff them up.

  85. Sweetness says:

    Drinking the Koolaid? And maybe librarEwoman, you’ve had too much fiber.

  86. Not a very good librarian if you forgot there was an election.

  87. Bandaid commented:
    Not a very good librarian if you forgot there was an election.

    Someone really doesn’t get the concept of sarcasm…

  88. Wow, if I wanted a blog this dead, I would go visit John Berry’s. Wake up people!

  89. DirectorWho says:

    Obama is going to find out what Clinton found out: Congress is in control of the country. Whenever Clinton tried to pass a bill contrary to the Congress’ wishes, he’d get a visit from the Speaker of the House or the President Pro-Tem of the Senate (contrary to Biden’s assertions, the VP IS the pres. of the Senate), telling him just where his power came from. And so Obama will cave, like Clinton.

    Reagan, on the other hand, simply said, “you will pass it or I will veto every bill that you send my way!” Obama doesn’t have that kind of nerve.

  90. So Sarah Palin “supposedly” wanted to ban a book. So what? Big deal. I’ll be very interested to see how the Democrats in the library community react as the libs in Congress attempt to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine which will in-effect silence talk radio. Or do Democrat librarians only believe in free speech when it is what they want to hear?

  91. *I’ll be very interested to see how the Democrats in the library community react*

    They won’t be able to react–they’ll all be Philadelphia’d. They’ll probably willingly fall on their own swords with a smile on their faces though–for their ‘transformational’ Dear Leader–as long as the order comes is relayed via their Commissars in ALA.

  92. Auntie Nanuuq says:

    LOL….yer funny….

    Mrs. Bush is married to a man who doesn’t even support the First Amendment or an Individual’s right to privacy!

    Not all librarians are forward thinking people…and to be married to such a person as W., well that alone speaks volumes.

  93. *Mrs. Bush is married to a man who doesn’t even support the First Amendment or an Individual’s right to privacy!*

    It’s funny that he never has pushed legislation to rid us of that pesky 1st amendment, isn’t it? And you do know who has been behind the only recent attempts and successes at doing so, right? [Hint: hate speech codes @ your university].

  94. Pooh Bearian says:

    Well, duh WebbyGrl. Of course free speech is only for the democrats. How dare those conservative librarians (all 2 of us) speak about their views.

  95. could we leave the fish alone and get back to the library?

    “Or do Democrat librarians only believe in free speech when it is what they want to hear?”

    Years ago I went to see a locally controversial movie – an early Michael Moore production called “Blood in their faces”. It was about Michigan Neo-nazis and was filmed largely at a place I was associated with through work. So a lot of local liberals got in a twitter because much of the film was just these nazis spouting their stuff and there was very little commentary, and some folks felt that Moore had given them too big of a platform from with to spew forth their . …. message. So I went to the movie and shouldered my way through the demonstrators and spotted one with a sign stating “NO FREE SPEECH FOR FASCISTS” and I still have not figured that one one.
    Then there was the time I was tossed out of the anti-discrimination rally because I was (still am) white, but that’s another story for . …………… eeeeek

  96. clear and open mind says:

    The liberals are too busy celebrating gays getting married to worry about the future of libraries.

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