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Librarian Sex Chat Tip

Does the ALA acknowledge any moral responsibility to society, other than the Constitutionally protected right to play videogames at public expense? I ask because stories like this expose the amoral reasoning of the ALA. The article reports that a tip by a "librarian" or "library employee" (I wish the news media would ask whether the person had an actual ALA-accreditedMLS so we would know if they were worth bothering about) led to an arrest for child molestation and the possession of child pornography.

From some place called "Burrillville" in some other place called "Rhode Island," we read that the "library employee notified the police after she discovered that Richard A. Gray, of 34B Spring Street, had been trying to engage others in ‘explicitly sexual chat’ on one of the library’s public computers, said the spokesman, Michael Healey."

I can just see the ALA OIF and its minions jumping all over this librarian (or perhaps "librarian"). First, what was she (I’m assuming it’s a she since the story said "librarian" and not "director") doing checking up on these patrons explicitly sexually chatting in the library? Doesn’t she know that this pervert has the same rights we all have, and those rights include explicit sex chat on publicly funded computers? And my goodness, notifying the police? This must have been some wild sex chat!

The Office of Intellectual Freedom believes there’s something "intellectual" about sex chat. Trust me, there’s not. They also believe that viewing pornography on public library computers is somehow connected to the First Amendment, but that’s because they have a special version of the First Amendment. Thus, they would probably condemn this librarian for interfering with the pervert’s rights.

What about the rest of us? Personally, I feel better when perverts and child molesters aren’t sex chatting on library computers, which, by they way, they have no Constitutionally protected right to do. (I’ve read the Constitution, and it’s just not in there.)

The American Library Association would probably condemn the librarian and express its earnest concern that child molesters aren’t given their Constitutional rights to sex chat on the public dime. Since she seemed annoyed about the pervert, the Annoyed Librarian Association will instead raise its collective glass and toast the librarian who helped to discover a child molester.



  1. Dr. Comfort says:

    Some librarians really like watching what people are looking for on the Internets. They will dime you out if you hit on someone else on not on them.

  2. Darn! The title got me all excited! I thought the AL was giving out hot, steamy seeeeeeeeex advice!

  3. I Like to Watch says:

    Librarians are basically voyeurs. They will stalk you through the shelves and they will cyber-stalk you so that your mind can remain untainted.

  4. Did the ALA actually voice any objection to this library employee’s action? Or are you just making that part up?

  5. spongebob librarypants says:

    The ALA is about like the MLS degree; mostly useless and out of touch with reality.

  6. I don’t like people talking about $ex at my library so I make sure that I interrupt them and make them change the subject.

    If they are on the computer and are looking up $ex I boot them out. Then I go back to my office and check out to see if what they were looking at was illegal and then dime them out.

    Once I get rid of all that filthy $ex talk, books, chat, etc in my library, I am going to go after the people who read books about African-American people. We have got to start somewhere in this country and we have to get rid of all things that I find distasteful, like $ex.

    Just like the Library Journal doesn’t like me to use the word $ex. They are protecting all the library world from mean cruel words.

  7. So as our resident expert on the Constitution, are we there protected from the nefarious “Bait-and-Switch” practice? ’cause that’s what got me here.

    Having hooked me, it was the story you commented on that keeps me here.

    As with your last posting, and all postings I suppose, I will proceed on the assumption that the story is as was reported. The issue, to me is one of a patrons privacy vs what? The public good? The keeping of perverts off of where they don’t belong? And if they don’t belong in chat rooms with other like minded folks, where do they belong?

    I am NOT an MLS librarian, I didn’t even take Undergrad 101, but I am getting ready to take a state library exam that will allow certify me as certifiable. And in preparing for it I’ve come to believe that if I suspect that a patron is learning how to make bombs in the library (hopefully not to use there) I am NOT supposed to call in the Patriot Act Enforcers. And if they come to me demanding patron’s records I’m supposed to go to Gitmo rather than submit them. So, what have I missed – being confident that many folks here will be happy to answer that question. eeeeeeeeeek

    PS Any tips on how to retrieve our missing copy of “The Illustrated Kama Sutra” will be much appreciated.

