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Stupidity, Conspiracy, or Greed?

There’s been talk of a supposed “librarian shortage” for a long time, even though there have been librarian job shortages going back to at least the 1970s. I’ve been speculating why this over-recruitment drive and the myth of the librarian shortage have been so popular. For the ALA, I assumed it was just because nobody there had any idea what they were talking about. This isn’t so unusual in large professional organizations. It’s not like the folks at ALA have any investment in library jobs. After all, they don’t work in libraries. Then I reasoned that they want more librarians so that those who do manage to get jobs will join ALA and give them more money. The amounts are so small that it’s not much of a power grab, but still it’s something. As for the schools, the motivation has obviously been money. Their incentive is to have the lowest possible curricular standards and the highest possible tuition. With distance “education,” they now have that, plus they’re accessible to ...

Resolutions Too Dumb to Consider

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. As usual, I spent my Fourth of July in a sundress sipping martinis and watching fireworks while rejoicing that I don’t live in some barbaric state where women aren’t allowed to sit around in public wearing sundresses and sipping martinis. To get into the spirit of the American founding, I also had a manhattan made with rye. Meanwhile, I’ve wanted to get back to some good old ALA conference reporting, or at least report about one other thing. Some of you might know that there was no anti-war resolution passed by the ALA Council this past conference. That’s a relief to the government, I’m sure, because nothing panics our politicians more than to realize a bunch of librarians are opposed to something. What you might not realize is that SRRT bandied an anti-war resolution about that was so dumb it never even went up for a Council vote. There was a draft circulating on the Council listserv, though, so you’re in luck. Let’s take a look at ...

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