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Rambling about San Diego

I wish I could say it was easy to tell which conferences were boring by the tweets associated with the conference. If that’s the case, pretty much all conferences are boring. Between engagements, I brought up the ALA Midwinter mobile app, which provides a lot of useful information, plus the conference Twitter feed. We find one librarian who is very excited...about luncheon opportunities and possible swag. I can understand wanting a good free lunch, but why anyone would want to leave the conference with the stuff the vendors pass out is beyond me. They’ll spend $50 taking you to dinner, then hand you a plastic pen at the booth. Go with the $50 dinner. There are also numerous people sharing important news with us. “Had a great time!” That’s pretty exciting. Thanks for sharing! Others ask deep philosophical questions, the kind you might find on bumper stickers or coffee mugs. “Why is it that every meeting I have is as far away as possible from the one previous to it.” My guess ...

Don’t Go Changing, ALA!

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I just got back earlier this week from a little holiday traveling, and I already have to leave tomorrow for ALA Midwinter. It seems like it comes earlier and earlier each year. At this rate, Annual will be in June and Midwinter in July. At least it’s in San Diego this year. I hate making that long journey over flyover country, but I have to admit I could use some warmer weather and less snow. It could be worse; it could be New Orleans in June, which is what it's going to be in June. I wanted to write about silly programs I wouldn’t be going to, but there aren’t any programs at Midwinter. Then I thought, discussion groups! I tried to download the schedule here. Supposedly it’s a program that will download the schedule in various easy to read formats. The only format I could get was certainly easy to read, since nothing downloaded. Hey, ALA, PDF ain't fancy, but it works. Keep that in mind. Eventually I went old school, PDF style, only to ...

The AL Reflects

One of the bad things about the Christmas and New Year’s holidays is that nothing much happens in libraryland worth commenting upon, and readership dips during the holidays so nobody wants to waste the good stuff for a slack period. That’s why we get so many year-in-review columns and posts. So here it is the new year, and I have nothing to talk about, so I'll talk about myself, and maybe some of the readers. The Annoyed Librarian is creeping up on its fifth year, almost half of that at the Library Journal. In that time, the AL has become the blog librarians love to hate, and hate to admit they read. It's a good time to reflect on the bounteous goodness of being the AL. What has the AL learned being the AL? The most important lesson I’ve learned from this blog is that a lot of people see whatever they want to see. The AL is like a Rorschach test for librarians. That might include me as well, because I’ve rarely agreed with anyone’s public assessments of what this blog really ...

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