  8. Soon to be deleted says:

    “Any tips on how to retrieve our missing copy of “The Illustrated Kama Sutra” will be much appreciated.”

    Did you check in your nightstand?

  9. Here’s the question I don’t see being answered: Did this library employee catch this dude chatting up kids, or did she just happen to see him chatting up some other (possibly adult) person on the Internet? If it was the former, the employee was right to report it to law enforcement. If it was the latter, the guy might have been breaking library policy, but he was not breaking the law, and the situation should have been handled within the library without the police being called.

  10. one man and one woman says:

    What difference does it make? A freak got put in jail where he belongs.

  11. Maybe there should be a Dateline “To Catch A Predator” special episode at a public library. I’m actually kind of serious about this. It would actually shed light on this issue.

  12. Miss Proper says:

    We had to kick out Dr. Ruth from when she came to our library to speak. We thought she was a nice person but then she started in about $ex and male parts and female parts.

    Frankly, it was disgusting. When the visual aids came out, she was gone.

    We don’t want anyone talking or thinking about $ex in our library. We even had to get rid of the back issues of Cosmopolitan magazine because it brought up $ex too much. Plus the quality of the magazine in general was bad. The pages were always stuck together.

  13. Toady the Sock Puppet says:

    *The keeping of perverts off of where they don’t belong? And if they don’t belong in chat rooms with other like minded folks, where do they belong? *

    They belong at their house, using their computers to look at their filth. Not doing all this on a machine paid for by my money.

  14. Toady The Sock Puppet's Sock Puppet says:

    *Maybe there should be a Dateline “To Catch A Predator” special episode at a public library. *

    It’s been done already and even better. Search up “Carl Monday” and “public library” for a real hoot.

  15. Dr. Ruth? Now there’s a blast from the past. Did she ever tell people the proper way to molest children? One question above is very pertinent and definitely unanswered. Who was the guy chatting with? For the librarian to report it and the police to follow up, wouldn’t we have to assume it involved children?

  16. This blog used to be real edgey. What happened?

  17. Vegans For Meat says:

    I don’t know. I don’t feel too bad about the guy getting caught, even if it wasn’t done according to library policy–if in fact, that’s what happened. I feel about it the same way I felt about hearing of the murder of Jeffrey Dahmer. Yeah, sure murdering someone is bad and all that, but in the case of JD, I just have a hard time feeling bad about him being murdered. I feel the same way about this joker.

  18. Miss Proper says:

    Dr. Ruth did talk about $ex though. And even Library Journal will not let you even use that word in a response it is so vile and dirty.

    I have to go take a shower and wash the vileness from my hands.

  19. Once again, the big picture is being ignored for the small picture.

    I don’t doubt that skin flicks are addictive. I am pretty certain almost anything is. But, is being addicted to something a sin? And why? I find that ridiculous. It seems to me like some puritanical excuse to button yourselves up and never enjoy life. Anything enjoyable MUST be evil, bad, and sinful. I say baloney. Live life, enjoy it. Have a drink, smoke if you like, and watch the occasional skin flick. Thankfully we do have separation of church and state otherwise we’d be living in a puritanical state with witch trials and branding people with Scarlet letters on their heads.

    I don’t understand the society that we live in sometimes. People don’t want to listen to Howard Stern on the radio. They just complain and complain about how rude and dirty he is. Well, turn the radio dial if you don’t like it. People don’t like adult videos. Don’t buy or watch them. Stop worrying about how other people are enjoying their lives because you’re so “high and holy”.

  20. Detached Amusement says:

    “Librarians are basically voyeurs. They will stalk you through the shelves and they will cyber-stalk you so that your mind can remain untainted.”
    Isn’t that what this blog is all about?
    Look at all the trolls and perverts that have gathered here.

  21. MC Toady SP says:

    *People don’t like adult videos. Don’t buy or watch them. Stop worrying about how other people are enjoying their lives * Wow, I think you have just summarized the argument pretty succinctly–a lot of people don’t want their tax money supporting filth of any kind and enjoying it in the public space. And many of those people vote and can get your library job eliminated when it comes time to either support the library or not. Who wants to support an institution whose prime role in society is to provide pervs a free place to perv it up?

