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Do School Librarians Make Us Less Gullible?

The School Library Journal has an interview with  school librarian in California who might be fired along with all her fellow school librarians in Pasadena unless a parcel tax measure is voter-approved next month. She's also the librarian who opined in the L.A. Times that school librarians "save the Google students." One thing we can say about this librarian: she's got a talent for hyperbole which would serve her well as a guru or marketing specialist. When asked: "What is the outcome for students who are not taught how to navigate the Web?", she answers, "I think either they will drown or our civilization is headed for a state in which facts don't mean anything, the truth is devalued, and information takes control of us." Only the librarian, it seems, can teach students to navigate the Web. I'm assuming she doesn't mean the students will literally drown if they don't know how to navigate the Web. If a student were actually drowning, even Googling ...

Follow Your Heart, and Don’t Be Negative!

Okay, let's see if we can get this blog going again. My retirement has been great fun, but now I'm eager to "leap into the fray"! You what annoys me? Those people who complain about problems all the time but never offer any solutions! I have a solution to this problem, though. They should just shut their great bigpieholes. Am I right? We see librarians like this all the time. Just take a look at those unemployed librarians complaining all the time about not having a job. They think they were lied to or something. Well, maybe they were, but that's just water under the bridge. You know what, though? I have a solution to that problem. If you don't like being unemployed, get a job! There are plenty of jobs around. You could be the Director of the Tallahatchie County Libraries in Charleston, Mississippi for $28,000 a year. If you haven't applied to that job and been rejected, you shouldn't complain so much. An added perk to employment would be having an excuse to say ...

The AL Retires

Well, boys and girls, I think it's about time I gave up the AL. It's been a fun ride, but even fun rides have to end. This wasn't even a very long ride, since I've been blogging for only four years. There are a lot of reasons to keep going, of course. When it comes to readership, this blog is more popular than ever, and before moving to LJ it was already the best and most popular blog in bibliotek blogland, though given the quality of most library blogs that isn't saying much. There's the money as well, but thanks to LJ I've finally managed to buy that villa in France I always wanted. I could work another year to furnish it in style, but it already has a well stocked library and a suite for the cats. What more does a gal need? It'll be the perfect place to live out my retirement. I'll miss Chip, naturally, since he comes with the job, but maybe LJ will find a new AL and Chip can give her foot massages and back rubs while she works. I'd hate to see those talented hands go to waste. ...

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