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One Day You’ll Be Sorry

I read the paper this morning and found out we had a Presidential election yesterday. Somebody should have told me about it, though where I live - like in most of the country - it doesn't really matter how I vote. Browsing the bibliotek blogosphere, I get the impression that a lot of librarians were supporting Obama. I seem to recall an email on an ALA listserv where ALA President Jim Rettig said, "You may not use ALA listservs to campaign for political candidates or the ALA may lose its tax-exempt status. So definitely do NOT send messages like, 'Please vote for that outstanding Presidential candidate Barack Obama.' No matter how fine a candidate he might be, and no matter that Palin woman may have once tried to ban a library book and thus stands against all our intellectual freedom propaganda, you definitely cannot endorse any candidates in this space." Or something like that. Now that Obama has won and McCain received a serious ass-kicking, the librarians are ...

Et tu, ACRL?

One might have noticed that there's often a big difference between academic libraries and librarians and public libraries and librarians. Even as a wee librarian manque in library school, I could spot the difference between those students interested in scholarly pursuits and those interested in storytelling and prostrating themselves before an indifferent public. The former usually became academic librarians - often on the tenure track in ARL libraries - and the latter public librarians. I mean no disrespect here. The world needs prostrate librarians, too, and I'd be the first to say that one good storytelling librarian who can get children interested in reading is probably more important for our culture than the entire scholarly library literature, and considerably less boring. I'm just saying that different sorts of library work appeals different sorts of people. The libraries are different, too. Public libraries are there to provide stuff for the kids to do and read, to entertain ...

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