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Women and Wikipedia

Lately some librarians have been discussing the recently discovered fact that Wikipedia contributors are 87% male. Or rather than 87% of Wikipedia contributors are male. Actually, the way it’s usually put is that the contributors are “fewer than 15%” women. I don’t know why this reminds me of the classic New York Times spoof headline, “World Ends Tomorrow; Women, Minorities Hardest Hit.” Wikipedia is 100% voluntary and open to all contributors, which makes charges of discrimination against women contributors impossible to prove. Instead, there are charges of discrimination against articles. The girl-friendly “friendship bracelet” entry is much shorter than the boy-friendly “baseball card” entry, and this supposedly is a sign of discrimination. Friendship bracelets are a recent fad of interest to no one but girls under 12. Baseball cards have been around a century, are collected and traded by grown people, and are auctioned at Sotheby's. When friendship bracelets are sold on Ebay ...

Just Condemn!

Last time I discussed the moves and motives of the library in the Sicko Conflagration, but it wasn't the library that raised the ruckus. Only political busybodies raise ruckuses, and most of the political busybody librarians are too busy drafting SRRT resolutions on non-library topics for ALA Council to care about library video showings. There's also the question of whether for their own sake the town council and anti-Moore residents should have just kept their mouths shut, because none of them came off very well. They seemed to think they were making some bold stand, when really they just sounded like whiners. The resident who complained about promoting "Sicko" “on his dime” must be very a naive busybody indeed. Only naive people would believe that libraries don’t contain all sorts of material someone is going to find offensive, and it's also naive for him to think he's the only one funding the library. I'm pretty sure it wasn't his dime funding that video showing. It was his ...

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