  22. But, hey in light of eat, drink and be merry, watching a good witch burning would be kinds fun.

    — your friend the troll

  23. Frankly I’d rather see my tax dollars paying for perverts to peruse public computers than many of the things that the US government chooses to spend them on. “Obscene” need not just refer to $ex (look it up) eeeek

  24. doobieville says:

    carptrash, give me a f%$#&ing break. The gov’t has been screwed up since before 1776. Get off your “our gov’t is the root of all evil BS ride.

  25. Regardless of your attempt at sarcasm, doobieville, carptrash’s argument is a false dichotomy. I’d rather not see my tax dollars pay for this or many other things.

  26. annoyed more often then not says:

    In libraries catering to teens with DDR, those libraries should allow people to view p0rn or chat smutily (as long as its not child p0rn which is illegal.

  27. Library Cynic says:

    Library computers should have filters which prevent any kind of vulgar material from being viewed.

  28. “Get off your “our gov’t is the root of all evil BS ride.”
    I’m afraid that I pretty much missed that bus, but I’m “no love it or leave it” either.

    eeeeeeeeeeekk desperately seeking true dichotomy.

  29. Auntie Nanuuq says:

    Ok..the pervs pay their taxes too…

    However, there is a lot of information left out of the article. Was the patron viewing illegal materials? Who removed the filter from the internet? Was he viewing in the children’s area? Was there no Privacy Screen on the pc? Who actually called the police, was it an administrator? Did the employee go to the police on their own, or did they follow Library chain-of-command?

    So what…who cares about p0rn on the internet? Who cares unless it is child p0rnography? I sure as hades don’t…and I have much better things to do than look over someone’s shoulder to make sure that what they happen to be viewing is something I personally approve of.

    We purchase “erotica” for our collection: just look at the “Beauty” series by Ann Rice (A. N. Roquelaure), Anais Nin (who slept w/ her father and bragged about it), “$ex” by Madonna, and “Lolita” by Nabakov… We purchase “Parental Advisory”, so called music cd’s. We purchase movies with graphic r@pe and $ex scenes…..

    Where does censorship begin…where does it stop? Who are those who will police the library & the internet?

    Truth being, in the library I work in, we have something to offend most everyone (myself included)…if we didn’t we wouldn’t be doing our jobs!

  30. If I had an identity, I’d do some investigative reporting on this. Maybe LJ will send someone out to get the real scoop.

  31. As long as the freak is behind bars, what’s there to investigate?

  32. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess the perv was, in fact, chatting up with underage folks. I mean really, had the perv just been chatting with other adults, the librarian could have simply pointed to the sign and then ushered him out if he did not heed the warning. That’s assuming she’s a level-headed librarian and fully aware of the ALA’s stance on OIF policies. But, seeing as she took the morale high road, and realizing she very well could end up in GITMO (cushy place I hear) without her job, I’m willing to bet the former rather than the latter. I’d do the same thing and I like a skin flick just as much as the next biker chick. But I like them in my own home, where I pay for them and watch them in private on my own 42″ flat screen. I don’t understand why some folks don’t see what’s wrong with using tax dollars to be pervert. It’s like what’s wrong with using tax dollars to fund a senate seat to the highest bidder. While yes a governor may do appoint a senate seat to whomever he chooses, it’s still not to solicit campaign contributions in an effort to offer the seat. Oh wait – I digress. Anyway, I’d of done the same thing. That’s exactly why I did not choose the route of a public librarian. Should anyone be perving it up with minors or researching bombs on my PC’s, out the door you go and all your IP traffic will be handed over with absolutely no guilt or second thoughts on my part. And I think I’d sleep pretty well at night too. But I live in a different world than the ALA.

  33. Jeez, yet another strawman from AL. if ALA has weighed in on this issue, provide the reference. This is a lame way to take a dig. Something actually relevant would be better.

