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The AL Retires

Well, boys and girls, I think it’s about time I gave up the AL. It’s been a fun ride, but even fun rides have to end. This wasn’t even a very long ride, since I’ve been blogging for only four years.

There are a lot of reasons to keep going, of course. When it comes to readership, this blog is more popular than ever, and before moving to LJ it was already the best and most popular blog in bibliotek blogland, though given the quality of most library blogs that isn’t saying much.

There’s the money as well, but thanks to LJ I’ve finally managed to buy that villa in France I always wanted. I could work another year to furnish it in style, but it already has a well stocked library and a suite for the cats. What more does a gal need? It’ll be the perfect place to live out my retirement.

I’ll miss Chip, naturally, since he comes with the job, but maybe LJ will find a new AL and Chip can give her foot massages and back rubs while she works. I’d hate to see those talented hands go to waste. The other pity is I’ve taught him to make the perfect martini, and I’ll have to start over when I train my next majordomo. The French do many things well, but making martinis isn’t one of them.

I’ll miss my readers, too. Not all of them, of course, since a handful of them are sad, envious creatures who seem to think writing stupid comments requires as much talent as writing a great blog. It’s amazing how many librarians there are who have nothing better to do than read a blog they absolutely hate and then monitor the comments for hours. Now they’ll have to watch more reality TV to fill the void in their sad lives.

I’ll also miss goading all those self-important AL-hating librarians until they hyperventilate. I’ll miss their attempts to blather on about how my "anonymity" bothers them, when it’s obvious what really bothers them is having someone show how ridiculous they are. Ridiculing the ridiculous is one of my favorite pastimes, and so many librarians are both self-important and ridiculous, which is irresistible.

But there all the fun readers and commenters and fellow annoyed librarians over the years who have made the blog more enjoyable to write. My fellow annoyed librarians, to whom this blog has always been dedicated, to all of you I bid adieu.

And so I go gentle into that good night. Fare well, dear readers.



  1. I’d like to say good riddance, but I’m no April fool!

  2. Dr. Brooks says:

    GOOD ONE! Happy Fool’s Day!

  3. Who cares anyway?

  4. Mr. Kat says:

    Then I am retiring too. It has been a good run everyone.

  5. Happy Patron says:

    Good luck to you AL!

    You have opened so many eyes at the state of libraries and librarians, and offered so many wonderful workable solutions.!!

    What are we going to do now?

    We are lost in the wilderness without our Moses. We have no guidance. We have no one with vision. The Godless, socialistic, Twopointopians will prevail and we will see the end of days.

    Everyone needs to kneel down now and Pray for divine intervention. We need to beseech God to help us in these trying times.

    Please, do it for the kids.

    God Bless!!!!!!

  6. I want to officially stake my claim to continuing Annoyed Librarian. I feel as though I am entitled. I have browsed a couple of her blogs and I am annoyed with many things. Plus, I can solve a Rubix Cube in under 90 seconds….all that spare time I had sitting at the Reference desk really paid off…

  7. Big Fan says:

    Best wishes AL.

    I hope that you find what you have been seeking.

    We will all be a little bit less informed and less amused now that you have decided to hang it up.

    The library world has lost a giant and will long morn your passing.

    Best of luck in all your pursuits.

  8. Say it ain’t so!

  9. Shoeless says:

    Where are we going to turn now?

    The world just got a little darker.

  10. Didn’t you use this same joke last year?

  11. CrankyGirl says:

    Oh, please, please, please let this be an April Fool’s joke. Reading the Annoyed Librarian blog is what keeps me sane.

  12. Lolbrarian says:

    Oh noes!

  13. Auntie Nanuuq says:

    Yeah right…again? We did this last year, remember?

    Need to do better, Dear! How dreary when we being repeating ourselves… it you are that old?

  14. Happy Patron says:

    I hope it is not an April Fool Joke. That is another demon holiday like Halloween.

