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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Merry Whatever-Fake-Holiday-You-Celebrate-On-Christmas!

I’m blogging from the ancestral manse, with chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nibbling on my toes. Come to think of it, that’s probably not Jack Frost, but it feels good, anyway. Christmas is my favorite holiday, what with the presents, the food, the family, and the neverending chorus of Perry Como and company wishing me a Merry Christmas throughout the house.

Since I can’t be annoyed on Christmas, I thought I’d share some of the things I like about being a librarian, the positive stuff I don’t talk about the rest of the year. Some poor readers occasionally ask things like, "AL, if you hate librarianship so much, why don’t you do something else?" That of course assumes I’m capable of doing something else, but in the generous spirit of the holiday, I’ll try to answer the question. I don’t hate librarianship; I just don’t like what stupid people do to the profession. So I tried to come up with five things I like about librarianship.

Easy work. Much like library school, library work is easy for smart people. Besides, I don’t want a job that’s too difficult or takes too much effort. I have other things to do.

Good pay. I realize this isn’t true for all librarians, but personally I do pretty well, at least for the amount of effort it takes. There are worse ways to earn whatever it is I earn.

Lots of books. This is a good thing. I like books. It’s handy to be able to browse the stacks on my way out and find something to read that isn’t a best seller or genre novel or celebrity biography.

Smart colleagues. This depends on the library as well, I suppose, but I’ve got a lot of smart and knowledgeable colleagues, mostly failed or sidetracked academics like myself who can’t quite bear to leave academia. Out there in the world you can’t count on working around smart people, at least from what I can tell.

The glamour. Whenever I’m at a party and people find out I’m a librarian, there are always lots of ooohs and aaahs and everyone wants to know the tiniest details of my job. People are fascinated by librarians, and I benefit from the glamour associated with the profession.

Okay, I was kidding about that last one, but I couldn’t think of five things. Merry Christmas, anyway!



  1. Merry Chirstmas?



    Get back to work you lazy sots.


    …..and give them what for in the New Year!

  3. happy ChrismaHanuKwanzukah!

  4. You forgot to add, “Located at Gossip Central” but perhaps that’s just true of us small town types. It is tough sometimes to NOT divulge who has the “Illustrated Kama Sutra” two years overdue or who just Int. Lib. Loaned “Divorce Made Cheap & Easy” – but still, there is an exciting element to being the Information Place that can’t be beat. Sort of puts the glamour back in the job. eeek

  5. Merry Christmas to you too!!!

    I did indeed find something for you to be annoyed about – or at least, I heard it on NPR last night.

    Apparently, it is illegal in Louisiana for a librarians to accept cookies, flowers, rumcakes or any other expressions of gratitude during the holiday season thanks to a rule taht isn’t exactly new that was passed in 1997. [huh?? I say back to the Radio personality. I call that a Relatively NEW Law!]

    I found the broadcast to be quite interesting, nonetheless. It was in the news, I believe, either Dec 23rd or Dec 24th on NPR, if you care to look it up.

  6. Earl, Just the Library Keeper says:

    I think you secretly know that last one is really true, but want to keep the unknowing from finding out… works for me.

  7. Earl, People at parties give just as much attention to teachers and other undercompensated social services. Think of it as the tradeoff for low pay – the public makes up for it through ungratuitous gratitude.

  8. Government Librarian says:

    Ethics laws prevent us from accepting gifts from anyone, patrons, cow-orkers, bosses, suppliers, etc.

    I miss the days of getting a fifth, or two or three, and getting plowed on the companies dime. Now I have to bring my own to make it through the day.

  9. I get a gift at work everyday. It’s called a paycheck. eeeeek

  10. I get a gift at work everyday. It’s called a paycheck. eeeeek

    If I were your boss, I would have you at the return counter in a fucking second. eeeeek

  11. Who gets paid every day?

    That’s odd. Must be one of those “special” libraries.

  12. Ethic rules and laws prevent Librarians from pretty much doing anything – you’d think maybe the rest of the world regards librarians as “Special” – you know, with the comprehension level of a child…One has to wonder…

  13. Being a librarian is pretty fun at parties. Everyone’s impressed at how many martinis I’m driven to drink by my patrons!


    Most public librarians can’t receive gifts because they would spend several hours trying to classify them.

  15. Ethics laws have no place in a library. The politicians need to worry about their own ethics so they try to extend their reach to libraries. If libraries are being unethical, then their indiscretions aren’t as noticable. It’s too bad the public librarians are too much of an IDIOT to understand they are being used.

  16. I didn’t mean I get a paycheck every day, I meant that I get paid every day. Do I have to spell out every little details to you morons? eeeeeeeeeeeek

  17. Samuel L. Jackson says:

    I don’t like being effin censored.

  18. What’s with all this “eeeek” stuff at the end of every comment?

  19. There is an extent to which ethics rules should apply. Accepting gifts isn’t one of them, in my mind – if someone wants to give gift, it’s like the students giving the teacher apples.

  20. The One Hundred Workers says:

    Get Real with the One Hundred Workers! ALA needs a reality check for the New Year.

  21. Auntie Nanuuq says:

    I don’t work during the holiday season…so I miss the gifts except what my staff gives me. Damn I love that 3 lb. box of See’s chocolates (1 lb. each of my 3 favorites) and the bottles of wine, champagne & tequila!

    Whoo hoo….Happy holidays! Stay safe & warm & merry!

  22. Library Cynic says:

    The holidays are over, but thanks anyway.

  23. Belated Merry Christmas AL. And Happy New Year!

  24. Belated Merry Christmas AL. And Happy New Year!

  25. I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

    {~I’m Kat!}

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