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Waiting for Jobot

I know Canada seems like paradise to a certain sort of librarian, like the ones I heard claiming they'd move there if George W. Bush were elected President again. Maybe they decided not to move there when they realized that Canada, besides being really cold, was no paradise for librarians. From what I've gleaned from Canadian librarians over the years, the job situation hasn't been good for a long while, and it doesn't seem to be looking up. As a bit of anecdotal evidence for this, look at this site for a career fair. A kindly annoyed Canadian forwarded an email to me announcing it. The "about" page tells us: "For the first time, students from Université de Montréal’s École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information (EBSI) and McGill University’s School of Information Studies (SIS) will be holding a joint Career Fair. This will be an exciting opportunity for employers to meet enthusiastic and talented students from the ...

For When the Ordinary MLS Won’t Do

I don't know how this escaped my attention for so long. The Executive MLIS! For when the ordinary casual MLIS just won't do! A kind reader sent on this reminder that the deadline is fast approaching to register for the Executive (!) MLIS program this year at San Jose State University. Daylight's burning, boys and girls, so you better sign up quick. Frustrated trendsetters like to claim that libraries aren't innovative or entrepreneurial enough. They like all that businessy rigmarole so they can seem serious and professional, you know, like telemarketers. But when it comes to entrepreneurial innovation and businessy logic, it's not librarians but their cousins who've crossed over to the dark side who win every time. Library schools, baby, that's where the action's at. Library schools depend on convincing people that regardless of whether they have any experience in or skills relevant to libraries or whether there are any jobs, a year of classes on library ethics and videogaming will ...

Hackney, but not Hackneyed

So many people sent this on to me I had to respond. By now, diehard followers of bibliotek blogland have encountered this YouTube video, The Hackney Bunch. If not, click through to watch it. It's only a minute long. The short video introduces the librarians at Barton College. (At the end, the suggested video to watch is this one, the Band Book Tour Commercial, from the same library. It's advertising a musical event, but seems to make fun of Banned Books Week as well, which is a plus.) My first thought was, "Please, God, let the madness stop!" After all, YouTube videos are a favorite means these days for librarians to bombard us with idiocy, faux hipness, and cutesy kitsch. That's where we get librarians subjecting us to execrable pop music about Hulu and toddlers allegedly demanding libraries introduce augmented reality. For sane and sensible librarians who have some shred of professional respect left, YouTube isn't for the faint of heart. But then I watched the video a ...

The Dark Future is Upon Us

The LISNews blog seems to have added an LISOpinion section recently, so instead of short posts pointing to news items of interest to librarians, we get extended monologues from librarians trying to persuade us of something. Some, like this one called "The Unspeakable Truth," are very extended indeed. I just can't handle bloggers who write such long blog posts. I like those library bloggers who do nothing more than post pictures of library signage or embed YouTube videos. That's much better suited to my short attention span. Unfortunately, most of those bloggers have moved over to Twitter and are no doubt hoping for a newer service that limits their production to 40 characters instead of 140. The post does go on, so my advice is to just skip to the end. There's some speculation about the origin of the word library (hint: go with the dendrological etymology; the nuns of Our Lady of Declensions couldn't be wrong on this one), a lot of dire stuff about libraries or librarians ...

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