    If the AL is practicing this witchcraft, I say that tar and feathers is in order. Or a Scarlet AL.

    I am praying that it isn’t a joke, because the AL would be practicing evil deception.

    We need to pray.

    “Let all my enemies be ashamed and greatly trouble; let them turn back and be ashamed suddenly.”


    Go in Peace.

  15. sdlibrarian says:

    I will miss how this blog breaks up the day and always gives me something to laugh about. I wish it were merely an April Fool’s Day joke. You’re funny and smart — enjoy your break from the blog!

  16. This is the same joke the AL pulled last year. Time to freshen it up, AL. :)

  17. Hey, I didn’t see this post last year so the joke is still fresh for some of us!
    Good work AL —
    Since I am on spring break can reading AL be considered wasting time? Oh yeah, I should be on vacation somewhere instead of at home reading AL. Whatever!

  18. Library Guy says:

    Retire, don’t retire – it doesn’t matter one way or the other. I came here today to say I will no longer be reading the blog; perhaps I’m foolish enough to believe anybody cares. I have nothing against the AL, I don’t have any arguments with the stands ‘she’ makes or with ‘her’ arguments. I’m sure it’s a challenge to find topics, and it’s difficult to have an opinion on everything. The AL has done a good job.

    However, the comments from ‘trolls’ and others has gotten to be too much. Vulgar and foul language has crept into the comments. As I’ve said in the past I don’t put my self-worth as a librarian and as a man by what others think – I’m not going to be insulted by what anybody says about my chosen profession or about me. But, it is disheartening when people try to get under mine and other’s skin. It’s the attempt that makes me – well, it makes me sad. It’s a poor reflection on society.

    So, for what it’s worth. So long. No fooling.

  19. Family Guy says:

    We will miss you, Library Guy.

    Don’t go away mad, please?

    Just go away.

  20. LIS degrees are a joke says:

    Well, if this is the truth, good luck AL! I will miss your entries. Glad to see that I, along with many other readers, feel the same way you do. Best wishes!

  21. LIS degrees are a joke says:

    Well, if this is the truth, good luck AL! I will miss your entries. Glad to see that I, along with many other readers, feel the same way you do. Best wishes!

  22. Jeepers creepers, I hope this is an April Fool’s joke. I just discovered this blog a week ago. You can’t quit on me already!

  23. anonymous says:

    Maybe the April Fool’s joke is that it’s not a joke. Now, that would be a good April Fool’s joke.

  24. Contrarian says:

    You’re entitled to use the same joke two years in a row. In fact, I hope you continue using the same joke for many years to come.

  25. I suspect that there is a change at the Library Journal that is leaving the AL short of a journalist write this blog.

    As soon as a “competent” writer can be found, things will pick up.

  26. “Ridiculing the ridiculous is one of my favorite pastimes”

    You’ve certainly chosen a good place to retire to then.

  27. Take LJ editors and ALA with you says:

    Our country and libraries will be much better off with the “goons in charge” retiring as well.

  28. “Wow Library Guy…”a poor reflection on society”…you really want a poor reflection read the rants and raves on Craigslist and see what people really have to say especially in regards to racial matters.”

    This really does put things into perspective, actually.

  29. Hopheaded Hippie says:

    Aren’t we all going to have a big laugh when the AL returns from vacation and starts to blog again.

    I can’t wait.

    I don’t know how to think about things without intelligent guidance.

    Safe trip home, AL.

  30. Randomly Posting says:

    Definitely entertaining to read the comments 2 weeks later. Reminds me of those ancient days of e-mail: think twice before firing off an emotional response in the heat of the moment.

  31. ConfusedByItAll says:

    “Definitely entertaining to read the comments 2 weeks later. Reminds me of those ancient days of e-mail: think twice before firing off an emotional response in the heat of the moment”

    I assume you’re talking about Hopheaded Hippie, because while there may be posting to this blog, it surely isn’t THE AL. The writing isn’t witty enough, so I call Shenannigans!

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