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Rounding Up

Every time a major conference comes along, I seem to get overwhelmingly backlogged on the “professional” reading I do to keep up with the tremendous pace required of the Annoyed Librarian. Thus, maybe it’s time for a roundup. The silliest thing I read recently was this headline: This Librarian Is Smashing Stereotypes, One Tattoo at a Time. I saw the headline and thought, not again! Aren’t librarians tired of other librarians claiming to smash stereotypes for whatever reason? Since the stereotypes have lasted so long, there’s not much smashing going on anyway. After reading the interview, I concluded that our tattooed librarian was definitely not to blame. She’s a library circulation clerk with a new MLS and she was interviewed by someone mostly interested in her tattoos. That’s about it. Since the interviewer mentioned nothing about stereotypes, I can only conclude a bad editor created the headline. Go away, bad editors! Some of you might have seen the Search for America’s ...

Future Less Imperfect

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebrating the nation's independence. There's no better way to celebrate our freedom than gobbling hot dogs and watching the sky explode. There was one more bit from New Orleans I wanted to discuss. Not much exciting happened, if you leave out the drinking and socializing and other tangential nocturnal activities, but there was a fun document discussed by the council, “Envisioning ALA’s Governance in the 21st Century” by the grandly named “Future Perfect Presidential Task Force.” The link is to an attachment on the ALA Council listserv. There’s another document linked there called “workforce_anal_cover.” I don’t even want to know what that’s all about. Probably some management CYA recommendations. The Future Perfect task force consisted of people who had neither served on Council nor knew anything about ALA governance. Maybe it should have had some people who weren’t even ALA members or librarians. It was supposed to take a “blue sky” ...

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