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Celebrate Band Books Week!

I’m very excited that ALA is now celebrating Band Books Week, or "BBW" as they sometimes like to call it.The little scamps! I love bands, especially big beautiful bands, and I thought I’d do my part by offering a selection of Band Books for your reading pleasure. Reader’s advisory is usually left to other portions of LJ, but in the spirit of Band Books Week, I hope you don’t mind.

Let’s begin with a Band Book I’m sure will be a hit with librarians, The Resistance Band Workout Book. One thing I think we can say for sure about most librarians: they could use some exercise. Another thing we can say about most of them: they don’t have much money. Putting those two facts together makes the Resistance Band Workout Book the perfect exercise plan for librarians. $12 for the book, and another $10 for a resistance band, and librarians can give up their sedentary ways on the cheap. Of course they could just stop eating so much chocolate and make an effort to move occasionally, but this book is the next best thing. The book seems to be available in libraries, but not the bands themselves. I guess they’ve been banned. Pity libraries don’t carry resistance bands. The librarians would be better off with some resistance training than some videogame training.

Of course if the resistance band doesn’t work, librarians may want the lap-band instead, which has the added benefit that you don’t have to move to lose weight. And if they want the lap-band, they’ll want Ultimate Lap-Band Success! Good luck finding that one in your local library though. Oddly, only one library in the country has it. Could this be, by any chance, a banned band book?

Moving on, I have the perfect edition to the library of every complete geek, the Passport to World Band Radio, 2009 Edition. And you thought being a librarian was geeky! Well, I guess it is, but this is geekier still. Plus, reading the Passport to World Band Radio will help us librarians find more information. From the product description: "As events unfold, the intellectually curious go beyond everyday sources to seek out news, opinion and perspectives direct and unfiltered. Only world band radio delivers this no matter what." The twopointopians might get excited about Twitter, but the hardcore librarians will now be able to help the intellectually curious find direct and unfiltered perspectives! Surprisingly, I couldn’t find this edition in any libraries. Hmmm, another banned band book? I’m starting to see a pattern.

For all the handy librarians out there, I also recommend Puzzle Boxes: Fun and Intriguing Bandsaw Projects. After all, what could be more enjoyable than making puzzle boxes with your bandsaw? It has the geek factor of world band radio without the danger of it actually being useful for finding information on anything. Sometimes librarians just have to take a break from the world of information. Don’t try to find this one in a library, though. Only one in the country seems to have it. The rest have banned it, apparently.

Let us conclude with the most expensive book I could find about the most overrated band in the history of music. You might think I’m talking about Menudo, but in fact, I’m talking about the Beatles. For a mere $875, you can get The Beatles in India: Deluxe Limited Edition. (A $100 saving off the Amazon edition!) Considering it’s only 105 pages, this edition might seem limited indeed, but it’s got lots of merry pictures of Paul and John and the other two lads.  "In December 1967, 23-year old Paul Saltzman traveled to India in search of himself. To his great surprise, he found the Beatles, at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram. Saltzman spent a magical week here, learning meditation and hanging out with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Thirty years later, he found the photos he’d shot and put away in a cardboard box. As he writes, ‘… I’m reminded of the path that’s been washed away and the Greek proverb, "You can never enter the same river twice." As the ashram I knew is gone, so too are the Beatles. And yet, we can evoke their magic through their music, their words, and their photographs.’" Truly an inspiring story! Only 350 copies were produced, "each one a collectible of priceless value for the true Beatles aficianado." Priceless! You’ll have to buy your own copy though, because I could find no libraries that own a copy. Very interesting, indeed.

And there you have it, dear readers, a few choice items to enjoy during Band Book Week! Just don’t try finding them in libraries.




  1. Mr. Tadakichi says:

    Woo-hoo! My favorite time of the library year!* We all dress up in our old high school band uniforms (or, we would, but librarians were never popular in high school so we don’t have them), pump up the John Phillip Sousa, and order the Teen Librarians to load Guitar Hero with Benny Goodman tunes. Oh, the looks on the young people’s faces!

    *Better than Banned Brooks week (Babbling brooks, Our Miss Brooks, and Foster Brooks), or Canned Cooks Week (stupid spellcheck should’ve caught that one).

  2. Wow, they pay you to write this blog? Let’s waste a bunch of space talking about things with the word “band” in it. What a great read. You should be band…

  3. Part of me thinks you wrote up this whole post just so you could call the Beatles “the most overrated band in the history of music.”

  4. Post Postmodern Librarian says:

    Well its a nice list of books you wont find in a library, which does not mean the book is banded just not in a library. Unlike ALA which has often asserted or implied that if a book is not available in a library it is band.

  5. Auntie Nanuuq says:

    Wow easy to comprehend humor…. As for the Beatles being “the most overrated band in the history of music.” I think that was: the Monkees, K.C. & the Sunshine Company, and Los Mariachis Huaraches Maricones.

  6. Emily Latella says:

    BANNED BOOKS??? Oh, well that’s different.


  7. I thought it was kind of funny.

  8. Lyle Blake Smythers says:

    Some of the writers above me need to have someone explain to them what “overrated” means. The Beatles have never been overrated (it would be difficult, if not impossible, to do so). Neither have the Monkees, for different reasons.

  9. Techserving You says:

    My favorite line is ‘or BBW, as they sometimes like to call it.’ Ha ha ha.

  10. ION Consultants says:

    Its so fun when libraries step on the wild side!

  11. librarymaven says:

    I’m with Jonathan on this one! Cheap shot to the Fab Four!

  12. Montmorency says:

    Elman Service told me that you won’t find too many books at the band level. I guess you have to get up to chiefdom level or something before there’s a lots books around. Maybe I’m just being prejudiced but I hope not. Still, I really think he’s right and that among the material culture of bands other things will be way more important than books. So what’s the need for Band Books Week, then?

    How many day’s walk is it to that one water hole that always stays wet during this time of year? Also, how come I didn’t get a good cut of the last giraffe you took down? Don’t brag about being a great hunter and then be so stingy. But that’s band life for you I guess.

  13. Beatles were (and are) completely overrated. I wonder if they would enjoy the same reputation if Lennon was not murdered.

  14. Midwest Tech Librarian says:

    Thanks AL for the reminder on the Passport to World Band Radio. Our vendor for annuals can never seem to find a newer edition if the publisher changes punctuation or starts using lower case letters in the titles. It would be fun to think it was a conspiracy against lowly radio frequencies, but I just chalk it up to an under-performing vendor.

  15. Rocklander says:

    The Beatles overrated?
    You’re kidding, right?

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