    If you want to go all constitutional on us, then the fact is, citizens have no constitutionally protected right to libraries, nor are cities, counties, states and the federal government constitutionally obligated to provide them.

    If they do, however, it turns out citizens have some constitutionally protected first amendment rights ’cause it’s, well, the gummint after all. And because the Supreme Court Says So. And darn it all, they seem to get the last word, even if library boards and legislatures don’t like it. Which they don’t. Oooh, like SCOTUS is so scared.

    If you don’t want people doing unsavory kinds of things in the library, the constitutionally protected method is, apparently, to close the library. Or, start your own private library using private funds and do whatever you like. The constitution is silent on purely private conduct. I’m not sure how many people would actually want to patronize the library AL seems to pine away for, but it doesn’t really matter as long as those hi-falutin’ ideals about all that high-brow stuff are honored, thank you very much. Who needs customers anyway; it’s not like it’s a real business or charity or something like that.

  34. Vegans For Meat says:

    HarleyGirl, you’d make a good Vice President.

  35. Detached Amusement says:

    “But, hey in light of eat, drink and be merry, watching a good witch burning would be kinds fun. — your friend the troll” It figures. “Brought to you by LJ”, no less. Some of the folks here would be yelling for a man on the ledge of a tall building to jump. Heck, the same folks can go down to the unemployment office and use the computers there.

  36. I hope that the good librarians are also watching out for copyright violators. Do you realize how much money is stolen each year via copyright violations at our public libraries? It is horrible and I think that librarians should be watching out for this fraud and reporting offenders. It is time to get serious and show people we mean business.

  37. Did I mention I’m a member of the NRA? But everyone probably guessed that anyway. What folks miss here is the moral obligation of society to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Simply because the perv pays taxes and is protected by the Freedom of Speech argument, doesn’t give said perv the RIGHT to get his/her virtual jollies at the expense of a 13 year old AND get them using the resources of taxpayer dollars. That perv is what’s known as a predator and should be thrown in with the general population at the nearest prison facility and the key tossed away. And as a parent, if I discovered that my child had been pulled in to a situation that destroyed her life by a perv who was using a library that I funded with my tax dollars, I’d be after the library, the board, and librarian and the city council with a vengeance.

  38. Parents are the ultimate guardians of their kids. Watch what your kids are doing and know what they are doing on-line. If they are going to meet strangers they met on a chat room, I will bet you a million dollars they come from an un-loving dysfunctional home.

  39. Good thing we have un-loving dysfunctional homes as the litmus test for victims of child predators.

  40. Good thing we have un-loving dysfunctional homes as the litmus test for victims of child predators.

  41. My experience with online communities suggests otherwise. The truth of the matter is that parents have not a shade of a clue what their children are doing online much less what their children are capable of doing online. The real problem here is that there are indeed predators online who are actively trying to solicit these minors for their own jollies.

    To address the part about perving though, I remember the part I learned in my ethics course about a Cross Culture society. In some cultures, nudity and $ex are not taboo; thus, the act and everything about it including recreational reading, viewing or writing about it is not “perving” as it is in our common culture. Furthermore, our rulebook, the constitution, protects not the majority but rather the lowest common denominator in whatever way shape or from they may come in.

    Unless of course we can pass a law making it illegal. We have succeeded in establishing rules concerning minors. and those of us who are offended by just SEEING a nude specimen have happily pushed through the indecent exposure rules, because afterall, “we can’t have the children seeing that!!! [but really, I Don’t want to see it myself!!]”

    If this librarian went beyond her ropes and indeed committed an act that violated this man’s right to privacy, which the ALA recognizes in our libraries as a public place, then that librarian could indeed be fired. What more, if the evidence can be found to have been obtained in illegal manners, including an illegal search conducted by a government official [in this case, the librarian] the entire case against the predator could indeed be thrown out.

    ALA Speaketh: Thou shalt not censor…ANYBODY!

  42. If AL waited for a comment from the ALA, well, how boring would that be? It’s much more entertaining to knock the stuffing out of a straw man than actually wait and see what they will say. Evidently there aren’t any real things for her to write about.

  43. ivor drummond says:
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