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The AL Gives Thanks

By the time you read this, I will be comfortably ensconced in the ancestral manse preparing to gorge myself on turkey and cranberry sauce before taking a 10-hour tryptophan-induced nap. Ahh, Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year when we should give thanks for all our many blessings. So what is the Annoyed Librarian thankful for?

Those of us employed should be thankful for that. Even a toxic job is better then being unemployed, especially if the claims in this article are true. It seems many employers will only hire people who already have jobs. How’s that for bitter irony.

I’m thankful to have this Library Journal gig as well. Two years of blogging for LJ have bought me a summer house in the Hamptons and a BMW to drive myself there. Thanks to this exposure, I also just secured a seven-figure advance for my novel, Death of the Annoyed Librarian, a riveting cozy mystery set during an ALA Conference in Chicago. Life is sweet.

Of course I’m also thankful for all the folks who read and comment on the blog and send me interesting tidbits to write about. Without you, what would be the point?

Oh, and I’m thankful for all those librarians out there who get all worked up about the mere existence of the AL. You can always tell, because they always go on about the problem of anonymous blogging, but this blog is the only one ever mentioned. Someone recently was so desperate to find something to disagree with on principle about the AL that she was reduced to citing one line from a blog post I wrote four years ago as her best “evidence” about why I’m so evil. They’re so much fun. God bless ’em all.

After looking at some of the comments last week, I’m also thankful my employer reimburses me for my ALA dues, which are expensive. One commenter asked why they were so high, and didn’t the ALA know how little librarians make. No, they don’t. They probably reckon that because there’s a librarian shortage, salaries must be going up!

Though to be fair, the ALA is partially a member-driven organization, and a few years ago the majority of members who voted on the matter voted to raise dues. So let’s not be thankful for those people.

While I’m at it,  I’m thankful the ALA makes as many crazy statements as it does about things like librarian shortages and porn in the library and wars. I’d be just as thankful if they didn’t, but I’d have less to blog about.

What else library-related? Hmm. Not much else. I guess I’m also thankful that the carnies haven’t completely destroyed public libraries and turned them all into amusement parks, but give them time.

So have a great holiday. Enjoy the turkey, or whatever it is you eat. I’ll see you next week.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving AL – You Rock!!!

  2. Laura Solomon says:

    Thank you for continuing to be the voice of dissent. You and I don’t always agree, but that’s not the point, is it?

  3. Woah, wait a minute. You have to drive yourself to your paid beach house in your paid luxury car??

    You should have held out longer til LJ caved in and threw in a chauffeur as well.

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