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Library Schools in Philly Cranking Out Future Unemployed Librarians!

Will the puff pieces about how the world needs more librarians never cease? This one from Philadelphia has got to be one of the silliest in a while, because it's not even very puffy. It claims that library school enrollment in the Philadelphia region is increasing. That might be true, but its definition of a library school is suspect, at least by ALA standards. It has some of the ingredients of the standard ALA-inspired propaganda effort. Why has the enrollment increased? According to the article, it's "at least partly the result of a report in Library Journal magazine, which suggested in May 2000 that two in five library directors were planning to retire by 2009." That Library Journal magazine is always up to something! There have to be some steps in between, though, because I don't how a librarian manque can is going to read a nine year old magazine article and say, "Hey, 40% of library directors will be retiring by 2009. I should go be a library director! That ...

Nebraska Gamey Librarians Audited

It seems that some people aren't taking the gamey librarians as lightly as the rest of us. I find the gamey librarians a fun distraction from reality. Sure, they're trying to destroy our country and do their best to make sure we amuse ourselves to death, but they're just so earnest and fun-loving that it's hard to take them seriously. Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley isn't getting into the spirit of things, though. He's auditing the Nebraska Library Commission (NLC) and questioning their use of state funds to allow librarians to purchase and demonstrate videogames and post videos of themselves playing videogames on YouTube. He's not even complaining about libraries buying the games for kids, just the notion that the librarians have to spend all this time gaming and making videos of themselves. You can read more here and here. The first link takes you to the Omaha World-Herald and the second to a newsy article from the other AL. Reading them both can give you a short lesson on ...

Library Trustee Games System

I know I say this all the time, but I must be in the wrong profession. People in other professions seem to profit in ways that I can rarely imagine. I like money. I have a little bit, and would like to have more. I just don't seem to have the gumption to go out and rig the game for myself in a way that would benefit me. It's a failing, I know.  Maybe I should have been a politician and library board member, for example. That's apparently a great way to benefit yourself. Check out this story from Malden, Massachusetts sent to me by a kind reader. A former Massachusetts state senator managed to double his public pension benefits because of an "obscure legislative amendment" that he may have helped enact and which seems to have benefited only him. I wish I was as clever as these politicians. I'm so envious of this guy! The obscure law doubles pension benefits for people who serve both as state legislators and as library board trustees. The politician in question - ...

Politics in the Workplace

I want to begin with an apology, which, by the way, is more than you will ever get from the sort of librarians I discuss in this post. I try to answer most of my email, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. In general, this is a good thing, because kind readers often send in blog suggestions or questions, and I appreciate that very much. However, it also means that some emails get lost in the shuffle or it takes longer than it should to reply. So, if you write and I don't respond, it's not you. It's me. You've probably heard that one before. Please keep those ideas coming, though. Having said that, a kind reader forwarded me some comments from a library listserv discussion about how librarians can best dip their snouts into the public feed trough currently being constructed in DC, or something like that. This was my favorite comment: "Outraged?  How about a trillion dollars and thousands of lives squandered on a war that was entirely unnecessary and trillions more on ...

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