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Librarians Getting the Shaft, as Usual

A kind reader sent on an article this week about library system cuts in Illinois. Things are, indeed, tough all over, but some people claim they could be tougher, and we should be grateful for only a minimal amount of toughness. Here's a bit of the article: "In a conference call this morning initiated by the Illinois State Library (ISL) with the nine multi-type regional Library Systems, we were notified that Library Systems will be receiving a 16% reduction in funding through the Area & Per Capita grant.... [The] Director of the Illinois State Library pointed out that while these reductions in the grant program will be difficult for all, we owe a debt of gratitude to Secretary White for blunting the effect of the cuts. It could have been so much worse.  The  budget line item for the three per capita grant programs was specifically targeted for about a 47% cut in the budget passed by the Illinois General Assembly." The kind reader had this say: "In the ...

The AL is Honored

There's nothing the AL loves more than free publicity, which is why I give so much "link love" to all my fellow bloggers, hoping they'll return the favor and say nice things about me. I especially love it when reputable and respected independent websites run by careful and intelligent people link to me in long lists of so-called good library blogs. When that happens, I just go all gooey inside. The great thing is, I always know right when it happens, because I get that helpful email telling me. You bloggers out there might be familiar with it. It goes something like this: "Dear Annoyed Librarian [yours probably says something different here], I have just compiled a helpful list of Random Library Blogs. I just want you to know that your excellent blog, which I read religiously every day, has made this list. Thanks! Sincerely, Ann Idiot" The latest one seems to be the stupidest yet, and probably has a very similar methodology to Random Library Blogs. I won't link ...

The Socioeconomics of Librarian Protest

A kind Michigan reader sent this on. Some librarians in Michigan are upset, but they're not quite sure what specifically is upsetting them. One of them is protesting in an unusual way, and that's upsetting me a little. "Gov. Jennifer Granholm issued an executive order last month to close the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries and split its duties among seven other departments." No one knows specifically what this will mean for libraries. Regardless, librarians are protesting, and there's nothing more comical than a protesting librarian. You don't believe me? Here's part of the protest: "Sue Kuhlman feels so strongly about the possible changes in Michigan's library system that she painted, 'keep our state's libraries open Gov. Granholm' across her car." Boy, she's really serious about this protest. She painted her car! Sort of. Turns out it's not much of a sacrifice. The rest of us will be making the sacrifice. "The assistant librarian plans ...

The End of a School Librarian

Things, we're constantly told, are tough all over, especially for libraries, and especially especially for school libraries, which are under attack around the country, and not just in places where they've changed the name so "school media center." I hope those school media specialists are doing okay, because I'm not going to comment on their plight. They can start an Annoyed School Media Specialist blog and see how far they get. Anyway, back to troubled libraries. A kind reader sent on this story from Franklin, MA. The principal of the Franklin High School decided to save a little money and get rid of the school's librarian. The library will become a "technology center," but according to the principal will still "function as a library," by which he apparently means students can still check out books there, not that a "technology center" is likely to have many books, but we all know the kids today don't need books, just well designed videogames. ...

Tattooed Librarians are Diverse

A kind read sent this on wondering what my response would be. It's easy enough to report my initial response: Yuck! Apparently I'm the last person in the country who finds extensive and very visible tattooing indecorous to the point of repulsion, and I'm not impressed by a tattooed librarian. And the only thing less impressive than a tattooed librarian is an entire calendar full of them. Go ahead, call me a prude. It wouldn't be the worst thing you've ever called me. I have to admit I was mesmerized by the web page, though. Surprise and disgust turned into bafflement and disbelief. There just seems to be so much wrong with this entire idea. I'm working under the assumption that in addition to raising money, the calendar also aims to dispel librarian stereotypes. It doesn't say this outright, but it does seem to be one intention. That in itself is enough to annoy me. What's so bad about librarian stereotypes? In some cases it's absolutely true. When I remove my glasses and shake the ...

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