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Did the Pelham Library Violate NY Law?

How many of you have seen this article (found via Library Stuff)? I'm going to quote part of it: "PELHAM MANOR - Someone at the Pelham [NY] Public Library tattled on a teen researching gun carry and concealment laws, which led to the 11th-grader being called into the high school assistant principal's office and being interviewed by police, police said. The unidentified student was called to Assistant Principal Lynn Sabia's office Tuesday after someone from the public library called the school, saying the teen had ordered a book on concealing a gun. 'It is not our procedure to notify somebody,' about the books people order, library Director Patricia Perito said Wednesday, the day after the incident. But, she said, she had to look into it. Since then, Perito has declined to provide any explanation of the incident or information on the instructions the library has regarding notifying authorities about questionable book choices." Is this weird, or what? Apparently, it ...

And Good Riddance

It's not that unusual to get comments on very old posts, though I have to wonder why someone would bother to comment on a two-year-old post unless it was still relevant somehow, such as my post on the Cambridge Who's Who scam, which still gets a couple of comments a month, but not necessarily from librarians. But Courses I Wish I'd Had in Library School? I'm not even sure how people stumble across some of these old posts, but someone did this week, and they did not like what they found. Because I like making fun of people who don't like this blog, I'll quote the comment from "Anonymous" in full: "I have been thinking of becoming a librarian, but after reading these posts and this exceptionally nasty blog, there is no way I would do so now. The Annoyed Librarian mistakes sarcasm and cruelty for perception. If you really all hate your jobs so much, why don't you do something else? Then again, stay where you are so I don't have to deal with you." I reread the post. ...

Technohype Makes You Sound Silly

Speaking of Twitter, "Years from now, when historians reflect on the time we are currently living in, the names Biz Stone and Evan Williams will be referenced side by side with the likes of Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi,Philo Farnsworth , Bill Gates and Steve Jobs — because the creation of Twitter by Stone, 35..., Williams, 37, and Jack Dorsey, 32 ..., is as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television or the personal computer." Wow! Someone is certainly excited about Twitter! But then again, aren't we all excited about Twitter! You could have read hyperbolic hyperbole like the above on any number of library-related sites, no doubt. If you had to guess a librarian who'd write nonsense like that, who do you think it would be? Come on, there must be some names. You know, those librarians who never met a new gadget or "top trends" list or daily affirmational kitten poster they ...

Twit ‘n Bitch

So I have this group of blogs I follow not because they're worth reading as a rule, but merely because as the Annoyed Librarian I should be keeping up with what annoying librarians are saying. Fortunately I think a lot of the bloggers are moving from blogging to "microblogging," which seems appropriate since 140 characters is about the limit of thought for a lot of them. One of them last week was in a huff because some librarians complained on Twitter about library "customers," and compared the episode to a rude video some Domino's Pizza workers did and got in trouble for. Apparently librarians and pizza workers have a lot in common, or maybe libraries are like pizza shops. I don't see it myself, but who knows what sort of library this person works in. Does this mean that librarians have to deliver books in 30 minutes or less? And really, shouldn't that be 30 minutes or fewer? Anyway, this blogger got to worrying over the possibility of the patrons finding the ...

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