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Being Creative with Fine Alternatives

The New York Times had a heartwarming human interest story about libraries last week on ways libraries are avoiding charging fines so as not to penalize people who charge out library books and then irresponsibly return them late or not at all. Some especially touchy-feely libraries are just having amnesty days or weeks where they let people bring books back and continue using the library without paying fines. They want to increase access to information, which is supposedly one of the goals of a library, but if another is to have actual books available, I'm not sure that's the best way to go. Some are allowing people to donate food instead. The librarians are then giving the food to local shelters instead of eating it themselves, unless people donate chocolate or brownies, in which case they go straight to the break room. There must be other ways to deal with criminally negligent patrons other than just forgiving them or forcing them to be charitable in order to check out recent ...

The ALA Changes Its Tune, for the Better

I hope you all got to bring the new year in with cheers and sparkling wine. I was supposed to go to one of those public New Year's Eve parties with a group of friends, but by the time we finished wining and dining and chatting and wining some more the new year was upon us. Had I been one of these dull and obsessively self-revelatory librarians who can't let a moment go without blogging or tweeting or updating everyone about it, I might have paused and blogged "cheers" to everyone. However, I prefer not to interrupt good moments to inform other people of their existence. It's better to just live in the moment. As I noted in my last post, other than an excuse to have a party and drink bubbly, I can't figure out what significance a new calendar year is supposed to have. The only years that have much impact on my professional life are academic and fiscal, and we're only halfway through those. A new year, supposedly, will bring new optimism or something like that. Instead, the ...

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