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Librarian Sex Chat Tip

Does the ALA acknowledge any moral responsibility to society, other than the Constitutionally protected right to play videogames at public expense? I ask because stories like this expose the amoral reasoning of the ALA. The article reports that a tip by a "librarian" or "library employee" (I wish the news media would ask whether the person had an actual ALA-accreditedMLS so we would know if they were worth bothering about) led to an arrest for child molestation and the possession of child pornography. From some place called "Burrillville" in some other place called "Rhode Island," we read that the "library employee notified the police after she discovered that Richard A. Gray, of 34B Spring Street, had been trying to engage others in 'explicitly sexual chat' on one of the library's public computers, said the spokesman, Michael Healey." I can just see the ALA OIF and its minions jumping all over this librarian (or perhaps ...

Gulag Archilibraria

A kind but annoyed reader informed me about this story. I haven't noticed the ALA pick it up and complain about the lack of due process, but I could have just missed it. They probably don't care anyway. After all, as they note from time to time, it's the American Library Association, not the American Librarian Association. So the Annoyed Librarian Association will have to do for now. Patty Wanninger, the former director of the Manitowoc Public Library, is suing the library Board of Trustees to get reinstated and her back wages. (That's Mantiowoc County, Wisconsin, by the way. Has anyone but me noticed that the news websites most places just assume you know where the hell they are? Would it be too much of a waste of page space to put "Wisconsin" somewhere on the page? Would it?) Anyway, being a public library director seems a hazardous job, what with having to deal with the library boards. I've heard from another once who finally resigned in disgust at the corruption and ...

If A Library Fell in the Forest

From the comments: "if there are no reference librarians in 20 years is that good or bad for society? It's good because it means that more information is available to a wider group of people and it means that we (society) have learned how to find the information for ourselves. Self-reliance is a good thing." Provided relevant information is readily available and easily findable in 10-20 years, would the disappearance of libraries matter to anyone but librarians? I'm thinking probably not. Librarians fret about the future of libraries, but does anyone else? ...

Librarian Highbrow

Librarians have a love-hate relationship with Google. They love it because it does much of their job for them so much better than they do it, and hate it for the same reason. Librarians used to like to whine about how bad the search results were. "But we've got so many great things that aren't on the Internet." "People just use stuff because it's easy to find." It might be true that libraries have all sorts of great stuff not found free on the Internet, like copyrighted books. Those are good things. The problem isn't with Google, of course. The problem is the coarseness and vulgarity of our culture. Once upon a time we had libraries to  improve the culture by trying to get people to read good books instead of doing whatever they did before: milk cows or plant corn or fondle sheep or whatever those mostly rural people did back in the day. I wouldn't know. These days librarians have given up the fight. At some point in the last few decades, librarianship ...

The ALA Doesn’t Stimulate Me

Apparently there are a lot of librarians who aren't familiar with the idea of holidays. I've been lounging around the ancestral manse gobbling turkey and teaching my nephew to play gin rummy for a penny a point. The good news is that if he ends up as successful as my brother, I can fund my retirement with my gin winnings. While I've been doing that, pathetic morons have been attempting to destroy the discourse community that is my comments section. I mean, really, don't you people have anything better to do than try to imitate other commenters? Or is it that you just don't like free speech? Or perhaps you're just too intellectually and morally stunted to behave any better? Probably a combination of all three. Oh well, there's not much one can do with people too unskilled to write their own blogs that anyone would bother to read and too stupid to go head to head with a pseudonymous blogger. C'est, as they say, la vie. Last week I wrote about the joys of libraries being run like ...

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