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But Who Isn’t Being Infotained?

One of the odder events of the past week is probably Safe Library Guy praising the acting director of the ALA-OIF. I'm not sure what this means for her future at the OIF, but Chicago could probably get a week's worth of electricity if it could harness the wind power generated from Judith Krug spinning in her grave. The fun library news of the week has got to be coming out of Florida (via LIS News). A county commissioner named Carlson down there in Dixie thinks libraries should be used for research rather than entertainment. He's fighting a losing battle, though he actually has some good points to make. If library budgets are tight, and I'm assuming this one is, does it really make sense to purchase multiple copies of best-selling novels? For every extra copy of the latest bestseller purchased, that's some other item not purchased. It's one thing for the library to turn into an infotainment center; it's quite another for the library to cater to the lowest common denominator and ...

Minding Your Manners in Seattle

The Seattle Public Libraries "are clarifying several rules and beefing up others in a reasonable attempt to improve the customer experience," according to this editorial (found via LIS News). I'm not sure what's more amusing - the stuffy, patronizing tone of the editorial or the comments following it. We're told right off what libraries are and are not: "IF libraries were private living rooms, patrons could remove their shoes and shirts and doze off into blissful sleep. But Seattle Public Libraries are public spaces with rules that must be clear and easier to enforce." Perhaps, as usual, I'm in a minority here, but I don't think I have ever removed my shirt and shoes and dozed into a blissful sleep in a private living room, mine or anyone else's . In fact, I'd say that anytime my shirt and shoes are removed in a private living room, blissful sleep is probably the last thing on my agenda. Literally. I'm also puzzled by the phrase "clear and easier to ...

"Banned" Books in Fake Lockers

By now you might have read about the kid allegedly running a library of "banned" books out of his locker at a Catholic school. (It's been making the rounds of blogs and lists and a kind reader sent it on to me as well.) It begins as a question on Yahoo Answers, but it's obviously a question that no one really wants an answer to: "Is it OK to run an illegal library from my locker at school?" In addition to being a fake question, the phrasing of the question is almost nonsensical. After all, if the behavior in question is actually illegal, then it's probably not okay. Compare: "Is it OK to run an illegal heroin sales operation from my locker at school?" However, we're not really talking about anything that's illegal, just supposedly prohibited by the school. "Let me explain. I go to a private school that is rather strict. Recently, the principal and school teacher council released a (very long) list of books we're not allowed to read." This is ...

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